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  1. sfcgx3

    PTS question

    I did it. Most time it’s a 5 min wait time and 2v2 or 1v1.
  2. sfcgx3

    An unusual Sunday

    Usually my Sunday win rate is good, as I suspect more noobs play on sundays (including me)? but today got a ~10 game losing streak both ranked and random, tier V to Tier VII. The enemy team seems quite skilful. whats going on?
  3. sfcgx3

    How do i use Bismarck now against Tier X?

    Bismarck’s secondary will be buffed in the next patch. In T10 games Bismarck is crippled by its range and double crippled by its accuracy. It make it work you just need to survive in the first half and rely on your team to carry. When it becomes something like 8 vs 5 you can push with your team.
  4. sfcgx3

    Has Benham drained the life out of you yet?

    Already drained in the lazo event. Decided not to Benham...
  5. We need to boost the population of the under represented ship class. So I’d say cv or cruiser?
  6. sfcgx3

    Why people think T5 Kongo is good?

    From the look of it. There seems to be an afk hosho and a magazine exploded dd on the enemy team 😁
  7. sfcgx3

    Your average daily battles in WoWs

    Question is is it a coal ship or steel ship or fxp
  8. sfcgx3

    Why people think T5 Kongo is good?

    That’s true. I actually quite enjoy Nagato or even NY. The biggest issue I have with Kongo is pen. When Nagato / NY hit there is damage or citadel. When Kongo hits just a lot of non pens for some reason. Maybe it’s just RNG
  9. sfcgx3

    Guys, FDG is not bad

    A couple weeks ago I posted a thread about how I suffered in FDG. After about 20 games I kind of get better in the ship and realise it’s actually ok. I am using a survabity + main gun accuracy build. A few highlights: - like the main gun reload speed and traverse speed - very tanky - accuracy is bad but compensated by hard hitting shells - even without secondary build, I earned CQC once cornering a Cleveland (open water close range just seeing Cleveland bleed with pure secondary power but can’t really deal with FDG in any way) So overall I’m starting to enjoy it.
  10. sfcgx3

    Generic 'Help question' for new Gneisenau player

    My suggestion is play a few Cruiser games will help.
  11. sfcgx3

    Why people think T5 Kongo is good?

    Seems only 2 people on this thread think it is bad. i wonder if the others have RECENTLY played it. Say at least after 7.5
  12. sfcgx3

    Why people think T5 Kongo is good?

    I played New York, Bretagne, König, with all good results (at least not feeling obliged to Fxp through). I was just doing very bad in Kongo. Fuso is a beast though.
  13. My experience with it is very negative. Issues are in order of importance: - lack of pen. Many times I hit but no pen, at mid-long range - dispersion is very unlike japanese - slow reload and only 8 guns I in the end fxp to Fuso after 18 battles in it with a win rate of 20%. Would like to hear those who actually enjoyed it as I found most website says it’s quite good.
  14. I found RN BBs very hard to citadel even at full broadside (maybe this will change in the next patch with the slightly elevated citadel). Most of the time though they just HE spam you at a distance, which is very annoying. as a BB how you most effectively deal with them?
  15. No. My myoko+defensive aa is sufficient to kill 6 planes from a shokaku attack now. No point doing it.