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  1. Project45_Opytny


    其实我个人不太喜欢汉堡港的布局……建模啥的确实是很精细有考证,但问题是太挤了,我想在稍微远一点的距离上拉到水面上看船都会被岸边的各类建筑和船舶挡住。 相比之下类似布局的圣彼得堡就好不少…… 另外其实这个样子就是上一个版本的登录图的那个效果吧,黄昏晚霞下的汉堡港。
  2. Project45_Opytny

    What does the box say?

    "怂" is a Chinese slang that usually means "(expressing) cowardice" in a disapproving way nowadays. "有病吧" here actually means "insane, crazy" (the guy is complaining that two CVs keep bombing his/her ship) here.
  3. Project45_Opytny


    金色的是大排位的段位,银色的是排位冲刺的段位,大排位的金星比排位冲刺的银星含金量高多了。 有时候甚至还能看见两三年前上古版本的排位段位标志,应该是参加过当年的排位然后此后就没打过的老咸鱼玩家……
  4. Project45_Opytny

    Does any of you suffer problems with Armory Interface?

    It has stopped working for me either since the Armory overhaul.
  5. As the title implies, I cannot enter the armory after the update yesterday morning. The interface just freezes with the decorative backgound of the armory and it cannot advance any further. Maybe I should try to find and install some earlier patches for this problem?
  6. Project45_Opytny

    Soviet Cruisers: Branch Review

    Tallinn is a very different ship comparing with Mainz... besides flying the Soviet naval ensign and suffering from the typical Soviet turning radii unlike Murmansk and Makarov, according to what I have read what makes Tallinn unique is her specially tweaked 180-mm railguns with powerful AP, anemic HE and a tweaked Graf Spee dispersion; the ideal scenario for Tallinn would be ambushing enemy cruisers (examples include Atago, Mogami, Amalfi, Chapayev) with the help of radar and her concealment, wreck them with a volley of citadelling AP and then sail away. However she seems to be a difficult ship to master... I have chosen a somewhat challenging build without IFHE (as it is suggested that the ship should use her HE only in very few instances), and on the other hand to save up for FXP ships (Alaska and Aegir in fact) I decided to complete the stock grind manually... and the stock hull is perhaps just too clumsy, while when facing all those BB shells the protection scheme of Hipper-class seems to be no better than that of Chapayev. Though I have scored fascinating results with her AP against cruisers indeed; her victims include Des Moines (I nearly knocked out one DM from a single salvo in a brawl), Dmitri Donskoi, Amalfi, Hipper, Irian, Yorck, Indianapolis... and even a Fuso who exposes her broadside allowing me to farming damage on her casemate.
  7. Project45_Opytny

    0.9.6 版本更新錯誤回饋

    更新之后我这边好像又没法打开兵工厂页面了。 就像这个样子。
  8. Project45_Opytny

    Advise for X tier Cruiser

    Alexander Nevsky's AP shells are excellent for their calibre too, boast penetration performance almost equal to many 203-mm shells. Soviet light cruisers (the heavier ones are a tad better) and battleships all have vulnerable citadels, as the cruisers boast excellent gun ballistics and DPM which can be very easy to farm damage from afar, and the battleships are designed to fight bow on, that when bow-on they become almost invulnerable to any AP shells. Mind your positioning and always hide your broadside from enemies when in Soviet battleships; make sure no enemy will be able to shoot you from your sides.
  9. Project45_Opytny

    Need more IJN 10 skills captain in armory.

    That lady is Ms. Dasha Perova of Wargaming St. Petersburg...
  10. Project45_Opytny

    Advise for X tier Cruiser

    Go Alexander Nevsky. She boasts rail-gun ballistics which is very friendly for aiming. She has the lowest, at least relatively, skill requirement among the three. Also her AA is already outstanding. You are comparing her with two of the most powerful AA ships available in the game here.
  11. The branch is completely feasible indeed, but on the other hand the purpose of such a branch and the possible roles they can play in the game is also highly questionable. Also even though they are designed as traditional American dreadnoughts, WG has already granted an almost universal engine overhaul for those Imperial German dreadnoughts, not to say about Lyon and Normandie.
  12. Project45_Opytny

    ST blog: legendary modules updates & new modules

    It seems to be "yes". In the old days you cannot earn an unique upgrade again if you sell them for credits. With the current UU for research points system... well I think most of the players would still rather pay doubloons than to spend their hard-earned RPs, if any at all.
  13. Project45_Opytny


    Smolensk's protection scheme is also no better than Shchors or Omaha.
  14. Project45_Opytny


    现在已经能看到有人又把科罗拉多开出来刷经验了(其实我就在这么搞)…… 不过我见到的不少人都对23节的8~10级战列舰的可行性表示相当的怀疑(搞不好就是各路HE喷子的新一代场均供应者),何况现在的数据什么极速23节(拿出给德系一战战列舰全体翻新锅炉轮机的劲头啊,这又不是没法解决)装填时间40秒,西格玛1.7的美系经典款共鞍霰弹炮…… 回到主楼,祝贺楼主喜提目标战舰,并祝愿楼主能一直拥有这样的积极乐观的游戏心态。
  15. Project45_Opytny

    ST blog: legendary modules updates & new modules

    Zao's mobility, by the standard of 0.9.5, is already middling: she is relatively fast but far from the fastest, and her rapid rudder shift is hampered by relatively large turning radius and mediocre actual turning speed, not to say she is still suffering from the HP pool nerf and concepts of balance and realism (at least relative; in contrast Venezia) back to 2015. I wonder what sort of performance statistics makes WG to consider that Zao's legendary mod should be nerfed; the ship herself should be buffed to make her more viable in today's meta.