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    servers not working at all

    I was playing with two of my fellow friends in co'op battles tier III, at around 11AM to 11:50AM Sydney time when every shell I fired never rendered, Derzki torpedoes stopping in place, nothing working and ghost damage, I even managed to hit 527.4 knots with a broken engine, what's more is that the enemy ships didn't render in and no damage was registered, this happened 4 games in a row. what's even stranger is that my ping never broke 100ms, highest it went was 88ms. I for some reason got a penalty despite shooting nothing in the direction of my teammate who was having the same trouble... is there something wrong with the servers or the game?

    Venezia instant torpedo arming

    there was no one else with me and the venezia and I saw 10 torpedo icons in the water as he passed by, most likely the guy was using hacks....

    Venezia instant torpedo arming

    that close? within 5-10 metres I remember it well, he put 10 torps into the water, point blank....

    Venezia instant torpedo arming

    Not sure if this is abug or a hack, but I was facing a Venezia in ranked where we were driving by within I'd estimate 5-10m of each other, and he hit me with 10 torpedoes broadside and kills me right as we pass each other. what and how did this happen and how did those torps arm in such a short distance?
  5. I've been playing some ranked games in my AL Nevsky and I love the ship, but once the 57mm AA guns are taken out, I see no more AA explosions, even though my 100mm and 180mm guns are still all in working order, is this a bug? please I hate CVs and even though this thing's AA is rated at 92 and feels like it's only at something like 50. I would like it if WG also added something like some 25mm 110-PM 4M-120 Automatic cannons to this ship as it seems to be lacking in actual AA weight of fire.

    Alexander Nevsky: should I get it?

    thanks for all the advice. but should I keep my Donskoi or should I sell it and tranfer everything from that to the Nevsky? I'm still grinding as many credits as I can
  7. Hi there. not sure if this is the right place but I'm looking to buy the Alexander Nevsky. I currently have it researched and I am wondering if I should sell my DM to get it and to pre mount upgrades on it. my DM has Main bat mod 1, damacon mod 1, aiming mod 1, steering gears, concealment and range mod. I want to get my first tier X to make a video about it and also maybe get a supercontainer for that update thing. I am also grinding for Kremlin an Khabarovsk. What should I do?