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  1. ``` 天天保护那些进点拉烟被打死一气呵成还死不悔改的海猴DD有意义吗 ``` 我觉得有意义,我觉得就算再菜也是有权利玩游戏的,除非嘴臭。
  2. _Noob_CV_

    WG's stance about recent CV only Brawl

    @AF_Is_Short_On_Father I'm sorry for my lack of English ability, and I'm not sure if I can understand "Let them eat cakes!" correctly, but I might understand other response from this redundant comments, I'll try translate the parts to something much easier to understand, and please feel free to correct me if I was wrong WG's fault, WG should fix income sooner to prevent normal player bullied by a certain group of players. WG's fault, WG made in-game item harder to obtain, WG should made in-game item easier to obtain to prevent normal player bullied by a certain group of players. WG's fault, WG greedy , WG should make game grinding faster and easier to prevent normal player bullied by a certain group of players. Those player made some mistake, But WG is also guilty. And then about this "Let them eat cakes!" things, I have a possible theory You can resist the desire to "T10 CV or in-game items", or keep it at a level that won't hurt others.(Princess have cakes) You don't know the pain of irrepressible desire to "T10 CV or in-game items"(Peasants had no bread) You should not tell them play normally(eat cake) because they have irrepressible desire (no access to food) You will be bullying normal players, if you also suffering from that irrepressible desire(If princess have no cake and bread) First, unlike "Qu'ils mangent de la brioche!" story, they will not starve to death if they don't satisfy their desires to T10 CV/EXP/FXP/RP/Credits. And then, option that satisfy their desires without bullying ordinary people exist, like get good at CV, learn more, grind more. But they chose satisfy their desires by bullying normal player, It was their free will that chose to do evil, not forced by WG nerf income. Or this story you told me has a darker meaning, those bully saw an opportunity and they took it, they have no compassion or free will and are not worthy of being human. So question for you Are they chose to do evil for something they don't need to stay survive ? Or they don't have humanity in them ?
  3. _Noob_CV_


    🤡回档这都是小事,就不知道WG要拖多久才处理那些 说"没打1的都杀了"的玩家
  4. _Noob_CV_

    WG's stance about recent CV only Brawl

    Is there anything you guys about to do on players with abusive behavior in this event ? I mean they saying stuff like "get sunk by 1 vs 5 if you don't farm with us", nothing to say about them ? Or players have to submit dozens of tickets to WG player support team, that sounds like support ticket spam ye ?
  5. _Noob_CV_

    WG's stance about recent CV only Brawl

    It's enforceable after all, great👍 , well done*3
  6. _Noob_CV_

    CV Brawl Feedback

    Imagine a dog doll rental shop and a poodle have some irrepressible instinctive desire, shop rules says 1 doll at a time,and then the poodle paid for 1 doll , but f 7 doll at same time to release his desire, one day shop owner find out and kicked that poodle out, and then that poodle see a lot of breathing female dog on the street. I believe I can justified "f.....k breathing female dog in street" because that poodle got kicked out from dog doll rental shop, because it's a animal, not human. If you want justified "deliberately targeting players with normal gaming behavior" by "operation income nerf", then .......... I believe those players who abusing "play normal = sunk by 1 vs 5 " are still human ,and they have free will, they chose to do bad things by themselves. Instead of unable to control their desire to in-game items like "EXP","Free EXP","Credits".
  7. _Noob_CV_

    CV Brawl Feedback

    Sorry, I'm sure about this, please enlighten me here I can't understand what dose "operation income got nerfed by 25% and AI hardened" you mentioned here can justified "collective action that disrupts the normal player's gaming experience". I can understand if it's "Operation Income Nerf" to "Farming planes each other for more EXP", but the keyword here is about EULA violation "deliberately targeting players with normal gaming behavior".
  8. _Noob_CV_

    CV Brawl Feedback

    Sorry, I don't mean to offend at anything here, And yes I do feel hopeless, desperate , I'm also worried what those player capable of doing in reality, in future madness.
  9. _Noob_CV_

    CV Brawl Feedback

    I don't think tickets to [content removed] works, for that crazy amount of players participate in this collective action that disrupts the normal player's gaming experience. General Insults. Post edited, user warned. ~Beaufighter
  10. _Noob_CV_

    CV Brawl Feedback

    In short, they will try kill players that trying to play the game normally, for farm exp themselves uninterrupted. 1? If you want farm exp say 1 turn off aa and wait, kill all foreigner and then farm. Kill all player didn't say 1. btw isn't "kill all foreigner" familiar-sounding ? I mean the "Boxer Rebellion"😂
  11. _Noob_CV_

    CV Brawl Feedback

    I'm also confused about this, isn't FFD a KOTS participant clan ? Are they even allowed to do this ?
  12. _Noob_CV_

    CV Brawl Feedback

    How this "1" or "111" spamming works: Those abusers wants farm more damage by shoot all planes down, if a victim don't respond their secret keyword "1", the teammates of victim will turn their AA off, and then enemy team CV will start attack victim, this is how it works. Some example here you can see, some of screen shots from a game yesterday. Translation: pic 1: other player in this game saying "1" at "To All" channel pic 2: Green Team Pobeda said "bbbbb", means go B cap. Red Team Parseval said "你们有个没同意啊" , can be translate as "There is a player in your team didn't agree" Red Team Pobeda said "+1", can be understand as "yes" or "me too" pic 3: Green Team Lexington said "那你们拿他打第一轮", can be translate as "Then you guys use him as the target of first round attack"(First round attack here is for prevent warning for unsporting conduct ) Red Team Parseval said "你们关p", translate "You guys turn P off" (Turn P off means press P button and turn off AA) Victim : "when ?" (confused) pic 4: Green Team Lexington said "坏了, 是外国人", translate "Oh bad, it's a foreigner" Green Team Lexington said "乐" , can be understand as "lol" here. Victim : "sorry, i can't read japanese" pic 5 and 6: Red Team Pobeda said "乐" , can be understand as "lol" here. Green Team Lexington said "233", same as "乐" , can be understand as "lol" here. Green Team Lexington said "你们撕他吧" , translate "You guys should kill him" Red Team Parseval said "关p啊", means "turn your AA off" Green Team Lexington said "turned off" Also you can see the victim's HP bar, there is basically no chance to win this 1 vs 5 game.
  13. _Noob_CV_

    The 10,000 steel camo isn't worth it

    Steel camouflage can improve your skill at that ship, and increase the win rate/avg dmg/survival rate , make you happy .
  14. _Noob_CV_


    更像是通过操纵随机战的匹配来让excel表格的数据看起来更公平吧, 如图,不对超模的舰艇进行平衡性改动,而是通过操纵在这条船上表现优秀的玩家在随机战斗中的队友来使最终的数据更加"平衡"。 我在玩这条船最近十场都几乎是这样的匹配结果,把胜率硬生生从前20场的85%拉到现在56%,可以说是相当的平衡了
  15. _Noob_CV_


    同感,我也经常会有这种被MatchMaking针对了的错觉。 在这些时候,我会学习兔子小屋的做法。 因为 根據舊約聖經,"在第五天,上帝創造了魚鳥和低階黑車" 它幾乎和創造世界發生在同一時間,所以即使抗議黑車也沒有用。