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  1. Aegis_Deceit


    We all know how that turns out in most cases.
  2. Aegis_Deceit


    Man, are you 2 dancing in tandem? 😛 The cycle of hate continues.
  3. Aegis_Deceit

    What was your bid for Coals?

    I'm sorry that I couldn't provide enough for you. May he give you the happiness I never could
  4. Aegis_Deceit

    [Fixed]Battle of the Beasts issue

    I support this motion.
  5. Aegis_Deceit

    Introducing WoWs Karma

    Understood on your schedule and I emphasize with you as I used to do coding in the past. It's good to let clients know your development route and letting them know their opinions have been heard and in your own direction, executed. That said, shall we link this back to re-listening back to @Max_Battle to a degree? Since this "Opt-Out" discussion was somewhat brought about by him. While his way may be a bit rough, I assure you that he has good intentions at heart,
  6. Aegis_Deceit

    Introducing WoWs Karma

    You have a good suggestion but if we limit posts there to good karma, are we not creating a biased site, which defeats the purpose? I'm looking at the website as an open critique for players that may/may-not read up on it. There are also players that have those 1 off bad days or good games, which are outliers in the data. Then it also depends if anyone writes a review on said person based on their gameplay.
  7. Aegis_Deceit

    Social Wolves Operation Group

    Join the cult of @Max_Battle. If you wanted to perform friendly fire and ship bumps on allies without penalties, this is the place. Just don't ram enemies nor bots *stares at Raptor*.
  8. When is it coming out?
  9. Aegis_Deceit

    Any guides to link for Newport?

    @Max_Battle @PapaMeep @dejiko_nyo I think we need to do a cancerport run. @LawrenceXVIII you had that BB guide to newport somewhere right? OP all I can is, they need to do a calculated and focused push for the first 10 mins, while being mindful of their positioning as the following wave could spawn directing in front of them, causing the team to get caught in a cross-fire. As a general rule of thumb, it'd be good to focus on each front as a team through the game, or prioritise based on proximity.
  10. Then we run this track as we farm fires.
  11. All you need is 1 good thunderer to CC the other 3 if they don't know what to do.
  12. If that choice was given, you'd see no sane T8 player tick for a fight against TX, while no sane T6 would tick for a fight against a T8 willingly. To be fair, no one is asking you to pay anything for this game. I've attached an image of the ships you're currently holding for random. Based on what I can see, you've focused primarily on IJN line and have not run other things. While I cannot provide evidence that the demographic of players are clustered inT9 to TX, I'd like to point out that Rank + Clan Brawls is mostly only held from T8 and upwards, where the Exp required to jump tiers has increased greatly from T6 and T7, where operations farming is viable. Hence leading to the likelihood of a choke point at the higher tiers of this game. Regarding dishonesty, what is your current skill level set at and how do you profile someone as good or bad? I've stated this comment elsewhere before and my reply was this: If WG implemented a skills-based MM, it'd become a fistfight more so than rank currently is. This brings me to the next point, you can run rank instead if you're concerned about skills distribution per team. On the note of how you measured your accuracy based on your premium time, can you provide statistics to support it? Else based on my personal experience, it could be mental conditioning to maximise the premium time, hence leading to better concentration which results in better results, hence meaning better overall accuracy or damage output. The novelty wears off if you have a lot of premium time.
  13. Waiting on the charts/graphs to show the benefits of having a premium account over a standard account in the context of dispersion. Mind you, this is for dispersion, without factoring in the human factor of having your lead distance/time and the experience of the target's captain in handling incoming fire.
  14. Aegis_Deceit

    International Women's Day Camoflague

    We are in an inclusive society so.... @S4pp3R you flank left, I flank right. Load AP depending on which side he shows his back against
  15. Aegis_Deceit

    Detonation Compensation in Rank Battle

    I'd like to point out that you getting detonated nets you a few flags (10 I was told) as well. so say you if you detonate every single time you don't mount the flag, that'd be like 1:10 games. Also, you can selectively choose when to mount flags, so if you feel that you'd rather mount detonation flags in randoms instead of rank/clans, then go for it. Why do I say I was told, is because I've been hovering around 300 detonation flags on average for some reason, so I've honestly not had a detonation in a long time even when I don't mount it. Usually, I die due to piss poor performance or deciding it's a smart move to give broadside for the sake of a turn. On the note of coal and credits, I respect your intentions and I myself and doing the same approach. In doing so, both of us have to accept the fact that we are committing resources to a specific area, which could be used for flags, mods, captains, etc if we had different goals.