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  1. To be fair historically CV's are supposed to be strong and the core of a fleet. Tho I agree they do need a nerf. The problem is with CV is, the planes are player controlled thus = high accuracy, and they just keep coming, there are no real downsides for CV to lose their planes anymore since they will just respawn indefinitely. I haven't played the old CV but from watching Youtube I feel the current system is better and more fun. The old CV = watching the map the whole game and I didn't even understand WTH was going on when the video uploader nearly killed the entire enemy team singlehandedly with just his Midway planes. They just need to balance the planes I think, E.G make them respawn slower or Limit the number of planes available.
  2. Thanks for the tips, helps a lot since I'm playing a lot of UK BB right now.
  3. They were on...I never turn them off unless I play DD. I just checked the wiki, the range for Kaiser secondary is 4.5km, while for Orion it's 3.5km.
  4. Thanks I just checked the replay, the shots he fired at me are HE, so I think they're secondaries. His main gun was AP.... my bad. My secondaries weren't shooting, maybe Kaiser secondaries have a longer reach and outranges Orion, which I didn't know. I'll upload the replay anyway. Sorry for the false alarm, those bullets are pretty big so I thought it was a no reload hack or something. 20190315_081138_PBSB104-Orion_05_Ring.wowsreplay
  5. Hmmm you may be right, I'm not so sure now, sadly there isn't any replay. How do you delete a post? I can't seem to find the options.
  6. Shalsy

    End Of Destroyers

    When submarines come out DD will probably be equipped with deep sea bombs and they're gonna be important in hunting down subs.
  7. Fighter planes should not be absent, in ww2 they were there in every attack, with the important mission to escort bomber and torpedo planes.
  8. Thank you I'll def check that out.
  9. Nope, how do you enable replay?
  10. Hi, first of all, I'm a new player, I had a game where I was HMS Orion and my opponent was Kaiser, both are tier 4 battleships. It was near the end and we both exposed our broadside to shoot each other. What I didn't expect is his turrets have like no CD at all, kept shooting at me relentlessly like if he was a cruiser, I just watched him pummel my ship into Ironbottom Sound while my turrets are still at 10'ish seconds CD. We won that game by points tho but I was really suspecting that he was cheating, and to my surprise, there doesn't seem to be a way to report cheaters in-game.