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  1. this stupid thing takes 4seconds only for opening/closing. and 4seconds is enouth time for AA to obliterate uncontrolled airplane. stupid devs.

    The devs know what is problem

    yeah... they do know

    All of CV are dead except Hakuryu

    wow... what a nice Hotfix Devs exactly know what people want.
  4. (my English is not good. i hope you have no problem to understand.) it seems like concept of US CV is good divebomber, weak torpedo(low performance). and JAPAN CV is good at torpedo, weak at divebomber(difficulty). but basically CV which is bad at torpedo is defective as CV. because there is almost invincible target with its deck amour against rocket&divebomb(HE). and there is another failure with making concept or balance. shooting JAPAN divebomber(AP) is difficult but still usable. but US torpedo is physically impossible to hit enemy unless target ship doesn't try to evade. US torpedo airplane can't rotate when it attacks. and it needs more than 5 seconds for aim. both airplane and torpedo are slow. it is too easy to avoid by taking simple change of course. i feel this like "Here torpedo goes~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~!!" who would let torpedo hit in his ship? Midway vs Hakuryu 1:1 shows seriousness of this problem. Hakuryu's deck amour blocks both rocket & divebomb of Midway. so torpedo is only possible option for Midway and it sucks. Midway is more likely to be deplaned because he must keep using only torpedo airplane. by contrast, Hakuryu can take rotation(torpede & divebomber(AP)) this is highlight of a comedy. Hakuryu has both way to avoid deck amour(torpedo) and pierce deck amour(AP). about Midway? absolutely nothing! there is no way to harm Hakuryu, no way to interrupt Hakuruy's torpedo attack(stupid fighter AI) or evade. so if Midway user is left alone with enemy Hakuryu, he would rather kill himself before getting fucked by Hakuruy. or pray that Hakuryu user get a heart attack so that he can't control his ship. in conclusion, there should not be CV whose torpedo is useless. it is just like gunship without AP shell. at least give it a AP divebomb. PS. i know you WG love JAPAN so much but you should not make the game like this