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  1. Project45_Opytny


  2. Project45_Opytny


    “大家不讨厌菜鸟,实际上爱死出现在对面能为自己刷数据的菜鸟了——只讨厌出现在己方这边的菜鸟”么…… 虽然记得海王赛已经破除了欧区美区全是菜鸡的偏见了,不过还是一直有传言称美服菜鸟和休闲玩家巨多,云云。 现在的发展看坦克世界那边的说法是独联体区玩家默认会转入类似国服的列斯塔私服,不过可以提出申请转入欧服新建的独联体难民营(有东欧和中亚两个细分)。这边又有说战舰世界国服将会参与第十四届海王赛。
  3. Project45_Opytny


  4. Project45_Opytny

    It's a really ironic game

    With your attached picture I thought there will be a general rant about CV, submarine and toxic divisions. And I admit the myriad of balance problems do exist and are very annoying for many cases like grinding a Tier 7 cruiser in Random battles. Instead of beating the dead horse about realism at the 7th year of this arcade shooter (as true simulators as well as the majority of real life naval warfare are largely boring as hell) game.
  5. Project45_Opytny

    Remove Karma system

    Quoting someone I've seen among this game's community, it is better to let players vent their impotent rage via this harmless method than some more hostile/toxic choices like private message harassment, verbal abuse, griefing, etc. Just ignore it as while it is a pretty thing to have, the only actual effect, AFAIK, is to allow you to report/praise other players for some more times a day. And if one owns zero karma points then he/she can just declear "Report me at will" as there will be nothing else to lose.
  6. Project45_Opytny

    12v12 Cruisers BRAWL

    ...How exactly did you accomplish that? I have been struggling with this event despite once claiming to be a sort of "cruiser main" and have yet found a comfortable approach.
  7. Project45_Opytny


    变形金刚可能后面没了(这是上次联动活动时说的)。碧蓝这个是长期合作伙伴,苍钢这个据说是……嗯……本身情况特殊。动画版是我们熟知的一季连续剧和1.2部剧场版(DC篇的前大半截是连续剧的剪辑版),三次联动差不多都挖了一边了(除了主角的潜艇……也许就真等着把这玩意捋顺以及让潜艇在成为既成事实之后反对的声浪能小点)。但据称动画版是有官方授权的OOC同人(不像连载小说好歹也有分阶段篇章,我理解是动画改编版因为体裁问题必须给故事一个结局),漫画版搞了一系列更多的海雾心智模型形象以及据说还解释了为什么会有喜闻乐见的少女形态的心智模型啥的。 2020年初的苍钢联动是早年那种慷慨做派的回光返照,打任务链白送附带各自特殊舰长的联动版彩色金刚级和彩色金妙高(但金刚级和妙高之外的语音只能买)。现在回顾一下真是久远的回忆……
  8. https://forum.worldofwarships.com/topic/259587-st-lawrence-as-a-premium-ship-concept/


  9. Project45_Opytny

    開到金幣船了 但是...

    我能想到的加成包的用途……给锡诺普(基本上就对位7级排位战)和斐济(或者格奈森瑙)贴上,这三个此前没有金皮强度也还行。然后再等等新日本轻巡洋舰的那个7级看看会怎么样。 2020年初白嫖到了一条金妙高,KGV的话可以用煤换到特性差不多而且是真正的金币船的约克公爵(退线重练啥的另说)。
  10. Project45_Opytny

    海战棋故障 不能重开

    我这边海战棋小游戏工作正常,输了也能重开。 第一阶段22份入场券捞了1490代币,已经用银币换了800代币了。按照这个效率能获得3~4个“主要奖励”——改制之后外观皮肤(目前考虑锡诺普和马汉)和加成包(这个……看上去还得观望一下新年会挑哪几位)还要分开购买…… 总之就是把棋子贴边放(并避开对角线,不贴边至少也要避开对角线),有兴趣手操,没兴趣就开自动战斗开摆(我后面就开摆了)。
  11. Project45_Opytny

    People you've encountered in-game

    Finally finishing this Brawl season tonight after a long hiatus due to real life problems as well as the grind was rather excessive for a number of previous seasons (10 stages with 6 victories for each). Finished the Hawke grind with Green-tier bonus (as well as the Anniversary 200% First win bonus) with the event, as well as the 6th weekly stage of the Puerto Rico dockyard which the event has much synergy with. I managed to finish the battleship ribbons task on day one by spamming Massachusetts/Atlantico/Odin in the brawl and farm secondaries hit ribbons (and Massachusetts has been the most efficient among the three though the actual effects are in contrast the worst). I cannot provide in-depth analysis on how Hawke performed in the event as I was busy filling the progress bar for the coal and cared relatively little for the battles themselves. Indeed this is a sub-optimal choice and the only reason she was brought into brawls is that there's something attractive to grind with her. Yet despite her squishy-ness she can perform well and did pull some rather pretty results. It's a pity that I have to depart from this elegant and gorgeous ship (despite I do not consider the following G3 and I3 as that ugly). I'm not sure if I will again complete the grind tasks for the next two brawls. Maybe I will have a few battles to... practice with some cruisers that I am still not confident enough with, like Edinburgh.
  12. Project45_Opytny

    Anniversary Supercontainer

    Still grinding. Premium account time for about 2 weeks (though with 500+ days not really useful), 2000 Doubloons for free and a completely free Blyskawica last night.
  13. Project45_Opytny


  14. Project45_Opytny

    Round 2 Brawls

    As long as such events do not count into performance statistics and can be used to grind something besides providing something new that's fine, not to say this event has synergy with the Dockyard stage (that require ribbons to be earned with battleships).
  15. Project45_Opytny


    现在的问题至少包括副炮有buff但对一条无法进一步强化副炮的巡洋舰来说还不够(还只有强化副炮散布中最低一档的旧德战的改善程度),以及出于目前不清楚的原因全身塞满了新式高平两用副炮却还在用着德弗林格的一战奶油弹(就算帝德305是一战老炮了也有游戏里像是5级国王已经用了几年了的二战新炮弹,又不是350和旧380那样确实没有)。 法国和意大利也还没分到过造船厂船。