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  1. Project45_Opytny

    US BB 4> Ruling The Waves

    Wait, does this mean that we have to complete 6 tasks (rather than the implied 5 tasks) to complete the Directive 4?
  2. Project45_Opytny

    Thunderer Get....

    Thunderer has regular fuse AP, however under many circumstances it is indeed more effective to use HE that will certainly cause damage and rather possibly set a fire or two. The AP shells can only lolpen most cruisers and very often they may ricochet on angled battleships.
  3. Project45_Opytny

    sekrit mission chain

    The same happened with me.
  4. Project45_Opytny

    Can we have a model overhaul for Konigsberg?

    There has been an announced one for American destroyers earlier this year though at present we have little information about how it has progressed. Also personally speaking I think the inaccuracies of Konigsberg is rather significant and should be corrected (and correction should has priority over improvements of details). Also thanks for your comment after such a long time...
  5. I feel that this topic must have been raised by other community members from EU, NA and CIS repeatedly, however how Konigsberg looks in game at present urges me to make a new post about it. To sum up, the current in game model of Konigsberg is flawed and perhaps needs an overhaul. Comparing with historical photographs and line drawings, the current model has many inaccuracies with the bow and forecastle section. Namely the bow seems to be a bit too short and plump in contrast to how it looks in photographs and line drawings, and a distinctive (and easily visible from most angles) rake and flare of the bow is completely omitted from the in-game model that makes her forecastle deck almost horizontal and parallel to her waterline. There are a number of pictures available for reference and everyone can provide screenshots showing how Konigsberg looks in game at present. In fact WG's own Wiki alone has provided a number of pictures and photographes that exhibits the sleek lines, especially of the bow and forecastle sections, of the Konigsberg-class cruisers in history. https://wiki.wargaming.net/en/Ship:Königsberg https://wiki.wargaming.net/ru/Navy:Лёгкие_крейсера_типа_Königsberg_(1927) https://www.german-navy.de/kriegsmarine/ships/lightcruiser/konigsberg/index.html Personally speaking I have found those inaccuracies hampering me to wholeheartedly play this ship in game, and considering a number of models has been reworked and upgraded, I would like to make a humble request for the developers to consider a potential overhaul for Konigsberg's current in game model.
  6. Project45_Opytny

    Juggling Captains

    This list includes Anshan (need mid-tier Soviet gunboat DD build), Blyskawica (classical gunboat DD unlike the tech tree IKEA boats), Friesland (mentioned above, no torpedoes despite sharing Bofors DP guns), Duca d'Aosta and Abruzzi (also mentioned above, classical CL build despite IFHE rework somewhat mitigated this problem), Giulio Casare (the currently WiP Andrea Doria would have a very different playstyle despite their historical resemblance), Campbeltown, Warspite (regular AP oriented battleship, though it seems that captain build for tech tree British BB would be compatible), Aigle (shared some features, with smoke but without MBRB and damage absorption gimmick) and Graf Zeppelin (when she was created there did not seem to have much realistic hope for a German CV branch). For the problem raised in the original post my choice is like what Rina_Pon has posted above: the general doctrine is to train one "prioritized" captain for the top-tier ship (as well as premium ships that share compatible captain builds), and maintain a "reserve corps" for mid-tier ships that are competitive in their respective tiers and enjoyable for me. Sometimes such a reserve corps can be trained by Scenario Operations with relatively ease, and with a group of 19-pointer captains captain training can also be greatly eased by using ECXP.
  7. Project45_Opytny

    Armada: Florida

    Actually this seems a topic worth some discussion. Though I believe the playerbase from NA Communities would certainly have discussed this. The key seems to be avoiding names that are already assigned to battleships that were in active service during the project's creation. It is indeed possible and reasonable to name this ship as North Carolina, considering that this is a scheme that directly leads to the final N.Carolina class. There may be a few expections: none of the Lexington-class battlecruisers were named after US states and it is rather likely that a Lexington-class BC would be classified as BB in game. A popular name choice seems to be CC-2 Constellation. A pre-dreadnought battleship was named as USS Kearsarge in honor of her namesake who served with distinction in the Civil War. Maybe choices like USS America or USS United States would also work had WG run out of names...
  8. Project45_Opytny

    Ships for Victory

    It is arguable that this event is rather poorly designed (I dislike how the chain bundles are arranged too) and the new slow American battleships would likely be underpowered and not fun to play, however the thing costs 18000 tokens is Kansas' event commemorative permacamo rather than the ship herself (as reward for completing the directives).
  9. As the others have commented there exist better choices (or in other words, more competitive as a T9 tech tree ship) than Sovetsky Soyuz. So I regret missing the Bionic permacamoes for Buffalo and Saint-Louis last spring when I was new to APAC Server...
  10. Project45_Opytny

    Funny cartoon ship

    This is an intentional Easter Egg, and you can get a special achievement if you manage to land a torpedo hit on that "paper Nurnberg" for the first time.
  11. Project45_Opytny

    Which nation tech tree has destroyers with short range torpedoes?

    The Soviet destroyers, but as a kind reminder gunboat destroyers are much more difficult to master comparing with ordinary torpedo boats.
  12. 这个……虽然我自己也肝力不足也就拿到了四阶段的钢权当安慰奖,但WG当初0.9.3版时就预告过泛欧传奇舰长的“坚定意志”战役活动将会在6个月后结束。 我觉得这已经算是通知到位了……如果就差一点没拿到的话确实很可惜,但那就只好再等几个月用煤换了。
  13. Project45_Opytny


    好像是按加减号键调整小地图尺寸。 对,你要在敌机进入高炮射程(或者觉得敌机很可能会飞进来时)之后再按O加强一侧的防空。 另外目前由于这个版本WG自己整活(前两天才用一个2个G的更新解决了敌人一亮就卡的问题……)航母有很多bug/暗改,总而言之航母的战斗效能下降了。
  14. ARP是开服回忆苍蓝钢铁,另外重点不应该是ARP摩耶的偷懒懒出了新境界么……