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  1. amnesia98

    아시아 올스타전 이벤트

    하기의 2개 조건 중 하나를 만족시 참가 지원 가능합니다. 1) 개인 조건 전투 횟수 2,000회 이상 랜덤 전투에서 승률이 60% 이상 2) 클랜 조건 허리케인 리그를 달성한 클랜 소속 (시즌 9: 영웅의 항로 기준) 많은 참여 및 성원 부탁 드립니다.
  2. amnesia98

    The APAC All-Star Is Coming

    No, CCs do not have to meet the 60% WR requirement.
  3. 1と2の中どっちかの条件を満たすだけで申請可能です。 クランに所属していなくても1の条件を満たしていれば大丈夫です。
  4. https://blog.worldofwarships.com/blog/58 Please leave feedback below.
  5. https://blog.worldofwarships.com/blog/56 Please leave feedback below.
  6. amnesia98

    ST 0.9.8, new ships

    https://blog.worldofwarships.com/blog/57 Please leave feedback below.
  7. Commanders! A new Development blog was posted: https://blog.worldofwarships.com/blog/53 Any feedback would be highly appreciated!
  8. Commanders! After the release of the update, some of you may have encountered an issue with incorrect amount of XP rewarded in Operations. The issue was already fixed. We apologize and offer as compensation 1 WG container for all players who’ve played at least 1 battle in Operations after the release of 0.9.6 until 21:40 UTC 10th of July You can get the compensation within a week until 15:00 UTC, 24th of July. Thank you for your understanding and good luck!
  9. Commanders! Cross realm clan battles disabled on Russian server due to technical issues. It might affect cross-realm clan battles on APAC as well. This issue is expected to be fixed shortly. Thank you for your understanding.
  10. amnesia98

    0.9.6 Bug Report Thread

    Hello, Commanders! Have you already played our new 0.9.6 update? How's everything going so far? As you've already noticed, there are several changes and improvements in this update. We kindly ask you to report any bugs or problems on this thread. Related screenshot or replay files would be much appreciated. Please be noted that this thread is for bugs and issues on 0.9.6 only.
  11. 船長のみなさん! 本日、ゲームルールに抵触したと判断された合計235のアカウントに対して、対処を行わせていただきました。 皆様のご報告とフェアプレイに心より感謝いたします。
  12. Hello Commanders! Starting from version 0.9.6 the content in the folder "bin\<version>" including the folder "res_mods" will be deleted while updating the client. This decision was made because after the installation of the new update many players continued to use outdated modification files, which most often resulted in unstable work of the game client, causing crashes. We understand that deleting users' files may cause inconvenience for some players. However, the stability of the game client is a priority for us, and current measures will significantly reduce the number of technical problems for players after the release of a new update. Thank you for understanding and good luck in battles!
  13. Hello commanders, We would like to hear your thoughts on how you like this update. Tell us your opinion. Here are the inclusions for this update so far: ● German Carriers ● Clan Battles: Loop ● Ranked Battles ● Changes to the Modules tab ● Audio Improvements ● Other Changes Please check the details here: https://worldofwarships.asia/ja/news/game-updates/update-096-german-carriers/ If you encounter any bugs, please comment here:
  14. German cruiser Mainz, tier VIII: Main caliber turret traverse speed increased from 6.0 to 7.6 degrees/second. Mainz's turret traverse speed will be the same as Nurnberg's. Italian cruiser Gorizia, tier VII: Main battery reload time was lowered from 16.5 to 15 s. The change will increase the cruiser's combat efficiency and will make playing it more comfortable. British heavy cruisers: Main battery reload time was increased: Hawkins, tier V: from 13 to 14 s; Devonshire, tier VI: from 12 to 14 s; Surrey, tier VII: from 11 to 13 s; Albemarle, tier VIII: from 12 to 14 s; Drake, tier IX: from 14 to 16.5 s; Goliath, tier X: from 17 to 19.5 s. Shell parameters were changed: HE shells of 190 mm caliber: Maximum damage was increased from 2,650 to 3,050; Chance of causing fire was increased from 13% to 15%; HE shells of 203 mm caliber (except London, tier VI): Maximum damage was increased from 2,850 to 3,300; Chance of causing fire was increased from 15% to 17% HE shells of 234 mm caliber: Maximum damage was increased from 3,350 to 3,850; Chance of causing fire was increased from 21% to 24% Armor penetration was increased from 38 (1/6 of caliber) to 58 mm (1/4 of caliber); Ballistics were changed. Now the shell will need more time to travel the same distance. For example, instead of 5.2 seconds at a 10 km range, it will take 5.39 seconds. At a range of 15 km instead of 8.63 seconds it will take 9.2 seconds. AP shells of 234 mm caliber: Armor penetration was improved, especially at close and medium ranges. It increased by 33% at 7 km and by 5% at 14 km. Ballistics were changed. Now the shell will need more time to travel the same distance. For example, instead of 5.2 seconds at a 10 km range, it will take 5.39 seconds. At a range of 15 km instead of 8.63 seconds it will take 9.2 seconds. The Repair Party consumable's parameters were changed: For Hawkins, Devonshire, and Surrey, the restoration of citadel damage was increased from 10% to 50%; For Albemarle, Drake, and Goliath, restoration of citadel damage was increased from 33% to 50%; For Drake and Goliath, restoration of casemate (non-citadel) damage was increased from 50 to 60%. Though British cruisers dealt good damage to targets with light and medium armor, they weren't efficient enough against heavily armored targets. Thus we've increased the damage of their HE shells. At the same time, to lower the excessive efficiency against lightly armored targets, the reload time and ballistics were changed. Due to fighting at a relatively close distance, British cruisers are often focused by enemies and receive significant damage. The changes to Repair Party will improve the survivability of these ships in order to preserve the style of their gameplay. Please note that the information in the Development Blog is preliminary and subject to change.
  15. Please refer to the following FAQ: Q&A (as of 11/20/2019) Frequently Asked Questions 1. Why are we being offered to transfer servers? We recently had offered India-based players on the Asia server an opportunity to transfer to the EU server. After that initiative’s success, we decided to expand the scope of the offer. 2. Do I have to transfer my account? No. It’s an optional, temporary offer for those interested in playing on a different server. 3. What happens if I don’t transfer? You continue playing on your same server as usual. Nothing changes. 4. How long do I have to decide if I want to transfer? You have until the end of the offer period above. 5. What will happen to my old account when I transfer? Your World of Warships account on the previous server will remain active for one month — after which it will be locked. Accounts for other Wargaming titles (World of Tanks, etc.) will be unaffected. 6. What if change my mind about transferring servers? You can reach out to your region’s Customer Service within 30 days of the transfer and explain your situation in order to have the transfer reverted. 7. Do my stats and progress carry over? Due to technical limitations, we can only carry over your Random and Co-Op battle stats. All of your ships, Commanders, Premium Time, currencies, achievements, Campaign/Operation progress, flags, camo, etc. will be transferred too. 8. Are there some things that don’t transfer? Yes. Clan information, Armory coupons, mission progress (such as Unique Modifcation missions), and Directives won’t be transferred. 9. What about my Clan? Will it transfer? Unfortunately, due to technical constraints, we cannot transfer your Clan. However, if you are a Clan commander, you can contact the Customer Service Team of your new server, and they will provide you with the assets (2,500 ) to re-create your Clan on the new server. 10. What about Clan progress? Since we can’t transfer Clans, we can’t transfer Clan progress. 11. Are there any benefits to transferring? The benefits, if any, will depend on your own preferences and situation. Some reasons could be: You relocated and are now closer to a different regional server You’ve made friends who play on another server and want to play with them. You prefer the forums/community of a different server You want prime play times that are more in line with your time zone or daily schedule 12. What if I want to transfer to/from the CIS server? Unfortunately, this offer is only available on the NA, EU, and Asia servers. 13. Will I still be able to play with friends that stay on my previous server? Unfortunately, it’s not possible for players on different servers to play with each other. 14. Can I transfer my account if I’m a Steam player? Yes, but you will first need to create an account, link it, and login to the website of the regional server you’re transferring from. 15. What if I make purchases after being transferred, then change my mind? Will my new purchases revert back to my previous server? No, but such purchases will be refunded. 16. What will happen to information and progress from other games on my Wargaming account (World of Tanks, etc.)? Only your World of Warships account, progress, and information will be transferred. Accounts for other games will be accessible as normal on the previous server even after the transfer. 17. Will I pay the same prices at the Premium Shop? Depending on your country of residence, previous server, and new server, you might see different prices in the Premium Shop after you transfer.