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    Dinner with Cleve and Hipper
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    A Certain German Lady, be it the majestic and prideful ship or the cute blonde tsundere girl.

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About Me

Greetings, I'm Lord Honorable, Lieutenant Commander Earl_of_Arland


I'm one of those World of Warships that are extraordinarily average-performing, and even though i had some issues with Wargaming, i'm not that vocal against them. You may found me as that bottom-tier burden you have to carry or that top-tier who dies early, either way don't expect much.

If you actually ever found me in a match, feel free to start a chat, compliment, or shame me. Just remember that i'm prone to anger a little, and have a weird obsession with a certain german blonde tsundere, other than that it's alright to talk anything.

Except when you Insults the German Tier 8 Heavy Cruiser,

and idolizing Prinz Eugen instead of the Hero of Jutland

I will found you, and i will report you.


Note : I'm not iEarlGreyTV, i'm just a random guy with a similar username. And yes, i also like Cleveland.