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  1. JollySam

    What the hell is this collab?

    Um... yeah. Transformers and World of Warships. Makes... complete sense. I see no cause for confusion whatsoever...
  2. JollySam

    Return Of Submarines - Estimated Date?

    I don't understand this natural resistance against any addition to this game. Keep submarines in 'Submarine Battles' mode if you have to, but this is a game about warships. Submarines are warships. And submarines are not here. WOW needs more added to it urgently. I've been playing this game for over a year now, and I haven't seen any substantial additions to it in all that time. Yes, there have been more ship lines, more premium ships to buy, and tweaks. But more game modes? More ships classes? More scenarios? None.
  3. JollySam

    Australian Tech Tree

    A theoretical question for our Commonwealth friends. Which would you prefer? 1. The UK tech tree, with the option to change the white ensign to a Canadian/Australian/New Zealand one. 2. An expanded 'Commonwealth' tech tree including ships from all Commonwealth countries (like the Pan-Asia faction), and flying the blue and gold Commonwealth flag. 3. Separate trees (and ensigns) for each Commonwealth country, even if each one only has a couple of ships each.
  4. JollySam

    Happy Shark Day !!!

    I heard that song every day when I worked in a kindergarten.
  5. JollySam

    Please help me improve my game. Super Noob.

    Hello, fellow Korea resident! As a fellow battleship-student, I suppose the biggest thing I can recommend is to stay at a lower tier for the time being. I personally like tier 6, but others have recommended tier 5. There is a mixture of good and bad players there, and it will be much easier than trying to learn on the higher tiers where everyone else is an expert. Also, focus on one ship to start out with, so you can more easily learn its speed/armour/guns.
  6. JollySam

    PLZ. . . we need new game modes !!

    More game modes. Definitely. More ship lines are nice. But more ships (even British heavy cruisers) are not going to keep me coming back. There are plenty of potential modes for a warship game; convoy defence/attack, beach landings, channel dashes, etc. I'm sure every WOW player has at least a few good ideas. Random battles don't just randomise the map; they randomise the experience too. And I don't like my level of enjoyment to be random.
  7. Looking forward to the Royal Navy heavy cruisers. I always liked my Exeter.
  8. What worries me is that, in the last few days of the event, Wargaming will get a sudden flood of 'Complete Now For Doubloons' income from people who see that they are 'only' one or two stages away from completing the ship, and it'll 'only' cost them 15000-25000 doubloons. Stay sensible, people. Corporations don't care how much you complain, they only care about how much you pay. So show your contempt by keeping your wallet closed. Congratulations to everyone who managed to get it for free, though. 'Fighting!' as they say in Korea.
  9. JollySam

    Premium Ships and the Armory

    Thanks a lot. So we're assuming that Ark Royal will appear in the armory at some point? I'm not just wasting my time waiting?
  10. JollySam

    Carriers ruin the game

    As an occasional CV player, I can advise that my favorite targets are ships out on their own. If you're being attacked constantly, maybe its a positioning problem. A group of four ships, protected by a cruiser? Not much I can do about them, at least not without taking horrific losses. A battleship all by itself? An easy target.
  11. JollySam

    I just did, would YOU? HAVE you?

    Yes, one for my Conqueror and one for my Audacious. And a bunch for my lower-tier ships too, though not all of them.
  12. What? We're losing Frank? No... no, that can't be... Oh, I see what you did there.
  13. JollySam

    Fail-Div Shenaningans

    Hurrah for the Warspite!
  14. JollySam

    Premium Ships and the Armory

    Hello everyone, I see that ships in the armory have discounts when using one of the 'ships for doubloons' coupons. However, the ship I am interested in (the Ark Royal) isn't in there, at least not yet. My question is, how long does it usually take for a premium ship to appear in the armory? Is there even a guarantee that it will appear there at all? Thanks a lot, and Happy Christmas!
  15. JollySam

    Discussion for Pan-EU Premium Cruiser

    It's not that surprising. I don't generally look into or care about additions to a game that could be months or even years away. I care what's in there now.