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    I recently moved to Japan and with my new job I actually have more free time than I did back in the USA. I thought I would have fun starting again on a new account trying to get my ships that I liked. Boy was I wrong. T4 Matches were double CV nearly every game and barring games played at tiers where there couldnt be any CVs, I can count the games of Non CV matches on my hands. I haven't played in a while but this is literally bullsh!t at low tiers. I thought the iChase videos of the old Hakuryu were bad enough but let me tell you, there is nothing worse than playing in an Isokaze and the enemy Hermes decides he doesn't like you or when its the end of the match in your 3/4 HP New York and both the CVs target you, dead within 3 minutes. There was literally nothing I could do. Friendly CVs cannot drop a fighter for protection, I have literally 1 AA, and no other friendly ships have any meaningful AAA. To top it all off, literally 1 minute after one attack ended, planes would be heading towards my location again. Usually I'd put in some constructive feedback to help balance this but honestly, [content removed] that. I'm done with DDs completely, its not worth the grind. Planes are annoying even when I'm in a battleship or cruiser but at least you shoot down some planes so it feels like you're doing something (when actually, you're not). Any tips for low tier DD players, because I had so much fun in my Akizuki, but grinding to her just doesnt seem worth it. Profanity. Post edited. ~Beaufighter