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  1. JollySam

    Best tier for learning gameplay fundamentals

    I often find I enjoy the lower-tier battles more than the higher-tier ones. Less stress is a big part of it.
  2. JollySam

    Outer space = waste of space

    I played it once last night, and I don't really have any motivation to play it again. People get into WOW because they're interested in WW1-WW2 naval warfare, or they have a favorite ship. Nobodys going to get into WOW for the space battles.
  3. JollySam

    Ships - What to sell? What to keep?

    Thanks, I thought that was it. It's strange firing fixed-gun broadsides in an age of rotating turrets, but strangely entertaining.
  4. JollySam

    Why some Operation/Scenarios are missing?

    Still, I'm tired of Narai. It seems that every time I've checked out the weekly mission over the past 3 months, its been Narai again. Why even limit players to a single mission a week anyway?
  5. JollySam

    Why some Operation/Scenarios are missing?

    I hope they bring them back soon, I like the scenarios. You know what you're getting into with those. Random battle are, well, random.
  6. JollySam


    Oh, Tier 3? Okay thanks. I love battleships, which is why I'd love a Dreadnought. But it'll probablty just be 'one for the collection' for me too.
  7. JollySam


    Hmm. I'll think about it. I've already spent alot on this game, and I don't know how much I'd actually use a Tier 1 battleship.
  8. JollySam


    Yes, I thought it was something like that. Thanks. I guess I'll wait to see what the price is like when it comes into the shop. I'm not that interested in premium ships, but I might pick this one up.
  9. JollySam


    Yes, we do. There were plenty of pre-dreadnought cruisers and battleships seeing plenty of action in WW1, aguably more action than the dreadnoughts themselves saw. It seems a pity not to see them in this game. How about a new 'Tier 0' to fit them in? Also, why isn't it possible for me to simply buy HMS Dreadnought? I know there is probably some kind of financial reason, but it seems an easy buy for me (so long as the price is decent). But they apparently don't want my money?
  10. JollySam

    Any tips on driving a Dunkerque battleship?

    If I could put a mustache on my battleship, I would.
  11. JollySam

    Ships - What to sell? What to keep?

    Thanks a lot for the advice, everyone. In the end, I decided to keep everything from level 6 and upwards, along with my premium Charleston. I reached the end of the UK battleship line, and I have plenty of free spots for the cruisers and destroyers now. Out of interest, where did that Charleston come from? I've been playing since January, and I can't remember where I got it. Was it a reward for reaching a certain tier?
  12. JollySam

    We Were All Noobs Once

    Since I read this, I've been watching how people talk to CV players. And yes, it's pretty accurate. Just how fun is playing CVs in this game anyway? I've never use carriers in games like this, I'm more of a battleship person. Doesn't it get boring using only aircraft and being otherwise defenceless?
  13. JollySam

    UK BB Shell Types

    So, AP for broadsides, HE for everything else?
  14. Hello everyone, I've been playing World of Warships for about a week now, and I'm having lots of fun. However, I've hit my ship limit and I need more credits to buy my next ship. I want to concentrate on the Royal Navy battleship line, but I've gotten some Royal Navy cruisers and destroyers as well, for variety. I'm thinking of selling some of my earlier ships to free up some space, but I notice that certain challenges/missions/etc require lower-level ships in order to take part in them. My question is; what levels of ships can I safely sell, and not worry that I'm missing out on future challenges/missions? Or is it worth just keeping everything? I'd be sorry to see them go... Thanks, JollySam
  15. JollySam

    We Were All Noobs Once

    Thanks for the advice. I've only been playing for about a week, and my stats definitely don't look impressive. Maybe someone should make a 'Noob Friendly' clan? A clan where a handful of experienced players could show the ropes to the rest of us?