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  1. ohunt

    How to set Server

    Ah...no...Classic Launcher......Anyway I downloaded the North America server pkg.....uninstalled it reinstalled Asia pkg....took me about 15 hours but finally done. :-)
  2. ohunt

    How to set Server

    I have dusted off my ex-windows 8 PC, downloaded and installed WoW but for some reason when I got to the log in page the server is - WOW NA How do I set the server to Asia?
  3. ohunt


    Where or how to use it?
  4. Keep getting dropped from server due to above mention issue...costing me in Camo and signals.....not to mention enjoying the game. This is the only message that was popped up.....so far.
  5. ohunt

    Dropped from ASIA server midplay

    Bloody hell! Got dropped from server again. First time, just starting, the system hanged....did a restart of my system, re-login....moved to engage....system dropped me again......it is costing me in Como and signals....sheeeshhh......
  6. ohunt

    Dropped from ASIA server midplay

    Just got dropped again but this time the system left a message:-
  7. I think I am having some problem with my current iMac graphic card. For some reason the FPS will start at around 70 and as the game progress it drops to 10-15 FPS then I get drop from the server in mid-play. So thinking to use another pc or laptop to play. Is there anything that I have to do, like moving folders and whatnot? Do I have to use another Mac system or can I use a PC?
  8. ohunt

    Dropped from ASIA server midplay

    Was dropped again, twice, just a few minutes ago playing the new map "OKINAWA"....no warning, well, maybe slow down a bit - FPS 15, other then that no other warning. No message or anything. One minute I was playing the next I was staring at my desktop and yes I did the "Check for data integrity" thingy on the WOW startup page. Is it possibly anything to do with the graphic card? I am using NVIDIA GeForce GTX 950 2047 MB.......
  9. I am using MacOS 10.12.1 1. Sometimes during game play the game freezes and kicks me out of the server during game play and I have to re-login. 2. Sometimes the color changes to weird color and FPS slows down to 10 - 15 FPS then it kicks me out of the server during game play. 3. After I re-login unable to mount camouflage, signal flags and have to log out and re-login again. Get "Transaction error....Please try again later" instead of mounted message. 4. I think it happen while playing CV Furious. 4. No error message Anybody got the same problem?
  10. ohunt

    Minimum FPS for quality gameplay

    I am using a Mac. FPS goes up to 72 and down to 60 or 40. if it goes down to 20 or 10, the system will drop me and I will have to sign in again.
  11. ohunt

    When should I join a clan? Ie how many battles?

    I was invited to join a clan, so I joined the clan....contributed 10 oil (needed 40 go get the clan benefits), couple of hours later I was kicked out of the clan. I am a social player, no Premium ships, highest ship 1 Tier 8 cruiser, so maybe that is why was kicked out