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  1. nevernude

    How many on our server are from China?

    Oh I see! I'll be damned, I had no idea they have their own server. Many thanks for that, interesting. If any mods come along... you can probably delete this thread, it is no longer useful or valid 😛
  2. nevernude

    How many on our server are from China?

    Oh wait, sry if I'm being thick I'm a bit confused as to what you're saying, are you saying the Chinese don't play on the main SEA server with us? My premise was that they played on the SEA with us, so now they have been banned numbers on SEA will drop?
  3. Just watched something on SpewTube that claimed all online gaming with 'foreigners' is to be banned in China. Note: given the source, this could be complete crap. But in any event, if it's true I wonder how it effects the SEA server?
  4. Must be lonely, sitting up there on your ivory tower.
  5. Yeah look I don't disagree. I'm simply pointing out many in that unfortunately toxic group you mention do move past it, still do improve eventually. But there will always a few who don't. The one's that stay nasty are garden variety assholes, sadly the world is full of them. Fundamentally, bad players behaving badly should be called out. Just like great players behaving badly should be. But we both agree bad players shouldn't be called out for no other reason than playing bad - this game is too weird a creature for that. It's dangerous and shaky ground, and I see way too much of it. We simply don't know anything about individual members of the player base... to be passing judgement on anyone on the basis of their game play alone. There a million reasons why someone might be bad a bad player and stay bad, some of them really sad and worthy of compassion, being a wilful asshole in only one of them. So I shut up, don't judge, and be glad I'm at least an average player and my win rate is not in that 44-47% bracket you mention 😛
  6. Oh I agree, but in most cases refusal to learn or "doing the same thing and expecting different results" seems like stubborn refusal to learn. But what I'm simply saying is, in a way all new players go through this, they hit plateau I was talking about and they get ornery until they hit the next level of understanding get past it. Then they do what works at thier new level of ability. Also, can never be a bad thing to have been in since the start mate 🙂 In some ways I envy that.
  7. A few comments above being made here about bad players "refusing to learn." This is almost never accurate. This "it's your fault because you refuse to learn" attitude, in general, also can provide a convenient excuse for those looking to insult, abuse, and generally feel superior to players who have played 15,000 fewer battles than them. The reality is, the overwhelming majority who apparently "refuse to learn" fall into 2 camps. The first, are players who have never played anything like Wows before, it is unique, and are struggling with the learning curve. They've hit one the MANY plateau's that come with developing into a better player and feel like they're spinning their wheels. They get frustrated and can be complete wankers in chat. But usually they get past this AND THEY LEARN (or quit, in which case are irrelevant). They may well still be wankers, but eventually they get over the latest plateau and improve and move on to possibly be a dick about something else in the game. The other kind, are people who, frankly, are just not very bright, or have a learning disability. This is not a crime. They are not "reusing to learn," they simply will never have the mental acuity to be a good player. But if they are having fun that's all that matters... and no one here knows who they are so all should pull their head in. In general, guys who play this game who have 15-20K plus battles may be willing to give advice. This is nice. But at the same time I've never seen a group more completely divorced from any ability to remember and empathise with what it's actually like to be at the 1K stage or the 2K battles stage, or even the 4K battles stage. I am constantly staggered and impressed with the sheer amount of game time of some players have here.
  8. re the 'player attitude' section in the OP, I sometimes wonder if the toxic behaviour in chat comes from the fact many gamers didn't play a lot of competitive sport growing up. Bare with me. All the years I played amateur but competitive football there were always people on the team who were considerably better players than others, some were much smarter and understood the game better, or were more experienced players, and some just didn't quite have the physical attributes to compete as well as others. They were just never going to be as good as the better players, not ever, and that's ok. Sometimes this meant you got thrashed. But we loved to play the game, and felt lucky to have others who also loved the game enough to play it with us. At the end of the match, win or lose, we'd all sit and have a laugh and a beer. The thought there would be recriminations and abuse towards those 'weaker' members of the team, no matter how they performed, for a game played for fun? Never in a millions years would cross anyone's mind... The player base in Wows will never change. It's the nature of group activity. But if you get abusive in chat, you are wrong, no matter the reason. Wrong. 100% of the time. It's childish, counter productive and shows neither impulse control or knowledge of what can actually make people better.
  9. nevernude

    CVs made DDs extinct they said

    Yep 3 or 4 weeks ago when I was playing mid tier, between tier 4 and 7 there were no DDs to speak of at all. This might have been an aberration, not sure, but it went on for a while and I definitely noticed it. Taught me something I didn't know though. I also always thought the major spotting symbiosis was between DD and BB, given BB players spend most of the game on the baseline screeching "I need intelligence data." But with no DD's at all in game where I found a real weakness, was trying to play the less stealthy cruisers with no spotting. It can be a hard time depending on the matchmaking. Very hard to camp behind an island if you can't see anything, also hard to open water when playing against more stealthy cruisers like the Brits and IJN. It needs someone on your own team playing a stealthy Brit or IJN cruiser to take responsibility... which doesn't always happen.
  10. nevernude

    CV's in lower tiers

    I wonder if this is why, when I was grinding the mid tiers of the US CA line 3 or so weeks ago there was an almost frighting lack of DDs right through the mid tiers? Never seen anything like it. Half the games I was playing there was no DD on either team at all, and in most only 1. One wonders if the 3 CV at tier 4 thing is simply stopping players from bothering to grind new DD lines? Don't have to play too many times in a 3 CV game before you give up on DDs entirely? Not to say the complete lack of DDs at the time might not be attributable to some other reason I'm unaware of? But I did find it curious...
  11. In case this helps anyone else, the patch works. Or just stay away from image sharpening 😛
  12. Hiya, thanks very much for your post, much appreciated. The fix I was trying mentioned above is the driver patch you linked so that's a good sign. Unfortunately I uninstalled the game hoping a reinstall would help, so I'm just reinstalling now. The thing that threw me was the problem being on Nvidia's end, I expect better from them. But when more than one game stopped working there was no other answer really.
  13. In case anyone else is having trouble, seems the latest Nvidia driver was a bit of a shitshow for anyone using image sharpening. Trying a fix now.
  14. Update. Game is now freezing PC and requiring complete restart at the 'let's battle' screen on launch...