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  1. JollySam

    Grand Battle is great with a few buts

    Its hard for me to get excited over super battleships when only two nations get them, and they'll no doubt get taken away from us after the event is over. Also, you named the Japanese super battleship after a small orange fruit. Yes yes, I know it is a dignified and historic name in Japanese, and I'm a terrible barbarian. But when one shows up on the horizon, I can't help being reminded that I need more vitamin C in my diet...
  2. JollySam

    How to Not Voice your Opinions

    I'm pretty sure deliberately throwing games is against the terms of service. Regardless; the replay should be sent to WG with a ticket. Then at least we will have done our duty by the playerbase. If not, the next time he acts this way will be OUR fault.
  3. JollySam

    How to Not Voice your Opinions

    I hope you sent a ticket about him to WG, along with the replay file.
  4. JollySam

    Beached can't move forward or reverse

    I had this problem recently. I hit an island in Agincourt, and couldn't reverse away from it. I was a stationary battery the whole game.
  5. JollySam

    High School Fleet in ARMORY

    Congratulations! I use that camo all the time. About the Harekaze II; I like it alot, but I feel I am biased because I like the anime.
  6. JollySam

    High School Fleet in ARMORY

    I like HSF, this collab was a nice birthday present for me. No Musashi here either. I would buy one if I could, along with the Y118 camo. But that camo just seems like a waste of money right now, seeing as getting the Musashi is pretty much impossible. In the meantime, Moeka will just command my Yamato.
  7. JollySam

    High School Fleet in ARMORY

    The Harekaze is back? And an updated movie-version? Sold! I don't get the point of a Musashi skin though, as cool as it looks. Isn't that ship only available in crates? I always found the premium shop/armory thing a bit weird. Harekaze can only be bought by itself in the premium shop, and Harekaze II can only be bought by itself in the armory. What sense that makes, I don't know.
  8. JollySam

    Aircraft Carriers. Some tips please.

    If you like Hermes, I'm sure you'll like Furious at tier 6. Its my favourite tier 6 carrier alongside Ark Royal.
  9. JollySam

    Aircraft Carriers. Some tips please.

    You're welcome! Glad to hear you're having fun with Hermes. You drop fighters with one of the special ability buttons when flying any squadron type. But I don't think Tier 4 carriers have them. Tier 6 and up, definitely.
  10. JollySam

    Aircraft Carriers. Some tips please.

    I've found UK carriers are best for learning. UK planes are slow, but tough; good for getting through anti-aircraft fire. I'm not exactly a veteran CV player myself, but I generally start the game scouting the enemy fleet with a rocket-attack squadron. If I spot a destroyer, I immediately go after it and tag it for my team. After the initial stage, I generally stay away from intact groups and go after lone ships with my torpedo bombers and level bombers, switching to rocket-attack planes whenever a destroyer shows up. If I see an enemy ship on the verge of destruction, I tag it for my team (as one should be doing in any ship). I'll generally drop a fighter squadron on top of a friendly ship that is about to be attacked by aircraft, if I am in the area.
  11. I want the 'Harekaze' from 'High School Fleet' put back into the store. I was just about to buy it last year, before it got removed.
  12. JollySam


    Haha, excellent. That's one skin I do want. Someone, mod that immediately! Don't worry Thunderer/Tsundere, I definitely like you.
  13. JollySam

    free xp ship advice

    Okay, thanks everyone.
  14. JollySam

    free xp ship advice

    On the subject of free XP ships; is the Azuma worth 1000000 free XP? I am saving up for her, but I am thinking that maybe I should be spending that on maxing out my Cunningham captain plus getting a couple more of my UK tier 10 ships. Any advice?
  15. I don't think we do. I don't have experience with other servers on this game, but I've played a lot of multiplayer games on different servers in different parts of the world, and I can't see any difference between player behaviour, besides what languages people type in.