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  1. Panavius

    ST, New ships

    What's with the nordic mythology names for the new German ships??? Odin Aegir Siegfried etc?? Surely there are enough German states, cities and historical figures to name these ships after - Westphalen, Arminius, Alexander von Humboldt!!
  2. Panavius

    Too many server issues these days

    I find it odd that when the game is having issues - I usually can't load the WG Asia website and forums at those times either!! so even though I have crap Australian internet, I know the problem isn't at my end!!
  3. Jesus if there are so many bots - what does that say about my crap win rate and average damage!!! The idea that I'm worse than a bot is demoralising AF!!
  4. Panavius

    Royale (tokens) with Cheese

    I found the London to be a real struggle. Either it's reload or it's range need to be buffed to make it competitive.
  5. Panavius

    Why There Should 2 Tier IX German Premium Cruisers?

    Sorry, I have to disagree with your thinking there. The Adm.Hipper class CA Blücher could in no way be superior to the Hipper and Pz. Eugen already in game. I think a tier IX or X super cruiser / improved panzerschiffe is the way to go for the Germans in WoWS. So long as WG can overcome their instinct to make German ships inherently flawed or one-dimensional. If there is a Blücher that should be in the game - it should be SMS Blücher the doomed armoured cruiser as a premium at tier III or tier IV!!!! Sidenote on German cruisers: I know nobody cares but here it is: The proposed Mainz CL should be called Bülow or Ziethen or Schwarzenberg or something like that as the incomplete Seydlitz and Lützow were initially intended to have the 4x3 150mm configuration. That is, it should be named for a historic germanic cavalry or napoleonic general. Actually using Seydlitz and Lützow is problematic as you could have Seydlitz as a light CV and Lützow was reused for a panzershiff. Mainz is a name that should be reserved for a future premium M-class light cruiser (this could only be a tier V or VI at most!) as this was an actually planned light cruiser.
  6. A few times over the last week the server seems to have decreased connectivity - resulting in large ping spikes which sometimes make it unplayable. OK - I'm in Australia so not that close but usually I have no trouble. I've checked my internet connection - it's not at my end. Is anyone else experiencing this?
  7. Panavius

    Is the server down?

    Just wanted a quick game before bed - can't connect!
  8. Panavius

    The Zoup Professional way of speaking.

    I did appreciate Zoup's more sanguine take on the Dockyard mess..
  9. Panavius

    Crocosaur secondaries inoperative

    no mate = right from the start = nothing
  10. It seems the secondary artillery on my tier X BB Crocosaur in the Twilight battles do not fire at all. No, before you ask, I do not have ''P'' on, though I tried pressing that a couple of times in combat to register a difference. It's not like it's a visual bug, as no secondary hits are registered. It's on;y a temporary game, so I'm not really bothered - just wondered if anyone else had experienced this.
  11. Panavius

    A note

    I imagine that this is what it looks like when someone has hacked the game? i really thought this was a virus
  12. Panavius

    Completing all Anniversary Missions...

    cheers all. just wanted to make sure i wasn't missing out by not buying the Boise clone with a zero-point useless captain for a 1 ship Faction!
  13. So I have completed all the Directives for the Anniversary event and have my Tier VI gift Warship (don't judge me I've been home sick 🤧). A question: is there any benefit/reward to completing ALL the missions as well as all the directives? I thought I read that there was but maybe I misread that when reading the 0.8.8 release notes, because I can't find it now. and I really dont want to buy the pan-American cruiser if I don't have to....
  14. I think I may be jealous of whatever library or research centre you have access to! Appreciate the huge amount of thought and work you put into these lists!
  15. Panavius

    Tier 11

    I'd rather the game be moved back to 1900 - to get Tsushima style battles, maybe the current tier X could be Tier XII?