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  1. Earl_of_Arland


    I'm expecting a rant with the usual name shame and "NOOB COLBERT FK ME CNM" I'm greeted instead by a more...peaceful thread Disappointed.
  2. Earl_of_Arland

    Italian Battleship Branch has been revealed!

    God this forsaken national tree is fiddly. I hope it won't be as meh as Trento nor... "decent" like Venezia
  3. Earl_of_Arland

    There's something about Hipper

    Did someone said...Hipper?
  4. Earl_of_Arland

    There's something about Hipper

    Stop taking over my job for Hipper shiptoasting
  5. Earl_of_Arland


    Glorious. I'm now motivated.
  6. Earl_of_Arland

    oh come on! CVs vs DD in ranked

    DD nowadays smh. Are you one of those people that bring Yue Yang into ranked?
  7. Earl_of_Arland


    I replied to this thread just for the sake of it. and hope Max-senpai would notice me and give his Munchen
  8. Earl_of_Arland

    Hizen's Deck armor by the way..

    Now it's back. Will the opinion shifted again from "Why IJN Premium always suck" to "Montana killer"? Time will tell. See you next time on Earl's News!
  9. Earl_of_Arland

    Q&A Anniversary stream

    I prefer that than being overpowered. Having one (arguably) broken line is enough, we don't want more.
  10. Earl_of_Arland

    Buffalo (Chicken)

    Buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo
  11. Earl_of_Arland

    'Working as intended'

    Eeeh, it does look weird, and i don't know if the turrets roof are strong enough to hold the weight given how lightly armored it is, but it's indeed possible to mount a catapult above turrets. IIRC New Mexico, Bayern in-game, and Colorado has them.
  12. Earl_of_Arland

    Happy Birthday, World of Warships!! Tier VII Challenge.

    Whomst Dared to Summon Thy Almighty O- Nani uhm.... GO GO MAX
  13. Earl_of_Arland

    Why do I kill myself

    The lineup said otherwise