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  1. Panavius

    The Zoup Professional way of speaking.

    I did appreciate Zoup's more sanguine take on the Dockyard mess..
  2. Panavius

    Crocosaur secondaries inoperative

    no mate = right from the start = nothing
  3. It seems the secondary artillery on my tier X BB Crocosaur in the Twilight battles do not fire at all. No, before you ask, I do not have ''P'' on, though I tried pressing that a couple of times in combat to register a difference. It's not like it's a visual bug, as no secondary hits are registered. It's on;y a temporary game, so I'm not really bothered - just wondered if anyone else had experienced this.
  4. Panavius

    A note

    I imagine that this is what it looks like when someone has hacked the game? i really thought this was a virus
  5. Panavius

    Completing all Anniversary Missions...

    cheers all. just wanted to make sure i wasn't missing out by not buying the Boise clone with a zero-point useless captain for a 1 ship Faction!
  6. So I have completed all the Directives for the Anniversary event and have my Tier VI gift Warship (don't judge me I've been home sick 🤧). A question: is there any benefit/reward to completing ALL the missions as well as all the directives? I thought I read that there was but maybe I misread that when reading the 0.8.8 release notes, because I can't find it now. and I really dont want to buy the pan-American cruiser if I don't have to....
  7. I think I may be jealous of whatever library or research centre you have access to! Appreciate the huge amount of thought and work you put into these lists!
  8. Panavius

    Tier 11

    I'd rather the game be moved back to 1900 - to get Tsushima style battles, maybe the current tier X could be Tier XII?
  9. Love some of the thought you have put into this. A couple of things I can't but blurt to you: So glad you included the Regele Ferdinand, it's nothing special - but a picture of her in a dazzle camo that I have, has always intrigued me Always had a soft spot for the Oland Swedish destroyer too Tjerk Hiddes actually got scrapped, which was the name ship of the Gerard Callenburgh class. Gerard Callenburgh became ZH1, and I think this (along with ZG1, formerly a Greek Garland class destroyer) should end up on the German tree. Isaac Sweers was in this class as well but escaped to Britain and ended up with British DD armament and kit - so maybe she could go on the UK tree? Did you have in mind the original Tjerk Hiddes design with the spotter plane and twin hazemeyer bofors?
  10. oh - and another point about this event. Given it was a WWI battle - why the HELL is it not restricted to tiers II ->V? these are the relevant ships of the period. Give players a reason to keep their lower tiered ships. I kept my German ones for sentimental reasons - but I have sold everything below tier V on the other lines because there is no reason to keep them! Can't earn daily containers or qualify or any other missions or events. So when a dedicated WWI event like this turns up, why keep it above tier IV. makes no sense to me. just saying.
  11. Yeah, I joined, but I don't seem to be getting any notifications for it when I complete Random battles in German ships (I dont have any British that high tiered) and it hasn't turned up in my combat missions. Have I done something wrong?