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  1. Has anybody claim their rewards for the Public Test 0.8.7? So far I check and nothing as yet. I thought you should receive your rewards within 5 days upon test ending, no?
  2. ohunt

    [] Aslain's WoWS ModPack Installer

    Hello. I have just download you Mod-Pack Installer 23-08-2019 and installed the following:- 1) Crosshair Nomogram (dynamic) orange/aqua - Not working (Still showing the WoW crosshair) 2) range finder: Blue - works 3) Camera "Zeiss" (Advance camera + advance zoom) - Zeiss Incline - No idea if it is working. How to get it to work?
  3. ohunt

    Public Test 0.8.7 Feedback Thread

    What French Arc? It is my own "live" ships and captains and I have no French ships. If you want to use "Live" info at least, as a "rewards for participating" let them retain the Captain XP since playing in PT means not playing in the live system. Research Bureau....Not sure for who. Those that have the money and the Free XP not sure they will go for it and those that don't have it, too little/too long/ too tedious and the tokens too little...took me 1 whole day from the base 1000 tokens to grind for 2 Italian ships the T5 and T6 ship....and man it is BORING. CV nerfed too much for the AA upgrades.
  4. ohunt

    Which is the Correct Base XP

    Ahhhh...okay.....the Base XP is base on the Standard Account and not on the Premium Account. Thank you.
  5. Just finished playing a game but the Correct Base XP have me confuse :- Is the Base XP 1053 or 1738? Base on Premium Account.....Because if it is 1738 then what happen to my Personal Assignment Rewards which is base on Base XP of 1500??
  6. ohunt

    Free XP problems

    I thought the Gadjah Mada uses Deep Water Torps? They only effect CA, BB and CV......is that not so?
  7. I have just been kick off the system midgame 2 times and the 3rd time sign in and immediately kick out again.....anybody having the same problem? How to play?
  8. Just finishing a game towards the end when suddenly got kicked out and replace with Login Screen.....too many players??? LOL.....
  9. The USN DD line have 127mm guns.....and according to @Robby_Hermanto:- As if the true penetration is 21 mm, the penetration when IFHE implemented is 27.3 mm which means able to penetrate most of Cruiser's plating. As if the true penetration is 20 mm, the penetration when IFHE implemented is 26 mm which means unable to penetrate most of Cruiser's plating. Unquote. IFHE will have be effective for the USN DD line and will have to use 4 skill points for it. I just finished a game, Mahan vs Akatsuki full hp...broadside to broadside.....his 1 salvo cost me more hp than my 2 salvos.....mmmm....or maybe it is my aim....not sure how many landed actually....sheesh and my Mahan is not equip with IFHE......not sure of the Akatsuki..... However the IJN DD line, the Gunboat line, T8 to T10 have 100mm guns thus it will not be useful to waste 4 skill points on IFHE if it does not help to penetrate 25mm armor. As I understand it the USN CA line it is more effective for them to invest in IFHE, what I have read/heard so far, but funny thing is that not much...err....discussion.....on IFHE for other lines.... Trying to make best use of the Captains' Skill Points..... The longer I play this game, the more question I have...LOL.....coming to 6 or 7 months now.....
  10. Does this means that any 127mm guns is better with IFHE?
  11. The first picture time 20:32 - Green Targeting Recticule (The First Turret) and the Yellow showing 13 or 15 degress and the Reloading Indicator. Second picture time 20:34 I fired but note the Targeting Recticule. The Green now turned Yellow for the First Turret as it fires 3 shells but the remaining 3 turrets Yellow Targeting Recticule now showing 12 Degrees and the Reloading Indicator showing reloading for ALL 4 turrets. Third picture shows Targeting Recticule all Yellow but note they are not all together and the Yellow Targeting Recticule shows 11 Degrees and Note the 3 shells but the Reloading Indicator shows ALL the guns fired. To Moderator: Tried to upload this in the Bug Section but the pictures were not uploading in that section.
  12. This is what I have in game, 16.8 km with Maximum Dispersion 212 m.
  13. I believe the actual Gun Range is 16.8Km...You might want to correct your marketing thinggy......
  14. What skills and what modifications? There is no Range extender in the upgrade.......and Skills for extending the main gun range? Which one? What other modifications?