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  1. Most if not all ships have some component of the saturation mechanic from memory. A ship has an overall health pool, then health pools for sections of the ship. As these section reach 0 hit points, the receive half damage as the damage is only working on the total ship HP. The gimmick of the French DDs is that they reach the saturation point for these sections much quicker. If you keep hitting the same part of any DD, the damage will eventually be reduced.
  2. BeardyBandit

    Hotwheels collaboration Announced?!

    My 4 y.o. son likes watching me play ships (and will probably play it himself one day). He also loves Hotwheels, so this will be right up his alley.
  3. BeardyBandit

    Research Bureau DD recommendations

    Vampire 2 if you want a great cap contester and a ship that has few weaknesses but hard to master. Druid if you want to stomp on pretty much any other DD in a 1v1 gun fight. Paolo if you want 5 minutes of fun in a game before dying. But they are a really fun 5 minutes 🙂
  4. BeardyBandit

    Lone Sailor from HMAS Sydney identified

    RIP. The Kormoran presents an interesting game mechanic. An insurgent ship that appears green to both sides and lines up in the enemy spawn?
  5. BeardyBandit

    Stat thoughts

    I tend to disagree with this statement, but I can see how you came to that conclusion. I find that players who can adapt better as more variability is increased and as the game changes will do better over time. The inflexible ones who rage over the addition of subs, changes to game mechanics (rocket plane delays etc) or new ships/gimmicks are the ones who typically do the worst as they don't change their play style to fit the situation. Randomness shouldn't affect your ability to carry a game, only how you approach each game. Change your play style to fit the situation. If you're a DD player and the teams are stacked with Subs, a CV and radar, take a kiting/screening/support role for your team. If there are no subs or CVs and few radar, be a little bit more aggressive (within reason). The difference between a 50% and 60% player is the ability to carry 1 game in 10 by yourself (if solo).
  6. BeardyBandit

    Best Coal Ship for a Yugumo Player

    For me, I find Z-44 to be a forgiving ship if you're reasonably accurate with your torps. The quick reload is very handy and compensates well for the low alpha damage. Like all German DDs, it's AP is no joke but the firing angles and rotation speed of your turrets suck massively. Having recently picked up the Neustrashimy, I am still getting a handle on it but can definitely see it is more of a hybrid than a Torp boat. It won't beat many DDs in a fair gun fight, so don't fight fair and use the super heal 😉 over a prolonged engagement, it will win against most DDs. And those guns are railguns (~6sec to reach max (stock) range) so consider a range upgrade if you do get it. It has a tool for most jobs and is hard to counter without radar. If you ever want to use a DD for a competitive setting, the Marceau is a great choice. Great speed, great DPM, reasonable AA and serviceable torps. It's a hard play style to master, but when you do, it's very rewarding. For me, I went with the Marceau, then Z-44 and finally Neustra. All will teach you different things though
  7. You are Sappa from now on 😉
  8. BeardyBandit

    Didn't lose a single hit point when the battle ends

    Somers seems to be the ship for it @Puggsley 😉
  9. BeardyBandit

    Who here EVEN wanna play Russian DDs ?

    The short range torps and high speed are your last resort for Yolo rushes. The majority of Russian DDs are gunboats, or hybrids at the least. It's only really Ognevoi that could be considered a torp boat. Use your guns and your speed to dodge and juke and you'll have a good time in them. The real value in these DDs is to distract enemies and turn them broadside for the rest of your team to hit hard.
  10. Some interesting stats there, and definitely correlates with my experience in game lately. Far more 3-4 DD games than 1-2 DD games now. I'm finding it more enjoyable as a DD main, lots more knife fighting and it's less of a death sentence for the team when you lose a DD if you still have 2-3 more alive. Would be interesting to get the stats from the Deadeye meta patches as well to see how much the BB population has declined since then.
  11. I've been playing through the campaign's again over the last 3 weeks or so. For me HoTS is the weakest story-wise (in one cut scene Kerrigan shows mercy for a few wounded soldiers and not long after she is more than happy to order her brood mothers to destroy entire planets...). The story in LotV and WoL is better over all but bloody hell the Protoss in LotV have got the personality of cardboard. The only one moderately interesting is Alarak. The characters at least had personality (mostly) in WoL. Also a bit of a Fire Emblem enthusiast here, but only really for Awakening and Fates (Cordelia and Orochi are best girls 😉 )
  12. BeardyBandit

    Mogador: Is it worth it? Disscussion

    Mogador is a very good ship in the right hands. Good speed, good guns, serviceable torps. In Randoms, she can be a bit hard to play as she is not much of a cap contested. Where she shines though is in Brawls or other game modes with fewer players on each team. She is great for ambushing ships around islands and shredding DDs with the reload booster. Buy the coal upgrade for the speed boost and mount the Sierra Mike flag for increased speed and sail around stupidly fast for 3+ minutes. For captain skills, it really depends on how you want to play. I have PM, LS, SE, CE, RL and AFT (I forget the new names). I like playing mine from a distance in random battles and speed juking incoming fire.
  13. BeardyBandit

    One-off - Fujin - The Wind God's Fury...

    Brings back some PTSD, that one. Truly did feel like 1v12 there.
  14. SC2 Co op or normal difficulty to begin with and then Hard difficult with a high level commander doesn't require much in the way of APM. I'm not a competitive RTS player by any stretch and can handle the higher difficulties fairly well. Some knowledge of army composition and build order is all you really need.
  15. If anyone is keen for a coop match and you see me online, feel free to add me in game. Same IGN as as on here. I mainly float between Hard and Brutal difficulties.