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  1. Project45_Opytny

    Twitch Prime Rewards Dutch Girl

    So judging from De Ruyter's "Premium Early Access" (and somewhat ironically she is probably the most famous ship in the entire tech tree), is it possible that the Dutch cruisers Early Access event would be similiar to the pattern of Italian Battleships: Tiers 4 to 7 are available through combat missions, even though significant parts of their national flavor start only from Tier 8 (reinforced casemate and deck plating, fast-recharging RP at the cost of mediocre main gun offense output and more vulnerable to fire damage). Then why do the commoerative permacamoes start only from T7 Eendracht?
  2. Ibuki would be effectively a repeat Suzuya (that may incorporate the numerous "patches" to solve the numerous problems plaguing the Mogami-class directly during construction) had she been completed as a cruiser, and in WoWS to make her at least (to seem) more viable comparing with her Tier IX peers (that has been Baltimore long ago), incremental upgrades like Type 98 DP secondaries, Japanese Bofors and improved torpedoes are also incorporated.
  3. The "depleting contents" problem is even more significant for warships comparing with tanks and aircraft: countries with very limited (at least comparing with industrial powers) industrial and developmental capacity, like Spain, Romania and Finland, are able to develop some indigenous tank and aircraft designs. But only industrial powers (that are also not landlocked like Czechslovakia) are able to develop their own schools of naval architecture, not to say instances like the Axis and Austro-Hungary that their naval construction development were cut short by their defeats and some never recovered (for instance, almost all of the indigenous lineage of Japanese weapon development were cut off after 1945: surviving examples dismantled, factories closed down and workforce of workers and engineers dismissed).
  4. Ibuki has not only been laid down but has considerable progress made before the halt of her construction as a cruiser as well. And at least two ships of the H-class battleships, according to Navypedia, has been laid down just before the breakout of WWII in Europe. And you are seriously suggesting that Mainz, Roon, Drake and Kitakaze are as unpopular as Champagne, Cheshire, Monarch and FdG among the WoWS playerbase?
  5. Project45_Opytny

    Double First Blood

    There can even have four "First Blood" one battle if two pairs of players eliminated each other at the same time.
  6. Project45_Opytny


    ……在美服那边看到过有人抱怨超战舰活动直接发放超战舰,结果什么4级直升超战舰和两位数PR的选手都跑出来开萨摩和汉诺威了…… 还有上个版本还是上上个版本有一把随机碰到的疑似硅基选手,队友前线激战这位在自家山边前后摩擦隔三差五地打一炮,对方T-61占家这位开着珀斯不动如山,大势已去这位冒出来边跑边开炮…… 事后一看统计数据,2590场天龙,天城场均1万7,600多场珀斯场均1万……
  7. Project45_Opytny

    My 1st Grand Battle with HANNOVER Super BB

    The mode is T9~10 and Super Battleships only.
  8. Project45_Opytny


    这一切都是在说明“真实感”和作为游戏而不是模拟器的娱乐性在不少地方是互斥的,或者说游戏里一些——一些,例如时间和空间的“压缩折叠”和关于伤害机制的整体而言的妥协——机制为这个游戏不少人玩起来觉得还不错起到了重要的作用。当然类似秋月炮高爆弹能穿30毫米装甲,“最强大的武器是IFHE6英寸舰炮”这种另算。 这种头脑风暴还可以继续(反正有生之年大概都不会变成这样):恢复大口径穿甲弹在合适情况下可以对驱逐舰造成半伤的机制(或者说移除强制过穿机制,我记得萨马岛之战中就有美军驱逐舰接了战列舰穿甲弹半伤的例子)。绝大多数驱逐舰的鱼雷仅限一次使用,部分有鱼雷再装填消耗品的日本驱逐舰可以两次使用鱼雷。所有鱼雷管和备用鱼雷变成裸奔的弹药库模块,除部分战舰外远程射击射速会变慢,连续射击后装填速度也会变慢(炮塔人员疲劳,机械故障和通风问题导致的硝烟废气聚集),如部分原教旨党所愿移除所有帝德和英国一战老战舰的架空升级(虽然像纽约和巴伐利亚这样的改动确实让人失望,但如此抗拒架空的现代化魔改……当年移除一批主炮88弹射程10公里的日战史实白板船体应该还是呼应民意的,也不知道为啥纽约白板船体的“早期型1400磅穿甲弹”,穿深只相当于长管203的破烂一直腆着脸混到了今年,还在俄克拉荷马上继续恶心人),拐弯变速一律脸盆散布圈(前卫这样的末代火控除外),开炮前后部分防空炮位暂时关闭(尤其是战列舰上的裸奔高炮炮位),大多数战舰全速状态无法开火射击(因为震动干扰火控,这是有据可查的),啊对了还得要改动血量计算规则以“正确地反映装甲防护的意义所在”……
  9. https://forum.worldofwarships.com/topic/232152-premium-ship-review-dunkerque-strasbourg/?page=2



















  10. Project45_Opytny


  11. The latter indeed. And about the former. I think that there may exist a "reverted" bias against Soviet ships due to various reasons: the developer from a "home team" stance would be likely and has already buffed the performance of their ships in contrast to history, not to say arguments like why the all-paper Soviet CV managed to skip the queue and arrived ahead of many potential lines/branches (indeed). However I think that such a fuss is like arguing that Netherlands cannot finish her ambitious CB project as Germany has overrun their country in 1940, or Brazil would be impossible to acquire new and better battleships after Minas Gerais as her economy fuelled by raw material export collapsed and the break out of World War I. Aspects of Alternative History has been a significant part of this game since the first veteran lines like Myogi, Amagi, Zao (who will wear out her main gun barrels in a single battle) and Montana. Not to say a number of comments are based purely on stance and ignorance rather than fact and rationality. To sum up my stance: The Soviet CV line can trace her historical origins from Soviet naval expansion programmes from 1920s to 1940s, at least mostly. I am against baseless claims that the line is imaginery, biased arguments against paper ships and projects and as such, even though I do agree that it is a pity that this branch comes ahead of many others.
  12. Just have a peek at the NA forum and found the atomsphere rather toxic. The Soviet Union did make CV studies ever from 1920s when the entire state were still in shatters and yet there goes unreasonable claims based on bias and ignorance (even if I do agree that France and Italy can have some more realistic branches), some even from veterean players with nearly twenty thousand battles with their accounts like
  13. Tier IV is a proposed experimental CVL conversion project based on a training ship equivalent to Langley, Hosho and Argus and the name is historical. Tier VI seems to be Project 71A, a CVL design based on the Project 68 Chapayev-class light cruiser's hull and machinery. Tier X seems to be a conversion project based on Project 23 Sov. Soyuz. The latter is disappointing as I have been expecting something like "Project Kostromitinov". What the Tier VIII one is indeed haven't been decided yet. Project 72? Project 69AV? Late June to early July: Grand Battle Late July to August: Debut/Early Access of Dutch Cruisers September: 6th Anniversary Around October to November: Soviet CV December: Annual Xmas and New Year Event
  14. Project45_Opytny


  15. Project45_Opytny


    By the way this time WG has openly and officially admitted that the final number of winners is shared between the servers/worldwide (or in other words, 1250 players each server competes for the coal last time). This explains why the lowest winning bid hovers around 80 million worldwide.