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  1. Project45_Opytny

    Cruiser line recommendations

    As the Soviet heavy cruiser branch has already been announced, it is highly recommended to hurry up and grind the Soviet cruiser line ASAP. In fact at present the mid tier matchmaker have been full of Shchors, Chapayev and Dmitri Donskoi. Soviet cruisers enjoy a consistent playstyle of backline HE spamming from T5 to T9, though Moskva is vastly different from those lower tiers (that is part of the reasons why she is going to be removed from the tech tree). For a typical Soviet CL captain skills should be PT/IFA-AR-DE-IFHE, it should be stressed that one should reach IFHE for Soviet and any other light cruisers, bar the German ones and La Galissoniere unless you would like to keep her permenantly, as soon as possible. After that fetch CE to remedy your poor concealment (Chapayev can stealth radar with a full concealment build) and other useful skills though with relatively less importance like IFA (Soviet cruisers are fast but clumsy when they turn) and SI (for more radar and heal charges). You can simply keep the finished captain on Dmitri when you purchase Moskva as the latter uses a largely different set of skill build. Some side notes include keep Kirov (she will be turned into a premium) and temporarily Shchors until you've farmed enough XP for Tallinn after reaching Chapayev. Shchors is a fragile ship, but her firepower makes wonders. And Donskoi is currently one of, if not the best tech tree T9 cruisers currently in game. If you are still not confident enough with your ship handling skills when you reach Chapayev and Dmitri, just ignore that consumable called radar. Objectively speaking the French cruisers are also friendly for newbies, though the T6 grind is a little hard (but can be done by Scenarios), and now Henri IV has been severely nerfed and has been deprived of her trademark speed-juking/“rubbing” ability recently. About British CAs: yes Hawkins sucks. Devonshire and Surrey are better in contrast: modern configuration and much lower citadel, however unfortunately Albemarle sucks again.
  2. Project45_Opytny


    我个人感觉就4级而言意系朱桑诺防空还行,挂加速旗甚至能靠航速戏耍航母鱼雷机。 但这玩意其他方面的局限实在是太多了——生锈的射速和转炮,玻璃做的引擎和舵机,还有出膛电磁炮然后就越飞越慢的弹道。 根本解决方法还是得看WG什么时候再把4级航母锉回去或者是改善4级航母屠幼横行的分房状况……
  3. That reminds me of the final stage of Operation Narai as well as a vague idea of an Axis-themed operation loosely based on the Battles of Ormoc Bay in late 1944 (i.e. a T8 Operation of using Axis warships to breakthrough Allied partol warships and aerial attacks and escort a convoy to its destination).
  4. Project45_Opytny

    Free Flag ?

    On a side note, regarding free flags it seems that newer players who has missed the original event can get a free "Blue Steel" flag by playing/winning one battle in any ARP ship, even if he/she has only participated in the "Chases" mission chain and didn't even spend a dime in the Premium shop. I got mine by playing one Co-op battle in my ARP Myoko earned from the ARP Redux mission chain.
  5. Project45_Opytny

    Missing legendary module mission chain

    Wait patiently for further information about Legendary upgrades from WG. On the other hand, Zao also works with a substitute build using GFCS Mod. 2 in the sixth slot as her range is anemic even for a T9 ship.
  6. Project45_Opytny

    Missing legendary module mission chain

    It's a pity you have to do so to fund your fleet expansion...however later when you have enough credits you can contact the customer service and restore them. See you later on high seas in your luminous ARP ships! Personally speaking Myoko remains a competitive ship even at present with so many new contents have been added.
  7. Project45_Opytny

    ST, Luigi Sansonetti, Odin, Siliwangi

    Holy necromancy. To be exact the problem is the distinctive shape of German turrets as a whole, rather than triple naval gun mounts themselves.
  8. Project45_Opytny

    How is your British CA event going?

    According to trials conducted by a Hurricane clan member from NGA WoWS Forum, Albemarle's turret protection modelling has a severe bug as of Patch 0.9.1. https://ngabbs.com/read.php?tid=20401078 Trials demonstrate that despite the nominally decent protection (152-mm face and barbette, 102-mm sides, 50-mm back), currently Albemarle's main turrets are excessively prone to incapacitations from many sources of damage. In the trial, 203-mm HE, 203-mm SAP, 152-mm HE, 130-mm HE fire as well as rockets and HE bombs from Kaga's aircrafts can easily and repeatedly incapacitate Albemarle's turrets. For some currently unknown reason this bug does not apply to 127-mm HE or 100-mm HE fire though. Also there seems to exist another bug with Devonshire's heal; the heal of Hull=B is weaker than that of Hull-A.
  9. Project45_Opytny


    这次主要是买伦敦的话可以多刷很多天的日常任务多拿代币换传奇舰长坎宁安。不过我欧了一把上次抽中了萨里并在更新前就刷到足以研发8级了,每天开阿尔伯马尔去PvE打次首胜就能搞定橡树之心…… 这个问题我看到过别的一些讨论,似乎都是更倾向于捏着鼻子开阿尔伯马尔——这个坑迟早得爬过去,而大家都并不确定伦敦的强度会不会让她在这次活动结束后就开始吃灰(天国的热那亚)并以她的存在防止在圣诞节箱子里再抽到她浪费宝贵的氪金(红色克里米亚:阿嚏!)。 去年的意大利巡洋舰和2020年新年活动倒是照你说的这么搞过,更早的法国驱逐舰记不清楚了(苏系战列舰和废土吃鸡记得也是直接氪拉佐/希尔可以通过每日挑战多拿代币)。 要真实,去参军——谢尔盖·布尔卡托夫斯基
  10. Project45_Opytny


  11. Project45_Opytny

    T10 Soviet Cruisers Size Comparison

    It interests me that how compact Petropavlovsk is despite the initial impression about her outlines.
  12. Project45_Opytny

    【公告】0.9.1版更新「 行動 」 相關錯誤

    苍钢免费领金刚级和妙高的任务按惯例本来就是13日凌晨截止吧…… 顺带更新之后不知道怎么搞的海雾妙高的新加坡版简中介绍变成了海雾足柄(Ashigara)的了。
  13. 后续联动的卫星肯定安排上了,现有的卫星群里有一条阳炎船体带德战150副炮的日系驱逐舰——据称这可能是按照高校舰队剧场版的情节捏的新联动船。
  14. Project45_Opytny

    How is your British CA event going?

    I would like to comment that it is more likely that Devonshire's AA is bugged (too powerful) from the beginning as a result of probably some typo error, that she has a more powerful outer AA circle than Surrey despite the later has more large calibre AA guns. A sad news for an already mediocre ship indeed though.
  15. 也有人评论过称苍蓝钢铁是“目前最好的舰娘动画”,再加上苍蓝钢铁联动算是很多直营服老玩家的“开服青春回忆”(也是WG搞的最早的二次元联动之一)以及苍钢原作粉丝的情怀加成。然后任务链又不算很难,免费发放并不弱的5级金币战列7级金币重巡并为感兴趣的玩家提供购买其他联动产品的机会我觉得没什么可抱怨的(虽然用藏王舰长放到海雾妙高上打了仅仅一星期的野队那莱之后那莱就又被雪藏了),最不济白送4艘5级船每年新年能多薅点雪花羊毛,相当于白送不算弱的7级金币船这点想想这几年的新年活动吧(比如说最近的戈里齐亚)。 何况哪怕觉得还原原作的海雾荧光皮肤辣眼睛到无法直视,现在屏蔽掉“苍蓝钢铁”外观看上去就是一般的金刚妙高高雄。 我看到过的最接近的一次是前段时间野队那莱有一次一队同时匹配到了海雾妙高,海雾羽黑和海雾足柄(学生会四姐妹就差那智了),还有一次一队刷出过3个海雾妙高(两次都是包括我在内)。