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  1. Earl_of_Arland

    Recommended Rework Builds (yes really it already exists)

    Name's listed on first page. If you want to suggest things, go to WoWs Discord and contact them.
  2. Earl_of_Arland

    Recommended Rework Builds (yes really it already exists)

    yep, they use old terminologies here and there, but you can look on the pic and match it with wowsft or in-game name
  3. Hello everyone, Helpful privateers and reputable CCs & players have put up a guide to the new rework skills and their own recommendation (so long for the build diversity excuse) on this document below: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1XfsIIbyORQAxgOE-ao_nVSP8_fpa1igg0t48pXZFIu0/edit
  4. Earl_of_Arland

    Captain skill changes: What WILL work?

    New recommended captain skills post-rework by helpful privateers https://docs.google.com/document/d/1XfsIIbyORQAxgOE-ao_nVSP8_fpa1igg0t48pXZFIu0/edit?usp=sharing It will be updated when WG changes stuff
  5. Earl_of_Arland

    Very good balance

    Soviet supremacy some might accept (though i like to dispute that) but Japanese? Git gudder m8.
  6. Earl_of_Arland

    General understanding to CL/CA play, how to, summary

    Finally, a good thread once in a while
  7. Earl_of_Arland

    How to Make America Great Again? Their DD, that is.

    Should be... i dunno I mean, last June Sub_Octavian said in Discors QnA that it will be finished by the end of 2020. However, considering that Italian BB models is not even finished after 4 month ish and that is a high-priority stuff for their agenda, i don't fancy the chances that the USN DD model rework (which Sub doesn't said to be of particularly high priority).
  8. Earl_of_Arland

    USS Olympia

    Reading the original transcript of the US Constitution at 2 AM while being half-drunk is arguably easier than reading this thread.
  9. Earl_of_Arland

    How to Make America Great Again? Their DD, that is.

    Sorry sir, but this is an Eugenian thread.
  10. Earl_of_Arland

    The Art of War - Visions of Death

    Okay this is interesting, a secondary kill in Weser
  11. Earl_of_Arland

    How to Make America Great Again? Their DD, that is.

    How many beer you chugged today? For your sentence is nowhere near the level expected of a primate let alone a sane human being.
  12. Hello everyone, The US destroyer line has left me scratching my head. Neither a gunboat due to their floaty shells and average agility, nor torpedo boat with their eh range and fish per minute. Nor a good jack of all trades, when the German and British DDs have more utility and flexibility. I'm currently sitting at T6 Farragut, perhaps not the best example of the line, yet it seemed the line has been disliked now by many i know. Is it true that the line is just eh? What makes them...so mediocre now? Or is there some hidden 300 IQ tricks that i don't know...
  13. Earl_of_Arland

    Italian Ship Facts

    Somewhat forgotten fact, the Littorio-class has one of the most complex and sophisticated fire control system, feeded by massive rangefinders in various configuration that make their gun-laying and range-finding accurate very quickly compared to other technique. During the opening engagement of Battle of Cape Matapan, Vittorio Veneto managed to straddle HMS Gloucester from 23 km(!!!, the longest hit is contested by Warspite and Scharnhorst just few hundred meters more. For context, Denmark Strait is 16 km) repeatedly within few minutes. Sadly, all much investment the Italians put to their rangefinders are a waste because of defective shell production that caused excessive dispersion issues due to lack of quality control.
  14. Ah, this reminded me of my own thread
  15. Earl_of_Arland

    Server broke again no offence intended

    W-why do you asked me?! It's not like i'm a smart one or anything. Huuuh?! Did you just assume i'm stupid, you idiot?!