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  1. Dodge261


    Next when ?????
  2. Dodge261


    When is the next season of ranked battles due to commence ????
  3. Dodge261

    Public Test of Updates 0.9.11 and 0.9.12: Round 2

    I am having trouble with this round of public testing the only battles I can enter is on the coop server if I try to enter a battle on the ranked or random servers i am continually getting the server overloaded try again later message this is becoming frustrating as you cannot test if you cannot get on the server try it. Is anyone else encountering this problem ???
  4. It would be nice if we had the chance to win an australian navy ensign as a one of collectable
  5. Dodge261, Ranked Sprint: Tier VIII Duels

    When is the update going to take place as we are still on 8.11.0 and the time stated for the update has passed
  6. Dodge261

    British Cruisers

    Can someone please explain why British cruiser's are not equipped with high explosive shells it seems a bit ridiculous that the modified Leander HMAS Perth in the game has HE shells but the Leander itself doesn't and the only British cruiser that does possess HE shells is the T V ship Exeter.
  7. Dodge261

    Public Test of Update 0.8.7: Round 3 [Updated]

    What is going on with the 3rd round of 0.8.7 in the random battles it says that the maximum waiting time for a random battle is no longer than 1 minute, vacant places will be distributed amongst bots. What a croc i have just waited for a total of 19 minutes to try a random battle for the mission two 1, mission and i still could not get a game if you say it will take no longer than a minute then it should be no longer than a minute 19 minutes is way to long to be wasting time. It is hard to test something when you can not even get a game 😕
  8. Dodge261

    March Combat Missions: British Power

    Why in the notice is it you have to complete all missions using UK, Commonwealth and US ships but the ingame restrictions for mission 2 is for the use of Japanese ships you say one thing but do the opposite can you please explain or is this an error that needs fixing
  9. Dodge261

    Make Your Stand – Earn Exeter FREE!

    Hmm has anyone noticed in the announcement for this mission series in all parts you need to be using UK commonwealth U.S. cruisers etc but in gam in part 2 it says you need to be using Japanese cruisers
  10. Dodge261

    uncontrollable aircraft

    Just started using the CV Langley after a couple of rounds the planes became uncontrollable and unusable has anyone else had this problem