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  1. Most (but not all) CVs are predictable in how they will start a game. Usually rocket planes with a sweep along typical paths where DDs normally go into or near caps and to see where enemy ships are positioned. Be the unpredictable DD and change or delay your heading until the planes pass by and find another target. If you know you are going to get spotted either turn in or away to present the smallest profile possible and jam on the brakes. You'd be surprised at how often that works and the CV drops too soon or too late depending on how you have turned. Don't be afraid to burn a smoke if you're low health. The longer you're alive, the better off you're team is. If the CV is really out to get you, you can use that to your advantage by getting him away from the rest of your team and wasting his time. This is a surprisingly successful tactic. Finally, we are getting the air detection buff to DDs soon and the addition of the German CVs has diluted the CV population's effectiveness against DDs somewhat. So as DD mains, we are in a better spot now than we have been for a while. So i disagree that the Rockets are OP. Painful? Definitely. But there are ways to blunt their effectiveness. If you do cop a big hit from them, look at where you are position on the Minimap and think of where a better spot would be in future to prevent this happening again.
  2. BeardyBandit

    Harrugumo gameplay

    It's a great ship if you're divisioned up with another DD or a radar cruiser. Play it like a light cruiser, using changes in speed and direction to juke enemy shots. Make sure you have IFHE and watch the enemy health drain away real quick, no matter what it is. Only go into a cap if there is no one else better suited to capping, and even then proceed with caution. 2x Harugumos and a radar Mino is one of the most fun divisions in the game 🙂
  3. BeardyBandit

    Some T5 and T6 DD games

    Ive been playing a lot of mid tier DDs lately, pretty well across every available line. Most of the time you will do well if you're a reasonable DD captain but there have been a few games where as a DD I have just been irrelevant. I was in the Gaede a couple of nights ago, bottom tier, 1 DD per side and a T8 and T6 CV per side. They found me pretty quick and forced me to play very defensively and I didn't last too long at all. Neither did their DD (a hatsuharu) though...
  4. BeardyBandit

    Fly on the Wall

    Here's my entry. 2 tries is all I am willing to go for in this one... I am not a CV player 😛
  5. BeardyBandit

    Question re- captain transfer

    Fair point. Maybe add it as a perk for a premium account? I'd be more inclined to buy a weekend of premium if I could swap a captain between ships easier for a few days to skill him up. But that is just me, I'm not sure how useful others would find that or what the volume of users using doubloons to remove the transfer penalty is. Thanks for your answers RalphTheTheatreCat, much appreciated 🙂
  6. BeardyBandit

    Question re- captain transfer

    Thought that might be the case. A bit of a bummer really and odd as well, given I could transfer him onto something like a Warspite with no penalty yet can transfer him back onto a ship that he has served on heaps before. Might be a consideration for future enhancements by WG. Could maybe the ability to transfer a captain back onto a ship he has served on for X number of games with a reduced penalty? Or a captain can be transferred between the last 3 ships he served on with a reduced penalty? Or even specialise captains to a particular line? I.e. a RNCL captain may be different to a RNBB captain? Just some food for thought I guess.
  7. BeardyBandit

    Question re- captain transfer

    Hi everyone, I had a search around but couldn't find an answer to this question. Apologies if it has been asked before though. Does the penalty for transferring a captain between ships exist for ships that the captain has already been on? I.e if I have a captain on the Emerald and then transfer him to the Leander but keep the Emerald, can I transfer him back to the Emerald without penalty? Or does it not work for non-prem ships? (Even if the captain had a heap of games on the Emerald previously) Any advice would be greatly appreciated 🙂 BB