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  1. You responded: << Dear ClanClanMore, Thank you for contacting Wargaming Support. Please note, that you received your Diana from the old version of the referral program. In March 2019, we have relaunched the "Play with Friends" Program, changing the rewards for Veterans and the friends they invite. The lists of those who participated in the previous Program have been wiped. Old referral progress didn't transfer to the new version. More info you can find here: https://worldofwarships.asia/en/news/general-news/world_of_friendship/ As for the new referral program - these were steps you suppose to make to receive all rewards. - click the link; - log in or register; - and after this click "Accept." As far as we see, you did not follow one of these steps, and the referral link was not created. We cannot create it manually. I hope you understand our limitations and that you will keep enjoying the game. Best regards, >> My Response is: << I did "Accept" and succesfully joined the Program in late mid of Feb, 2019. When you launched the "Double Reward" in Feb 1, you did not mention there will be a new March program which will cut off all participant effort!, A normal person have Ration mind will interpret it as I need to play Tier 6 game If I want get the Double reward, if I make it after Feb 28, at least I will get the normal reward. You should have a Clear Warning / Reminder about it. And on the Other hand, You disable the new comer (that what I experienced, I always return to port after I press Play with my Clement ship) play after around 3:00 pm Feb 28, I tried it several times and it is same result, so I get out to do other thing. Only I can play after my dinner, it is after 9:00pm. This is also your company fault that make me cannot finish the "Old Program" before March 1!! How should you repond this??? >>
  2. all time refer to UTC 8
  3. By the way, here is the ticket number for your quick reference. ID 117643595: 邀請
  4. Hello, thanks for your reply. I did send the ticket about 16 hours ago, and it was replied by your colleague " Yauheni Polikarpov ". Please get another staff to handle my ticket because Yauhenni did not work with diligence, just a lazy worker try too fool kids. Why I say so, this is what happened and replied. 16 hours ago (About 4:00am March 1) , I sent ticket with the content shown below: "I got invited. And finished the requirement (Played a game with Tier 6 ship) in about 1 hour ago. However, there are no nothing rewarded to me?? Why??" 4 hours ago, Yauheni repied: << Hello ClanClanMore, Thank you for contacting customer service. According to our data, you haven't participated in the invitation program. If you want to take part in this event, you need to pass the invitation link, then create an account in the same window, then pass the link one more time and accept the invite. Only after these actions, you can log in to the game. If you enter the game before the invite will be accepted, you will be not eligible to receive any bonuses. Should you have any other questions please don't hesitate to contact us. Best regards, >> And right now I replied : << God!! I already got the Diana as the first battle reward! You told me I have not participated in the invitation program?!! Please check clearly at your side, I accpet the inviatation about 1 week ago, and cannot play around after 2 :00 pm (UTC 😎 Feb 28 after u announced your maintenance message, until around after 9:00pm Feb 28, I can continue to play and finish the Tier 6 ship play around 3:00 am March 1, 2019. Please Check and Fix it again, and do it with your due diligence!! >> Please help to fix it, I am not a Kid to be fooled easily. PS: If your company did not suddently do a "ad hoc" so call maintenance, I can finish my Tier 6 game before 23:59 pm Feb 28, 2019. It is fault of your company, your should announce it earlier, say at least 1 day notice, so all the participated players can adjust and re-arrange the time table to finish it to get the Double Reward!
  5. why there nothing rewarded after I played the first game with T6 ship?