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  1. Hi, I'm ITP_Justindhra from ASIA server. May I ask about changing the victory background from original to a fanart that I like. Is there any idea/How to change it? These pictures are the examples before changed & after changed : Thankyou for the answers🙏
  2. AdityaChanifIndhra

    After Update 0.10.5 I can't listen my own In Game Music! How to solve this?

    OMG, Noo. I'm so mad :'/ Thanks for the info sir
  3. Hi! I'm ITP_Justindhra from ASIA server. I wanna ask about the input of my own music in WOWs. I've put my music folder as usual in the last numbered folder (ex:408937) after the recent update 0.10.5 in the res folder then UserMusic as usual (i've done this much before the trouble). But, what happens is I Can't Hear My Own Music. That's annoying. Anyone knows about this bugs/ have same experience like me? How is the solution? Thankyou