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  1. All friendlies were dead, but we won! Great team play by the way. OK, let me explain, what happened was, literally the last second a torp from shokaku killed our Vlad. I regard this as a reward for a fierce fight against unfair CV
  2. sfcgx3

    Biggest reason why people hate CV

    Difference is, as pointed by someone here, there is no risk trade off and no obstacles for CV spotting. For dd, you risk your life being radared or rocketed trying to spot someone stealthy. Also if someone is hiding behind an island, you must get LOS first, which triggers manoeuvre and more risks. no such thing for CV: - they only get hits when inside AA range - even a few seconds of AA won’t deal enough dmg to squadrons - even if you lose half a squadron so what, the CV is still very combat capable - plane speed is much much faster and can fly to anywhere so very easy to spot behind cover enemies if you want and again, at very low risk
  3. sfcgx3

    Biggest reason why people hate CV

    I mean obviously shooting from behind cover. CV will then spot you because planes are everywhere. This undermines the cruiser play significantly.
  4. At least from my view, it’s the spotting when firing guns. I’m cool with normal spotting but the ability to spot firing guns at a great range really screw a lot of people especially cruisers
  5. sfcgx3

    Nurnberg isn't as good as I thought?

    Rest assured, Hipper can pen most cruisers t6 to t10 at mid or even long range with perfect broadside. Probably Yorck also.
  6. In port the game would run smoothly for 10-15 seconds and then freeze for ~8 seconds and then repeat this pattern. The freeze becomes more frequently when I open chat room windows (e.g finding people for Narai). No such problem in battle. wondering if anyone is having the same issue and any solution?
  7. sfcgx3

    Smallest Kraken

    Don't know if this sets a record.
  8. sfcgx3

    0.8.11 Bug Report Thread

    In Narai operation, Bretagne‘s route is buggy. The ship always hits an island first and then struggling to try to get out. Previously she would approach from the left side of the island.
  9. Personally I’m ok with 1 CV games. It allows some good strategic play variations vs no CV. However 2 CV is just too much that seriously disrupts game play. Why can’t we make it a rule that only 1 CV is allowed? In many games there is no CV so I don’t feel overpopulation is an issue.
  10. sfcgx3


    I didn’t see them for about a month then today one CN 70 Richelieu appeared. it was moving, but Became the first to get killed. Score was 200 something in the end. this plus another afk player got the team a certain loss.[content removed] Forum Rule violation. Post edited, user warned. ~Nya-gaming
  11. For me, I feel very frustrating to fight: 1. Massachusetts: it’s just too compact for a BB, so hard to hit, and enemy usually plays chicken ie reversing, not charging you like a man. every time I’m against one I wish I was in a Bismarck and can just 1: 1 IFHE secondary the Massachusetts to death. 2. enterprise: this thing is OP. Even it’s rockets can easily take ~1k from a DD or a cruiser. Enterprise also tend to focus fire you coming again and again
  12. sfcgx3

    Ranked 1 vs 1 - my Atago is OP

    Not a chance if you are against my hipper or Edinburgh. I ran into a few Atagos and Mogami with 100% win rate in the aforesaid ships.
  13. sfcgx3

    What coal ship to get.

    If you don’t have high tier Japan premium but you are japan main, go get yoshino. It’s a good ship in good cruiser hands.
  14. Just bought Smolensk and played 3 battles. Victims: yamato musashi montana probably one more but I forgot. it needs a good team to shine. In battle 2 I only did 32k dmg because no one was spotting. No one.
  15. One more thing to consider is which ship will be more likely to get removed, within the next 6 months, when I can again have an option to buy the other. thats probably Smolensk. finally as a diversed player, I hate to see thunderer as a cruiser, but I hate to see a Smolensk in all situations (except in radar cruiser if within range).