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  1. Please list and Player double crosses any PVE agreements ra34ah20
  2. Not sure if this is right, but at present each time i do a Savage battle the cost to resupply is more then whats earned. Last battle earned 100k cost to resupply 200k. Is this right or a bug??
  3. RogertheCabinboi


    D'oh i guess i should research more didnt know that was possible. Thank you *crawls back to basement
  4. RogertheCabinboi


    Not sure if this is allowed here but ive got to have the weirdest "In Service of the Motherland Collection" So far ive collect 29 of the 32 And ready for this ive got 43 yes your reading it correctly 43 duplicates Can any one beat that sort of collection.................
  5. RogertheCabinboi

    Why some are and some arent

    Ive noticed that historical information and tech details is used for some ships while others are nerfed to under perform. take for instance Bismarck - this ship in the game has been handicapped by the firing rate. the game has it at just on 2 per minute while in actual fact it should be 3 per minute or one round every 18 seconds. while others have firing rate faster then they factually had IE Kongo reload in actual ship was 40s but in game 30s even worse, Yamato IRL had firing rate of 1.5 yet game has it at 2. OMG Can this be fixed to allow Her (Bismarck) and her sister ship to be able to play on a level field as others in tear 8 to 10 have closer to the real firing rate.
  6. RogertheCabinboi

    Hakuryu how many

    With a single squadron of torpedo bombers of the Hakuryu, how many attack runs can they make without having return to carrier for new squadron??
  7. RogertheCabinboi

    Fire Prevention Skill for BB Commander - Worth it?

    "Maximum number of fires on a ship reduced to three" to me would be the maximum it can be set alight.
  8. RogertheCabinboi

    Fire Prevention Skill for BB Commander - Worth it?

    it doesnt read that way to me. not very clear as far as im concerned.
  9. RogertheCabinboi

    Fire Prevention Skill for BB Commander - Worth it?

    well ive got it on one of my BBs and just had a battle where i was set on fire 5 times, not the 3 as per the skill set. not happy
  10. RogertheCabinboi

    Why is it

    Why is it when you find something thats either a glitch or someone cheating that you send a report in and they give explination to why things have occured with screen shots but then the screen shots prove what you was reporting? IE my concealment on a DD 6.1km yet opponent detected me at 7.6km and player support sends back screen shots from replay which proves what i said but they state that theres planes yet i cant see the planes in the screen shots.
  11. RogertheCabinboi

    how many attack runs

    How many attack runs can a single squad of a carrier make? Ive just had to check a replay as i was of the understanding that carrier squads san make max of 3 runs. The replay shows carrier squad making 4 runs Wanted to double check before sending report
  12. RogertheCabinboi

    How to collect Florins for Implacable on time?

    um what a load of crock. where else can you get without buying. its a joke. spend spend spend is all they want
  13. RogertheCabinboi

    Observations from a fresh set of eyes

    And well Alaskas stats puts it not at Battle Cruiser but Battle ship. 60000Hp where as IOwa is 68000. Buffalo is 42000. Alaska has to much HP it should be 45000 max based on it history
  14. After todays launches of Fleet Alaska, I thought i would put pen to paper so to speak on what ive observed with the game in the short time ive played. Yes Noob REport. Ok Game etc A1 top class. well balanced but......... Seams that When your adding Elite Units or Changing things your approach is a little how shall i put this umm , "OMG lets max it out then Nerf later " So what triggered me to type this. well when u enter a battle with a tier 7 BS and listed a total of 12 Alaska s 6 each side and then these things start spamming out projectiles further then yourself and 3 times to you r 1 it makes you go mmmm Nerf time soonish. well thats my peice of 8s worth
  15. The Knight Devon Combat mission has type of ship needed as - EXETER. where do we find that one