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  1. 众所周知,除了航母都有反潜机或者反潜炸弹,而cv一旦遇到潜艇就是等死,放战斗机他就下潜,战斗机一走他在上浮,搁着恶心cv是吧?凭啥除了cv都有反潜机或者反潜炸弹啊?希望给个说法
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    the signal flags

    Hello, I have a lot of boats on the technology tree now, but there are too few signal flags in the three boxes every day. There is a lack of common signal flags, such as martyrdom explosion flag and so on. There are too few flags in the daily task. In addition, PVP can hardly be used to cancel the setting of collision flag. In a word, I hope we can increase the way to obtain the signal flag. The signal flag of the military factory is too expensive. Let's reduce the price 科技樹上點亮了很多船,也用銀幣購買了很多,但是每日三個箱子的信號旗也太少了,例如很需要的殉爆旗,航速旗等等。每日任務中的旗子也很少,還有可能當天的每日任務還不是信號旗的獎勵,撞擊旗或許有些場合有用處,但是大多數是用不到的。我還是希望能增加獲取信號旗的數量和地方,另外,軍工廠的信號旗過於昂貴,200w的銀幣才買多少個,用不了幾局,就又沒了。