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  1. SuiseiSpatPrPr

    [content removed] is it with CVs now?

    Dalao teach me please
  2. France and Italy stare at each after receiving the notice: Germany has left the room Which nation will we make an accuracy meme on now?
  3. SuiseiSpatPrPr

    Some question from a newbies

    Hi guys, so after more than 1000 games in 5 months, well, i decide that i need to gid gud a bit more because it seems to me that im not really able to carry the high tier games, i mean, tier 9 and 10. Yes i do have great game and carry my team but it mostly because the enemy make mistake and i happen to be there to punish them, not really a good play by me. So i make up some questions about some problems i am having right now and hope you guys could provide me some advises. 1. How to analyze my stat and compare it to the average and discover problem in my gameplay through it. I can see my stat in the client but is there any source can provide average stat of the server? 2. I play mostly BBs but right now im looking forward to play some cruisers, so which line do you guys suggest for a new guy can do fairly well and contribute to the win? I do have the Buddyony but i found it way too punishing. 3. How do you play in the republique or french BB in general when facing he spam heavy team comp. It just so frustrating when a DM can consistantly chunk you 4 5k Hp every few sec when you try to move to some better position while you dont have any super heal to compensate. All the tank skill and module only deal with fire, but the raw he alpha is a bit absurd at high tier 4. What should i do when my flank has 2 or more ships advantage but refuse to push through the flank and go to the middle to gain map control. It really frustrating to see my BB sitting half dead and the 2 other full hp german bb refuse to push. Should i leave them for my own journey or keep sitting there. 5. Do you think that the range and accuracy at high tier should be tone down a bit. It just unfun when the enemy team has 3 Conqueror, 2 Yoshino and suddenly the game become a camp fest 22km+ because anyone try to engage will melt instantly.
  4. SuiseiSpatPrPr

    Us BB 406mm guns

    I am pretty new to the game. Currently im sticking with Tier7 ships until i feel confident about my positioning before moving on to T8. Bought Alabama and Massa as my favorite BBs irl. After trying them out for a few battles, I dont know why but it seem that im having problem penning other broadsiding BB, even their angle just about 10° or 20° at most, even at fairly close range (below 14km, i dont like sniping play style xD), the shells just shatter. Is it because the high arc or something else? I dont have problem with other kind of targets with these 406 guns. Anyone have some experience in these guns could give me some tips to improve my performance ? Thanks in advance xD. Sorry for my bad English