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  1. BB_156

    Alaska on sale on the NA server why not here?

    US online shop showed highly professional and customer orientated spirit, they know if you want success, you must be faster than others. Asian server Premium shop is VERY slow and stereo-type reaction. Speed is the key to business success, but Asian server Premium shop just don't get it and put everything to Friday even when we are talking about MONEY! In Asian server Premium shop, you wanna pay? wait until Friday! At least they said this Friday not some Friday next year!
  2. The business policy for all the players should be fair and equal ! Does WG hates money? or the local Asian game management team hates players' money? I don't think so. However, quick action is the key to business!
  3. So when will Asian Server players can buy it in Premium shop? Can anyone tell something? Is there administrator or official voice can answer this question.