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  1. I cannot log in the game this noon (it worked fine last night and in early hours of today before the server update) and the client kept rebooting and present the identical error message again and again. Though it is also possible that the problem is with my Internet connection service as I have been suffering from constant DNS problems when trying to connect to WG websites since late February.
  2. Project45_Opytny


  3. Project45_Opytny

    Too COSTLY to play Tier 10 ships

    Well, wait for the next HSF collaboration event (it is likely that there will be one judging from a WiP test ship that depicts a Kagero-class destroyer armed with German 150-mm guns, whose configuration has also appeared in the anime). Last time everyone can get a HSF collection container from a simple personal combat mission that can be obtained from the official website page.
  4. Project45_Opytny

    Latest Code...

    Finally a code that worked for me. Thanks!
  5. Project45_Opytny

    Italian BB Weekend mission

    Judging from the information from an official article, it is likely that the weekend extra tokens mission chain is an one-off "personal combat mission". https://worldofwarships.asia/zh-sg/news/general-news/italian-battleships-early-access/ I got 1600 tokens from my personal combat mission.
  6. Project45_Opytny

    Latest Code...

    What's its contents? Living in GMT+8, judging from the time (around 2am in midnight) it seems very unlikely for me to get it even without my ongoing DNS issues when connecting to WG websites.
  7. Project45_Opytny

    Italian BBs: What to know?

    I recall WG has announced again and again, in at least 4 official articles (0.10.1 Development Bulletin, Update 0.10.1, the Italian Battleships Early Access Event and this week's combat mission reminder) that the final reward of combat mission chain would be VII Francesco Caracciolo. All these articles has also mentioned, or indicated in illustrations, that a consecutive bundle chain that can be exchanged with Italian tokens will give Dante, Cavour, Doria, Camouflage for Caracciolo, Camouflage for Veneto, Veneto, Camouflage for Lepanto and Camouflage for Colombo in order one by one. https://worldofwarships.asia/en/news/general-news/bulletin-0101/ https://worldofwarships.asia/en/news/game-updates/update-0101-italian-battleships/ https://worldofwarships.asia/en/news/general-news/italian-battleships-early-access/ https://worldofwarships.asia/en/news/sales-and-events/missions-0101-weekly-1/ With all due respect, clueless comments like this example would make me wonder whether some of the players are illiterate. Another example earlier...
  8. Project45_Opytny

    KR streaming code

    Missed the code as a result of faulty Internet connection with my mobile device (I use my mobile phone's mobile hotspot function to connect my laptop PC to the Internet, and recently there have been constant DNS problems when attempting to connect to WoWS sites include Official website, Forum, Premium Shop, Armory and even the Development blog). :(...
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    至少能做到只要控制住开炮的欲望,你在敌前想要灭点撤退就能灭点撤退吧。 而且战列舰烟炮惩罚不考虑意系特色也小不到哪去,给主要用于蹲的普通烟幕更是意义不明吧。
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  11. Project45_Opytny

    Mssing the Resolute and Rapid Collection

    In fact that's more than "a few" I think. Collections that can only be completed with event containers (daily subscription is unavailable) include Dunkirk, The Hunt for Bismarck, 2nd Anniversary, 3rd Anniversary, Resolute and Rapid, Vive la France, Shipbuilding, Battle of the North Cape, Belle Epoque, Always Courageous and KotS. Though many of these collections are "event thematic" (like the North Cape and Shipbuilding). Five Epoches of the Navy is a unique case, and there are some collections (HSF, AL and Ovechkin) that are available for subscription, but not being available at present.
  12. Project45_Opytny

    Italian BBs: What to know?

    They have to balance 12 guns with a configuration like Nikolai I at T4. Judging from the maximum dispersion value (comparing with stock Kaiser), it seems that the tech tree Italian battleships also use the old German dispersion, with 1.6 sigma.
  13. This... seems to be a combination of the features of British Battleships, mid-tier French battleships (Normandie and Lyon), Italian cruisers and Roma judging from your description and the official introduction? Like British battleships they rely on lower but very reliable damage output from SAP shells, however the Italian ships does not rely on DoT (fire) damage and can hardly deal with destroyers.
  14. Project45_Opytny

    0.10.1 Official images

    Roman Empire, not the self-entitled "Holy Roman Empire".
  15. Project45_Opytny


    即使抛开这个话题,我在想一些像是“第十一节”(帝德舰队斯卡帕湾自沉的行动暗语),胜利日(为什么我印象里去年5月出了一系列的主题永久迷彩都没搞旗帜复刻?)和列宁格勒解围纪念这样的纪念旗能不能也多复刻几次。 我记得这两年2月都搞了发情人节纪念旗的任务,有周年纪念的旗子(例如“珍珠港偷袭75周年”)也不方便复刻但去年12月也搞了又一面珍珠港纪念旗。 此外“舰长日志”上线之后有吃瓜群众发现了一票按正常程序根本不知道怎么发的旗帜——例如10级特殊战舰的纪念旗和通过特殊途径发放的金币船的旗子这种。莫斯科,雷神,基洛夫,俄克拉荷马,富兰克林·罗斯福,斯大林格勒等等。罗斯福纪念旗的英语原版感觉还是结合了其游戏特性的彩蛋……