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  1. The new Japanese cruisers are in such a sad state that personally speaking I feel the current drama surrounding Zipangu Port is, at least for present, more attractive than an entire new researchable branch.

    On a serious note, the ship that interested me most is the Tier 7 one. Sleek and elegant with workable ballistics (in fact the best of the entire branch at least for present) and at least not so bad main battery DPM, the most important aspect is that she turns out to be a some sort of survivor from the IFHE rework which crippled most of the Tiers 6 and 7 light cruisers, depriving much of their gaming potential by preventing them from damaging higher-tiered battleships. However, the best among a whole group of underdog which effectively have "PLZ BUFF ASAP" written all over their plating... is still a mediocre newcomer, to put it mildly, even comparing with her Tier 7 peers. If we ignore main battery firing arc issues, Myoko can dish more damage out than her light cruiser peer...