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  1. InabaYap

    Update 0.11.7 Bug Report Thread

    One of the new "features" seem to be a random chance to load in random battles and have a completely bugged, and upon game restart, fixed camera followed up by an intense detonation in karma. With sarcasm otu of the way, behold the random battle variant of the camera bug, where I get to enjoy the great underwater view on a completely bugged UI. You'd think a quick restart would fix it, but nope, you get to look at a stationary screen while your ship nominally moves, quickly out of view of the screen. And it isn't score timer this time around either, as uninstalling the mod does not eliminate the bug, as shown in the screenshots without score timer. Kudos to WG for this excellent camera rework, but maybe try not to hit players with a catastrophic bug that, though not unknown, I'd never had the unpleasant experience of facing thrice in relative short order. What a relief I haven't bought any of the dockyard packs.
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