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  1. Panavius

    Is server down?

    And in Australia
  2. Panavius

    Game freezes on Battle Loading

    It seems to have fixed itself - Might have had something to do with Aslain's mod - new version has averted the error.
  3. Panavius

    Game freezes on Battle Loading

    Hello Since this morning, I have had an issue where WoWs gets stuck on the loading page going into a battle. Pressing the start button has no effect. I can only end the game by using Windows task Manager. Entering through the game centre brings me into the battle after the interminable loading time sequence. I have tried this again with no other programs running in the background with the same results. Any suggestion as to cause and solution would be appreciated
  4. Panavius

    The Key Battle: Even More Rewards!

    No Elite Commander XP, or Free XP or credits rewards?? WTF. This means I will be skipping Halloween and this mode because I have no interest in the funky Captains and camos and there is insufficient reward for trying out the new battle mode.
  5. Panavius

    Spot The Difference

  6. Panavius

    Spot The Difference

    It was not clear you had to click the forum.
  7. Panavius

    0.9.7. German Navy Containers

    Good pick up - talk about fine print...
  8. Panavius

    0.9.7. German Navy Containers

    Good point but what about the other ships being premiums? I guess they make too much money out of Prinz Eugen to risk giving it away. Ah yes that was the other thing - how rare for premium containers to be absent up front - really makes me think that actually this patch and the implementation of Pommern is poorly thought out
  9. Is anyone else confused and disappointed as to why Adm. Hipper is one the potential rewards for these containers when Prinz Eugen is the obvious choice, given all the other rewards are premiums?? Just baffling and annoying.
  10. Panavius

    Premium Shop: Colors of Victory

    WHY the HELL is this still on the News cycle? It just popped up in my feed - it ended nearly a month ago
  11. Panavius

    Public Test of Update 0.9.5: Round 2

    Hi I can access the Test Server but I was wondering if I was supposed to be able to access the Armoury in this round...because I cant.
  12. Panavius

    Server overload

    Yes - I am still getting this a LOT
  13. Panavius

    Weeb Warning!!!!

    I play with the fancy camos turned off...so no space or halloween or weeb stuff can be seen!!
  14. Panavius

    Super Containers Mega Merged Thread

    And here I was about to have a whinge about not having got one since Christmas (and I basically paid for those...)
  15. Panavius

    ST, New ships

    What's with the nordic mythology names for the new German ships??? Odin Aegir Siegfried etc?? Surely there are enough German states, cities and historical figures to name these ships after - Westphalen, Arminius, Alexander von Humboldt!!