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  1. KA153R

    WOWS x Warhammer Ships Giveaway

    got the secret code ?
  2. who saw me? i saw who?
  3. KA153R

    Do you sell your LOW Tier Premium ships?

    never!, it's not about tier, it's about collection You can check your inventories and sell modules yo don't need
  4. KA153R

    Web Campaign: The Pacific War

    got mission and completed within 3 co op, now wait for 2 days to get more :( the reset time is too long bro!
  5. KA153R

    test update

    I like the designer's table, but I wish there would be a feature that lets us change the picture on the pc
  6. KA153R

    Web Campaign: Bismarck's Last Battle

    i unlock the last mission, but it is not showing in my port