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  1. Earl_of_Arland

    Asashio's maingun need to BUFF for close combat

    Japanese destroyers guns (save for Akizuki and up) have one of the highest alpha for their size and caliber at the cost of reload. It's a matter of trade-off, and said guns is still good for gunboating, but for god's sake, use it only for personal defence or if you don't have any other choice, as it nearly suicidal if you open up with the low RoF. Their main weapon is the torpedoes. And Asashio have the niche deepwater. So yeah, you got to use your gun more often, but don't use them as your primary damage dealer, instead seek for target choice, or spot.
  2. Earl_of_Arland

    Dev team must be found solutions for BOTS

    Welcome to the brigade. Take a seat, and just watch the debacle. Many have been tired of waiting for any meaningful resolution to this problem since the dawn of time. All we can do, at least currently, is wait. Or be that daredevil whom infiltrate the thing.
  3. Earl_of_Arland

    Why Coal is the best mechanic?

    Okay Sharkbait. Your post has gone from 60% makes sense to 100%. I fear for your physical and mental health.
  4. A question for thy lord, Pineapple toppings on Pizza?
  5. Earl_of_Arland

    2 Weeks using bot and aimbot with alt no ban

    If you want concrete evidence disproving on Wargaming's approach to bot problem and their very, very dismissive, discreet behavior, Don't repeat and imitate them then. Prove us. Where's your replay, how you use the exploits, and etc, then spew it out in front of them. Not just words, "I played with aimbot no ban lulz" is as helpful as the AA on Bismarck. None at all. Be like Drakon's stray to CN_70. Praise the Lord @CV_NMSL
  6. Earl_of_Arland

    What is difference of KITAKAZE and HARUGUMO

    In comparison to Halland, Harugumo's HE has baked in improved penetration (iirc 30 mm pen without IFHE), 3 more turrets (and thus practical DPM), torpedoes that actually sting, and smoke.
  7. i try to wiggle around, but seems to caught flak.
  8. raises hand again How to get good at kiting enemy ships while chased by aircraft? How to avoid flak in a timely manner? And is there any tips?
  9. raises hand But Mr. Drakon, when do i help my collapsing flank? Do i have to solely focus on our advancing flank, or balance between the two?
  10. Earl_of_Arland

    US BB Line split is live!

    Seems at least intriguing. 23 knots would play very differently on high tiers. Yeah, Kansas seems to be a modernized South Dakota 1920, Minnesota a South Dakota preliminary, and Vermont is Tillman I with 18" gun. 40s reload, 1.7 sigma and whatever dispersion aside with long-range focus, seems abiding Be careful with what you wish for...I cannot say much, but this thing has long range, tight turning radius iirc, and punchy broadside. What i found to be surprising from Discord, is that Kansas uses Colorado's gun, 16"/45 (40.6 cm) Mark 5/8 with 768 m/s shell velocity as opposed to 16"/50 (40.6 cm) Mark 3 (South Dakota 1920's original gun) with 852 m/s shell velocity.
  11. Earl_of_Arland

    Made My Day a Bit Better

    Long Live the Reign of Sharkbait!
  12. Earl_of_Arland


    So AA gun blooms your detection like regular salvo, but to the AA range?
  13. Even better yet, increase ramming damage by 200% (against any Admiral Hipper-class, including Weser and Mainz, by 500%) and reduce damage taken by 100%. After ramming, deploy smoke that last 15s and regenerates 50% of her HP for 30s, after then detonates, receiving "Detonation" award while also honorific "Victoria Cross" medal. Can be done multiple times. Wait, this doesn't sound like WoWs skill at all.
  14. Earl_of_Arland

    Bots are part of the game or 3 rd party programs ?

    This 3rd Party programs are illegal. Technically, under Terms of Service, such 'advantage' players are violating and would be banned, and even discussing it in the forums are not allowed. Practically, Wargaming is very discreet on their enforcement due to something about legal privacy, which has led to some doubts arising (especially by the usual bot complainers). Still, getting caught would result in instant ban. How they use them? Well, i don't know, but based on what i heard publicly, they utilized some sort of 'script players', where they create a new account and then play with this script of moving a little, charge a cap, or target enemy sometime.
  15. Earl_of_Arland

    What is that ?

    Okay, now that i'm back with my PC and actually able to watch your video clearly, 1. You're able to see him right before you smoked up. Thing about smoke is that not only it blocks the view of enemy ship of you, but also your view towards them, and since by looking at minimap you're the closest and only one that can see him at that time, smoking up would make no one spot him in return. He was visible at first when you already in smoke because he just fires his gun at your friends (0:23) and thus receive 20s bloom. But after the bloom end (or he goes into island cover), there's no friendly ship close enough with line of sight to detect him (and since you're smoked up, you cannot spot) and thus momentarily disappears, at least before your teammates spot him back due to you setting him on fire and proximity of your teammates. It's kinda complicated, but i cannot sum it up better. 2. At (1:05) If you look at the aiming indicators, you can see the marker moving gradually faster to the right, which means he's accelerating. At the moment you fire, he's probably at 1/4 speed (i assume 10 knots ish), and with nature of French battleships (especially with speed boost active), they can accelerate faster and get out of the torpedo's line of fire. I suggest you use widespread at close range against maneuverable ships. Also, aim a bit ahead of the indicators to adjust for the acceleration mentioned. 3. I think you misunderstand here. 5.4 km (not 5.6 km), as Hao said, is your surface detectability range, meaning if there are enemy ship within or below that, they would see you. 2.45 km is your air detectability range. As far as i know, there's no ship with 3.2 km surface detectability range. I don't know where you pull that one, so mind explaining? https://wiki.wargaming.net/en/Ship:Detection#Detectability_range Also, a few suggestion i have, 1. Please be more open towards advice here, especially from good players like Hao and Drakon. Sure some of those advice might be tempting or seem 'insulting' for some people, but it's more because they're seeing gross mistake that they try to correct. They do that not because they necessarily hate the person, but more towards caring for your own improvement. Being hostile to them only led to further denial, and they would not help you in the future, which is a shame since most player's advice here are wisdom. 2. Get started on more advanced mechanics, as Tier 8 (even T6 requires decent knowledge) is not simply run, gun, smoke, and torpedoes. There's a greater art in game tactics, and i hope you can improve through here. iChase have good video tutorial, and i suggest you watch said playlist, starting from mindset explained in here I hope this is helpful. Regards, Earl_of_Arland