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  1. Here's a tip to help you get more wins in ranked: - If you are good, play DD and carry your team to victory - If you are meh, stick to BB and pray to MM you have a good DD on your side
  2. sfcgx3

    WoWs 3D rendered ships in Wikipedia

    are you sure? the ships look much prettier in my port. I don't have Sieg but Agir looks like this:
  3. sfcgx3

    Shall I take the bait?

    Well, I did 0 premium so far in ranked - having tons of T8-T9 to grind / regrind through.
  4. sfcgx3

    Shall I take the bait?

    Well, I have more ships than I can manage to play, more port slots than I have ships and more 10-pt captains than all ships I do play. Not sure there is incremental value, albeit the investment is quite small.
  5. sfcgx3

    Shall I take the bait?

    Ah that's it then.
  6. I do have a lot of fxp commanders and credits. But not enough doubloons.
  7. Udaloi is unique as it's the only ship that Hull A and Hull B provide meaningful options. Back to your question. I have no idea. Maybe WG will bump Udaloi into premium with replacement, or do that for Grozovoi
  8. sfcgx3

    Ping Rate

    who is your ISP? I noticed a significant jump in ping - now 150 ms when I switched to Vodafone from MyRepublic - used to be 50 ms.
  9. I'm mostly FTP and after playing for 3.5 years, I have a lot of premium / special ships, obtained free, and I also have almost all tech tree ships. It is rare comparing to some other online games that I have played / seen ppl playing: - In one game, you need to pay monthly subscription, but this is not a must in WOWS (I also got a lot of free premium time from the WG boxes, free containers, etc) - In another game, you are locked away from high tier ships unless you are a paid player, but not in WOW - In another game (mobile), you can have the option of putting in money sufficient to buy a new car, but not in WOWs. Ya, you can buy T10, whatever bundles, a lot of santa boxes, but that's like what, a few hundred AUD - In another game, ppl trade assets with real life money and a lot of money, but not possible in WOWs - Most online games has toxic chats that deteriorates experience, but in WOWs at least some are filtered because you only see block letters What you get is a pretty looking game with a lot of ships and fun game play, plus all the goodies WG gives for free, as long as you keep playing. The game experience doesn't come free guys. WG need to make a profit and pay salary to good talents, so we can keep playing a decent game. Why so many people complaining? If you do, try another online game and you will know the difference.
  10. sfcgx3


    As I said in the other post, no need to worry. I got these ships even after branch resetting.
  11. sfcgx3

    GK and Khaba compensation wording changes

    No need to worry. In PT, i saw Kharba and GK as special ships appearing in my port, even though I reset both lines. So I think WG will go with the most generous option, which is exactly what they described in the Dev blog
  12. Can you also look into the rocket planes timing issue? I was told it's because of my ping which is around 150. I found it happens when rocket planes are flying over 150knts in speed. When I shoot rockets, they will land much behind what I was aiming at. I can avoid it by slowing down my planes at the last min, but it's very annoying. It also happens with chaklov's dive bombers at full speed. Torp planes and bombers are ok. Or at least I haven't noticed. Can I know if WG is aware of this issue and if anything in progress to solve it?
  13. Are these doubloon only ships any good? If they are not breaking the balance, I don't see anything wrong here.
  14. sfcgx3

    Is Hayate worth 2 million FXP?

    I was in similar shoes as you Given there is likely no more fxp ships coming out, the usefulness of a mountain of fxp is much less. Hence I bought the ship. Not too bad. I think it's unique as in: - gun build: high alpha with sort of fast shell speed - torp build: can spam 20 Shima 12km Torps with TRB. - numerous possibilities for hybrid build: what skills? Smoke vs TRB? I am not saying it's an OP ship, but unique enough for me to spend fxp.