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  1. I've been playing through the campaign's again over the last 3 weeks or so. For me HoTS is the weakest story-wise (in one cut scene Kerrigan shows mercy for a few wounded soldiers and not long after she is more than happy to order her brood mothers to destroy entire planets...). The story in LotV and WoL is better over all but bloody hell the Protoss in LotV have got the personality of cardboard. The only one moderately interesting is Alarak. The characters at least had personality (mostly) in WoL. Also a bit of a Fire Emblem enthusiast here, but only really for Awakening and Fates (Cordelia and Orochi are best girls 😉 )
  2. BeardyBandit

    Mogador: Is it worth it? Disscussion

    Mogador is a very good ship in the right hands. Good speed, good guns, serviceable torps. In Randoms, she can be a bit hard to play as she is not much of a cap contested. Where she shines though is in Brawls or other game modes with fewer players on each team. She is great for ambushing ships around islands and shredding DDs with the reload booster. Buy the coal upgrade for the speed boost and mount the Sierra Mike flag for increased speed and sail around stupidly fast for 3+ minutes. For captain skills, it really depends on how you want to play. I have PM, LS, SE, CE, RL and AFT (I forget the new names). I like playing mine from a distance in random battles and speed juking incoming fire.
  3. BeardyBandit

    One-off - Fujin - The Wind God's Fury...

    Brings back some PTSD, that one. Truly did feel like 1v12 there.
  4. SC2 Co op or normal difficulty to begin with and then Hard difficult with a high level commander doesn't require much in the way of APM. I'm not a competitive RTS player by any stretch and can handle the higher difficulties fairly well. Some knowledge of army composition and build order is all you really need.
  5. If anyone is keen for a coop match and you see me online, feel free to add me in game. Same IGN as as on here. I mainly float between Hard and Brutal difficulties.
  6. Haha, wow. I loved my grind through Swann. Goliathss and Science Vessel spam. Thor spam was also fun if you had the economy for it.
  7. I'm still missing a bunch of commanders as well. Mengsk, Stettman, Han/Horner and a couple of others I think. In a similar vein, I don't like playing with Abathurs. Stupidly OP, even worse than Tychus. Zeratul is good fun though if you don't have him already. Easiest macro in coop and the best AA unit in the Immortal.
  8. I think I'm still on about a level 10 stock Zegara at the moment. I enjoy her but she's not my go to. I have played with several players using P2 Zegara and it looks stupidly fun though
  9. To get us started, a question! (Or 2) Who is your favourite and least favourite commanders? For me, my favourite is Tychus. It's very easy to pick a squad based on what type of enemy / scenario you're facing. Least favourite: Raynor. Youre either a bio ball or a BC Raynor for offensive missions. Also, playing him on higher difficulties before getting the instant Supply Depot upgrade is rough. I'm looking forward to getting his P1 for the greatly enhanced bio ball bit even so, he was not enjoyable for me.
  10. BeardyBandit

    KOTS-VORvFPM now

    We might need to get a dedicated thread in off topic for SC2 co op players 😉 I'm currently levelling up his P1 as well. On level 10 at the moment I think. That is a fun map as well. I like most of the co op maps, with the exception of the Scythe of Amon map. That one can go jump...
  11. BeardyBandit

    KOTS-VORvFPM now

    Totally off topic but Dead of Night is my favourite map 🙂 Karax, Stukov or Swann can make this scenario super easy. I'm a Tychus / Zeratul player though...
  12. BeardyBandit

    Share your DD Lightning build

    PM, LS, SE, CE for the first 10. RL for 14. AR for 17. IFA for 18 and then either SI or TAE for 21 (I take TAE).
  13. BeardyBandit

    DD guns - when would you use AP on a DD?

    Chunking BB bow, stern and superstructure works well, particularly if they are already on fire. The British DD AP is stupidly good against enemy DDs who show broadside. Most DD AP will work well against lightly armoured cruisers as well. It's relatively easy to get good damage on British, Russian and US light cruisers (gunning down a Smolensk with AP from a Marceau is always good fun) with DD AP in short to mid engagements.
  14. BeardyBandit

    Thoughts on the Somers?

    You won't have any regrets. It's an easy ship to rack up damage in and can easily hold a flank if you know how to position well. Unless of course the CV wants you dead...
  15. For me it comes down to the heal and armour. Get into a good position and you are very hard to remove without at least trading with the enemy, even against T10. The guns are serviceable, the secondaries are a meme (but fun and effective against over extended DDs and light cruisers) but the survivability sets it apart. Sure, that means potatoes can survive a few minutes longer, but in the hands of a good player, it has the potential to hold a flank with little assistance in many cases (obviously all bets are off if you're focussed by a CV though)