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  1. Adorable_Arona

    When will New Jersey come...

    Would it surprise you that I'm the one that made the joke in the very first place? Anyhow, I'm somewhat disappointed that out of all things, WG announced a hybrid US BBV line instead.
  2. Adorable_Arona

    When will New Jersey come...

    It's been a while. We saw Kitakami revival come and go, the advent of Superships and Supercarriers, Submarines and all the boonanza. Yet, where's the promised New Jersey? My Beloved New Jersey???
  3. Adorable_Arona

    how 2 change clan

    Go to the Clan tab, and click on the Clan's name. There should be an option to leave the clan.
  4. Adorable_Arona

    New Coupon Purchases - What Did You Get?

    Tulsa's not that strong despite the "budget DM" moniker. I own that ship, and it's kind of painful. Basically a slightly more agile Buffalo with half the reload but half the gun. Napoli's very strong for competitive (Clan Battles and Ranked) due to its tankiness, but other than that she's not really valued in Randoms.
  5. Adorable_Arona


    She is surprisingly strong for a T8 cruiser, given that her absurd DPM and concealment outweighs her comparative disadvantage in the agility department. I'm not surprised that a nerf will come eventually for her.
  6. Adorable_Arona

    A Totally Serious Proposal for 10 Admiral Hipper-class ships

    You finally posted that thread, which is the reference.
  7. Hello everyone, long time no see. I assure you that Earl were fine, clearly not crazy, and actually went researching for once! Here's the result of it. As you might know, the Admiral Hipper-class were one of the most numerous to be represented in-game with five ships, that is Admiral Hipper herself, Prinz Eugen, Weser (ex-Seydlitz), Tallinn (ex-Lützow), and Mainz (WG's interpretation of Cruiser K concept). However, as a Hipper fanboi, i still find this not enough to fulfill my inner desire, and hence i made this proposal of five additional ship to make it a whole 10-ship class. Strap on your seatbelt, we are going for a ride Blücher - Tier 7 Discount Hipper The second ship of the Admiral Hipper-class, Blücher were known for her short service life. As the newest cruiser in the fleet, she led the Oslo group during the invasion of Norway, and sank after she was bombarded by Krupp-made 28 cm guns from late 19th century and buckled by two Austro-Hungarian made torpedo from 1900s. In my opinion, this should be a cheap premium for WG to make. As you know, the old flat-bow Hipper A-hull has been removed recently, and i believe with few changes it could be a decent premium at T7, with 27 mm plating and full icebreaker she can tank more battleship at that tier than Yorck while maintaining most of Hipper's feature. Of course, no AA whatsoever for balance, but who needs AA nowadays? Seydlitz - Tier 9 Buffed Hipper The fourth of the class, she was originally to be armed with 150 mm guns (represented as Mainz in-game), however was later decided to finish her as full blown heavy cruiser. Being part of the improved Prinz Eugen sub-class, Seydlitz incorporated changes such as lengthening of the hull, additional AA, and newer radar system. She was 95% by 1942, but the war halted further construction. Later on, she was converted as an aircraft carrier (Weser) but never finished. As she was the apex of the Admiral Hipper-class, she should of course fulfils the Kraut Space Magic stereotype to justify her "improvement". New radar system? Slap Tallinn's 12 km short radar gimmick. Improved AA? Slap DFAA in separate slot and use's Mainz's AA suite. Part of Prinz Eugen sub-class? That means she got a heal! Make her reload down to 10s! Fuck Roon, this bad girl will wreck that cursed thing. Hindenburg - Tier 10 Super Hipper If Mainz wasn't enough for your HE farm needs, then i suggest you take a look at this (i put so much effort to this, i even modelled the whole thing!). She's not necessarily real, but so was Roon or GK. I read somewhere that Germany designed triple turret for Hipper guns, so how about we enlarge Mainz and slap these turrets instead?! I'm smart, right? Lützow - Tier 5 Disabled Hipper The last of her class, Lützow is a story full of shenaningans. I'm sure you already know at this point that she's in-game as Tallinn. "What's the point" you might ask...well, that thing is not German! Damned thing is so bad at being a cruiser it's not even funny. Anyway, she was sold to the Soviet Union in a somewhat tragic unfinished state, with only two turrets and some machinery in place. This, in my opinion, would be a good Tier 5 cruiser. 27 mm plating paired with turtleback will make her invincible at T5, paired with two 203 mm turrets will make her a deadly bow tanking cruiser, with her super AP and dangerous HE pen. Last but not least... AL Prinz Eugen - Tier 8 Weeb Hipper Prinz Eugen, but with Azur Lane camo. No KC, sorry. Even Fucking BLITZ got better shit than us. WTF?! Thank you.
  8. Adorable_Arona

    ​🚢 ST 0.10.4, New Ships (Dutch, US, and Soviet)

    Remember that the De Ruyter i talked about is the later, 1950s De Ruyter. Her sister, DZP, is the premium T8. So i'm not that far off.
  9. Adorable_Arona

    ST 0.10.4, New Jersey

    Perhaps, considering the latest addition were Coal and Steel categories, it would be too crowded there How much? i speculate around 3-3.5 million FxP would be enough for the average player considering the performance
  10. Adorable_Arona

    Update 0.10.2 - FPS

    WoWs updates usually screw up the graphic settings, check it out first
  11. Adorable_Arona

    What is the definition of a Whale?

    https://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/whale#English Noun whale (plural whales) Any one of numerous large marine mammals comprising an informal group within infraorder Cetacea that usually excludes dolphins and porpoises. (by extension) Any species of Cetacea (figuratively) Something, or someone, that is very large (figuratively) Something, or someone, that is excellent (gambling) In a casino, a person who routinely bets at the maximum limit allowable (finance, informal) An investor who deals with very large amounts of money (video games, by extension) A video game player who spends large amounts of money on optional content, e.g. @Max_Battle
  12. Adorable_Arona

    ST 0.10.4, New Jersey

    Let's just say i want to have few laughs over the weekend, gone a bit too far on "realism" despite the obvious hints and some people actually believed it. Until today, there's people still asking about it on FB and Discord.
  13. Adorable_Arona

    ST 0.10.4, New Jersey

    Fancy for you to say that, let me refute some of your points 1. She is reportedly reached 35.2 knots during sea trials for her Vietnam reactivation, thus earning distinction as the fastest battleship ever put to sea (and gave rise to 37 knot Iowa myth). Based on that, it is plausible to offer such mark as her primary gimmick and distinction to Iowa and Missouri. It is more deserved for this ship to receive that than Bourgogne, which is unable to achieve such speed under irl conditions if she was ever built. 2. Well if you don't realize it by now, the stats i posted are a combination of Iowa, Missouri, and Georgia. The concealment value were modified from the latter (https://wowsft.com/ship?index=PASB729&modules=1111&upgrades=000000&commander=PCW001&consumables=1111&pos=0), which is as follows; 16.41 km standard, 17.97 km after firing main guns in smoke, and 18.41 km when on fire. Of course, as like all devlog stats, these were prior to upgrades. 3. So what? Kremlin has larger guns, more practical armor, and other stuff. Does that makes her "unrealistic"? Perhaps, but for gameplay sake this is very reasonable. Moreover, as she had very high speed and speed boost option, i thought NJ's traverse would need to be fast for such playstyle (yes, i put more thought into this than you imagine or capable of thinking) 4. It's actually Missouri's AA, with two additional Bofors mounting and four Oerlikons to be exact, so not really "impressive". In fact, it has less AA DPS than Iowa in some places. 5. Perhaps, but 2.1 sigma on *USN* Dispersion is not really worth mentioning (North Carolina is the closest, as she had 2.0 sigma). Yes it's Yamato's sigma, i know. Yes, she can slot the dispersion mod, i know. "Superior" main gun accuracy compared to her peers for sure, but at the cost of less guns. You know Slava exists (arguably she has very bad dispersion for up close but that's different debate)? 6. It does matter. You know the Frenchie had MBRB and boost (remember, this NJ can switch radar for boost), yet still rather squishy? even they had turtleback which she noticeably lacked, moreover rather high citadel. A massive superstructure also doesn't make her that tanky.
  14. Adorable_Arona

    ST 0.10.4, New Jersey

    Mark my words, New Jersey will arrive, someday