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  1. Project45_Opytny

    How should I spend my tokens and coupon?

    Thanks for your compliment :) I simply thought that the ridiculous thread and all those modern-day fantasties is beyond the limits of acceptance for the game.
  2. Project45_Opytny

    The Pan-Asian (Chinese) Cruisers is coming?

    No matter how "fantasty" the Soviet battleships may be, there exist their blueprints lying somewhere in archieves in Russia, and probably Ukraine. At least the existence of their related projects are confirmed for sure. What the OP posted here in contrast are merely his own fictional works that would need a significantly altered universe to exist and work. In some aspects you can view the Ning Hai-class as a unique crossover of light cruisers, coastal patrol gunboats/sloops and coast defence ships. The Chinese Navy under Kuomintang Regime are chronically undertrained and underfunded and plagued by warlord factionism, and the choice of coal-burning boilers and triple expansion steam engines actually suited the Navy's rudimentry maintenance capablities and intended role of crew training, coastal support and deterence against rival warlords then. They are ill-suited to modern naval warfare of course.
  3. Project45_Opytny

    The Pan-Asian (Chinese) Cruisers is coming?

    Putting political issues aside, the whole line is made up of pure ahistorical fictions the original poster made up not long before. Even if Zao, Roon, Hindenburg and Herni IV have already made their way into the game, I do not think that such fantasties that have absolutely no link to naval history of the actual world have any value beyond potential alternative-history literature works.
  4. Project45_Opytny

    How should I spend my tokens and coupon?

    Thanks for your suggestions and greetings to you! I am a Chinese player indeed. A refugee from Kongzhong's servers that migranted in March this year. I have visited the Chinese-language section of the forum and find its atomsphere too toxic, with posts claiming that one would quit the game or condemning the CV rework floating everywhere which disgusted me. So I decided to stay in the English-speaking section which at least resembles a regular gaming forum. I have grinded through Mogami and have a couple of games in Ibuki back in Chinese server not long before, so maybe I could adapt to Yubari's gaming style. One can still purchase containers of Part 1 of the Victory Event today (and Part 2 containers are available for purchase throughout Patch 0.8.5). So I think that I would buy two Soviet Era containers, exchange Lazo, and grab Kuznetsov through a later purchase of dubloons during Patch 0.8.5. About Soviet Battleships, I have some luck and get a Pytor Velikiy through a container WG give me for free though daily supplies and have already learnt about essentials about thems through being Devstruck and devstriking other Soviet battleships. I know that all tech-tree French destroyers would be smokeless from official bulletins.
  5. Project45_Opytny

    The Pan-Asian (Chinese) Cruisers is coming?

    So what is the relationship between the British Hunt for Bismarck and all your ahistorical fantasties?
  6. Project45_Opytny

    The Pan-Asian (Chinese) Cruisers is coming?

    And I attempted to prove that all these pure pipedream fantasties have little value, if any at all for this game-related aspects in that thread all this morning.
  7. Project45_Opytny

    The Pan-Asian (Chinese) Cruisers is coming?

    No, stop, just stop. Please. The game does not need any more of such pure fiction that is even more fictional than Zao or Roon, not to say the related copyright issues of an already existed intellectual property product.
  8. 那么你把这玩意放出来干什么?什么参数都没有,具体子系统也全是空中楼阁,这又有什么意义呢? 这种向壁虚构已经突破了能被容许的下限了,而你又不是WG的股东金主。
  9. 感觉上午的语气也确实冲了一些。那么现在就心平气和地谈一下这个问题。 首先,这些东西是一个人在21世纪的第二个十年向壁虚构的,与历史上的任何海军建设计划都没有直接联系。而且比罗恩兴登堡亨利四世更糟糕的是20世纪上半叶的中国连这些东西的位置都没有;同样是向壁虚构的罗恩还能伪托成德三的袭击巡洋舰设计方案,藏王有关于性能指标的大致规划,亨四的总体格局也是法国末代重巡洋舰放大搞出来的。 何况你还是没能解答从哪里能弄来重巡洋舰乃至你设想的大型巡洋舰的各类子系统的问题。或者说,除了你在这贴的标签,有什么能证明这些东西与中国历史上的海军建设有关系?
  10. 用Springsharp搞设计么? 像德系日系那样用架空虚构给顶级填坑还好说,你这样的做派已经和坦克世界的中系坦克歼击车差不多了。 何况允许你在这架空,那么多涉及海军的历史架空小说岂不是能开无数支线?
  11. 所以说说了半天你弄没弄懂我想要表达什么——除了光荣特库摩之外你能为你的狂想找到来自现实世界的依据吗? 这些船的技术指标,比如说吨位,航速,布局,防护,武装你都能说得出来吗? 我说的是4级以后的那些玩意,前面那些谁都知道,用不着你再去找了。
  12. 所以我再重复一遍,你到底在说什么?除了当年的某个游戏,你有图纸吗?最次你有有关的计划的描述吗?
  13. 你确定你明白你在说什么? 意大利造船厂在30年代确实满世界卖图纸和出口战舰,不过我很想看一下你是从哪里弄来意大利向当时的旧中国推销过舰船——而且还是巡洋舰——设计的。 英国的话30年代有过一个大概是林仙的船体扛4门203毫米主炮的方案(“维克斯宁海”),还有一个只有文字记载的7000吨级轻巡洋舰(南京政府的海军造船愿望清单)。但别的呢?重庆可以学斯维特拉娜/红色克里米亚的先例来个一船两卖,但高级的还是没办法。 德国……你真要挖的话北洋北京政府时期曾经在奥匈帝国订购过一条扛4门203毫米主炮的巡洋舰。然后别告诉我你不知道有凡尔赛条约这回事,即使是纳粹上台之后由于20年的蹉跎德国造船工业有多烂也是有目共睹的。 苏联倒也许有点戏,不过恐怕得去大跃进时期去找一些狂想了。
  14. 这些玩意搞不好是光荣特库摩的“设计专利”……能大概介绍一下是什么样吗? 而且现在已经有的藏王罗恩兴登堡亨利四世作为纯架空船已经足够碍眼了。藏王只有大概的技术指标规划(“丸六计划重巡洋舰”),罗恩和兴登堡都是借用德国三联装203毫米主炮(这两个设计中仅有的有据可查的部分)的图纸把莱比锡和希佩尔各自放大到D级/P级装甲舰的尺寸的结果,而亨利四世这个玩意众说纷纭,根据我所看到的大概是敦刻尔克级的某个早期规划结合上C5计划系列/圣路易级重巡洋舰的总体布局的结果。 何况以上这些玩意好歹还都有一点可供架空的基础(各国的舰艇设计风格和可用子系统),关于中国的打算怎么处理?