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  1. Earl_of_Arland

    Is AP even useful anymore at Tier 10?

    In the topic of AP usage, can i ask a question? I'm a (obviously) Hipper player and understood the shell's weaknesses, low damage HE and bouncy, unpredictable AP. How to utilize them to maximum effect though? I have tried to change shells every now and then, but the AP even against full broadside Baltimore tend to overpen (the belt!) or ricochet, meanwhile HE are practically unfeasible due to low RoF and anemic alpha.
  2. Earl_of_Arland

    New French T10 Premium the Marceau

    Out of all interesting, more balanced and HISTORICAL ships like Split and Tre Kronor, they instead make an imaginative bullcrap overpowered 'warship'? did they somehow lose their mind?
  3. Earl_of_Arland

    Yugoslav Destroyer Split

    Yep, from the 1st photo i thought it was a Benson sold to Yugoslavia, but then the single smokestack doesn't add up. It's a Jervis mated with Benson/Kidd?
  4. Earl_of_Arland

    Yugoslav Destroyer Split

    Hello Everyone Today, while reading on wikipedia about Hipper, i came across this thing: Yugoslav Destroyer Split And she has interesting story to begin with. Original Design She was conceived in early 1930s from the rising need to counter any Italian destroyer in case of conflict. The Yugoslav decided to built a single large destroyer type as opposed to another Beograds, and contracted a French company to design the new ship. For start, she was based on the famed Le Fantasque-class in MN service, focusing on speed and firepower. However, she was going to be powered by British-designed propulsion (which drives her up to 37 knots), Advanced fire controls from France and guns from Sweden and Czechoslovakia. Split was intended to mount five Skoda 140 mm (5.5in)/56 guns (massive for a destroyer, though some said it was going to be replaced by 127 mm variant instead) and 5 of the famed Bofors 40 mm as AA, powerful for that time. She also packs two, triple 533 mm torpedo tubes for good measure. This 2,400t beast could be called the most powerful destroyer at that time. She was then laid down in July 1939. Italian Service Sadly, WWII put a halt on her construction, and soon the Italians captured her half-complete on her namesake city. The Regia Marina decided to continue her construction, replacing the machinery with Italian-built one, and the main armament changed to 135 mm (5.3in)/45 guns with her AA replaced by Breda. Split was put on high priority as the Italians lacked destroyers, and she was launched in 1943 with this configuration, though work was halted again after the Italian surrendered. She was briefly used by the Germans and stripped of any valuable material before being scuttled. Post-War Yugoslav Service With their navy lacking any sizable warships, the Yugoslav government decided to 'resurrect' Split and began ordering parts to properly rebuilt her. However, with Tito-Stalin Split (totally not a pun), they were unable to get her original armament. Due to this, Yugoslavia approached US and UK, and they give them surplus 127 mm (5in)/38, 40 mm Bofors and advanced electronics with her Italian propulsion replaced by British one. With minor modifications to her hull and removal of one of her torpedo tubes, Split was finally commissioned into Yugoslav Navy in 1953 as flagship. So, considering her very 'unique' life, it is almost evil not to include her in World of Warships. Not only that, she has three different configurations to potentially play with. European Harekaze? Now we're talking! Annoying destroyer with hard-hitting guns that reload slowly, fast speed, and ok-ish AA. More balanced destroyer with hard-hitting guns that reload a little quicker and faster speed in exchange for bad AA. Dakka-Dakka destroyer with good AA and hydro? So, What do you guys think? does she fits in the game as a potential premium ship?
  5. Earl_of_Arland

    Nurnberg isn't as good as I thought?

    Ah, Nurnberg... The last good cruiser before it went downhill for me. High DPM with quirky HE that melts BBs, situational AP that is devastating when used correctly, and weird arrangement suited for kiting. Talking about her signature German AP, it indeed boast higher damage, but ricochet easily. I used it when Omahas started to show their broadside, other than that i always use HE for everything and just kite. Sadly Yorck and Hipper lack the RoF i loved in the Nurnberg.
  6. Earl_of_Arland

    Wait a minute.....

    I like how a casual discussion about collab with KC and the likelihood evolves into waifu wars. Welcome to Asia! Though i prefer another collab with AL, since AL has a wider playerbase. And a Lot More Waifus. BTW, did anyone mention a certain flat-chested tsundere as their sister-in-law?
  7. Earl_of_Arland


    Wait what. For real? the Battleship from Battlestations?
  8. Earl_of_Arland

    TBH, I'm kind of excited for Update 0.9.0.

    I'm excited to play the British heavy cruisers. Finally, i have legit reason to use Jingles as my captain. Other than that, not much. Still waiting WG's promised love for KM.
  9. Earl_of_Arland

    buff zao?

    She has good speed and rudder, great HE, and long-range torps. Basically a kiter that rain fire from hell. You want to buff what parts? Her torps are meant to stop red ships chasing you to the border, and catch people by surprise, not for close-range circus. You're comparing the ultimate russian bias to a balanced ship...but alright, Smolensk doesn't have that range or the alpha of Zao. The minus of Italian cruisers is their SAP or AP is weak against angled targets, Zao with her HE doesn't has that problem. I agree she underperforms compared to newer ships, but at the end Zao is good enough to survive.
  10. Earl_of_Arland

    buff zao?

    Hindenburg, or the whole German line
  11. Earl_of_Arland

    Someone wrote on Hipper

    Did somebody summoned me, the Almighty Earl?!
  12. Earl_of_Arland

    Smallest Kraken

    Glorious kill steal SECURING! Nice
  13. you got premium ships from the containers? cries in flags
  14. Welcome to the Iron-Blooded Cultured Captains League! Enjoy your stay...
  15. 2-3 hours on workday if free. 6-8 hours on weekend. Yeah, i has no life