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  1. What about a free xp/ coal/ steel/ dabloons German... C V ! Hahaha... ahem. Or maybe there will be a nice -Naz- I mean, German U-Boat for earning or buying soon?
  2. Groove_Champion

    An easy solution to the CV debate

    Because the game is already struggling to fill matches half the time. I mean, I wouldn't necessarily be opposed if the playerbase could handle being split up but it obviously can't.
  3. Groove_Champion

    An easy solution to the CV debate

    "have to be removed from the game" lol I say we nerf DDs. If you can't use the minimap to see where the planes are and stay away from their line of sight and have already used all your coward smokes then you should be removed from the planet 😜 Seriously though, that 300 to 500k damage you're talking about are expert CV players, well practiced from testing, who luck out fighting a team of complete noobs as well as the rest of their own team performing uselessly. I've never actually seen such a game myself irl. Today for eg, in t6/8 the highest I saw was 60k for a CV. On the other hand, almost every game ends with lone surviving DDs.
  4. Groove_Champion

    An easy solution to the CV debate

    Sure, then all we need is "random with DD" and "random no DD"... etc I'm sure the playerbase is healthy and robust enough to handle that /s
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    Yep, just had a game with half the teams DDs. 2 of them just came right through and killed my t8 CV with primaries. Had them spotted the whole trip from other side of map, barely scratched them. Well, back to World Of DDs and get stuffed you're cannon fodder if not Ships again... fun -_- Edit - 10 games in tier 6 and 8... 9 of 10 games CV killed by DD. Nothing can be done about it. It takes so many squadrons to kill just one and it's so easy for them to change positions between squadrons and go invisible. You can literally spend an entire game hunting 1 DD and still get killed by it in a CV. Is this really working as intended? It's not SO terrible in even matchmaking and large teams but small teams, uptiered... forget about it. And god forbid you should spend your time doing ANYTHING else which might actually award you credits and xp, the rest of the team will harass and report you for not protecting them from DDs. - rant over.
  6. Groove_Champion


    Can't agree with the reasoning behind this updates changes. DDs were overpowered before, able to avoid shells and take minimal damage from either ammo type. Can stay undetected by most other ships while launching torps and if they are detected, can just pop smoke and freely fire away at the enemy from safety. It's true, that before this change DDs can be repelled from capture areas (assuming they aren't already in them and hiding in smoke( but the damage from rockets is minimal. You need to send 4 or 5 squadrons and hit every time to take out 1 DD, which means you aren't sending torps or bombs at bigger ships. Also, the JN rockets are actually quite difficult to get on target. I've had DDs escape every rocket numerous times from either angle despite adequate lead and on point targeting. The only reason US planes are easier to his is because of the sheer amount of rockets they can fire at once. I've also had DDs not show up until my squadron is almost directly above them and often when they are too close to begin an attack run, requiring a circle around in which time the DD and/or any supporting ship may significantly damage the squadron if not wipe them out completely. If you lower the detection range of planes there will literally be some ships who can spot and shoot them before the planes can even see them because there are some already who's AA range is VERY close to their detection by air range. The outcome of any game has hinged too heavily on the performance of destroyers for too long and this new CV change has made a welcome counterbalance to that. Do you follow your DDs and drop fighter support when they get attacked by planes or go straight for hunting enemy DDs? Or do you send torps or bombs after unprotected bigger ships first? All valid options which can end in success for the team. I fear that adding even more protection for DDs will turn the entire game back into WHOEVER HAS THE BEST DDS WINS... which is no fun for anyone except the skilled DD player and the lucky team who gets matched with them. Having said that, it's also no fun to have your BB wiped out in one attack run from a Midways torpedoes either. I guess we'll see how much these changes affect games at different tiers. My 2 cents though, skilled DD players ruin the game with their potential and need to play a less important role in the outcome of a match. They should be glass cannons not invisible titanium howitzers. There's practically nothing anyone other than other DDs can do to them without rocket planes ability to spot and harass them. It's already difficult if you've no idea where they are. There are other problems too, like overpowered AA on some ships, literally can't touch them with any amount of any planes. Unbalanced matchmaking making planes overpowered or made of paper (especially tier 8 CV against Tier 10 which seems to happen more often than not)... but those are separate issues probably. Maybe these changes won't be as dire as they sound, it'll be interesting to see.