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  1. 我希望这艘加值舰艇可以和日本十阶空母白龙的[白龙马]永久涂装一起出售,仅仅是船头的白龙已经不能满足我这种比较菜的CV玩家对航空母舰含马量的需求了。
  2. 是不是作弊不知道,但是打完立刻解散军团和隐藏统计数据实在是可疑。
  3. also notice that "Lighting Fast" dose not affect cruising speed just like not affect maximum speed after 0.9.9 version.
  4. Problem happens on Tier 10 HMS CV Audacious with unique commander Andrew Cunningham The details that you requested can be fulfill by following attachment photos: The speed of planes running engine boost running before "Lighting Fast" talent activate: "Lighting Fast" talent activate: The speed of planes running engine boost running after "Lighting Fast" talent activate:
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    Features of the new warship: Nine powerful 406mm main gun, located in three triple-mounted turret, using Mk8 armor-piercing dive bomber,with maximum damage: 13800, reload time: 30s, range: 22km Decent health pool: 89300, with enhanced "repair party" consumables give her higher survivability Unique missile weapon that you'll love when you're cowering behind an aircraft carrier -- 39.5km with a maximum damage of 15100. One salvo: 4 missile, reload time: 45s The high speed of the Iowa class was retained, but it was modified to decrease: 32 kts High-performance "CIWS" short-range air-to-air defense, causing damage per second: 1190, but with a range of only 2.5km, and long-range air-to-air defense is not satisfactory Unique "helicopter" consumables, by observing the bounce point, provide artillery maximum dispersion -15%,duration: 60s, cooldown: 120s Her main battery dose not equipped with a high-explosive shell ! Beware of enemy destroyers, you lack effective response! In addition, we also designed "Navy Museum" permanent camouflage with 40% more credits and 100% more experience for New Jersey’91,available at armory with only 17900 Doubloons . 原链接: 【战舰世界】新船预览:新泽西1991以及导弹机制实装 - 哔哩哔哩 (bilibili.com)
  6. 这个是我刚才遇到的一个Bug, 在这场战斗中我失去了74架飞机应该消耗118400银币,但是在结算页面中弹药费却只显示被击落飞机24架弹药费38400银币。 我的猜想: 我认为结算页面中只计算了24架被击落的鱼雷机,并没有计算AP火箭攻击机与AP轰炸机的损失。 在鱼雷轰炸机的驾驶舱中是正常的飞行员,被击落后会正常计算损失的银币, 但是AP火箭攻击机与AP轰炸机的动力太过强劲以至于正常的飞行员无法承受,于是在AP火箭攻击机与AP轰炸机的驾驶舱中使用的是马。 这导致了AP火箭攻击机与AP轰炸机的损失并没有计算在失去的飞机(正常飞行员)中,而是计算在了失去的马一栏里。
  7. 1. Description: At 2020-11-12 PM 16:19(UTC+9), I played a random battle with Tier 10 German CV Manfred von Richthofen, and the ammunition resupply fee much cheaper than the actual planes lost. 2. Reproduction steps: Unknow, please watch the replay file at attachment. 3. Result: At [Credits and XP] page showing 24 aircraft lost cost 38400 credits. 4. Expected Result: At [Credits and XP] page showing 74 aircraft lost cost 118400 credits. 5. Technical Details: screenshot and replay file: replay: 20201112_161905_PGSA110-Manfred-Richthofen_14_Atlantic.wowsreplay screenshot:
  8. 1.介绍: 在2020年11月12日下午16:19(UTC+9),我使用德国十阶空母Manfred von Richthofen进行了一场随机战斗,出现了弹药费远远小于应当支付的弹药费的情况。 2. 重现过程: 未知,请查看replay文件。 3.发生的结果: 在Credits and XP的结算页面的弹药费一栏中,被击落飞机24架弹药费38400银币。 4. 预期结果: 在Credits and XP的结算页面的弹药费一栏中,被击落飞机74架弹药费118400银币。 5. 技术细节: 截图与录像文件wowsreplay放在附件中(如下) 回放:20201112_161905_PGSA110-Manfred-Richthofen_14_Atlantic.wowsreplay 截图:
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    0.9.10 版本更新錯誤回饋

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    In my personal experience,those carpet bomber can do very little for almost everything in the game other then crispy battleship that got wrong direction to go. I think make carpet bomber dispersion pattern on Audacious similar to Ark Royal and Indomitable will be better.