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  1. sfcgx3

    Shimakazes using AP

    You still get damage if you hit water with AP close to the ship. Therefore improve hit on target rate. That's the only reason I can think of
  2. sfcgx3

    What do you think about Marceau?

    Thunderer is a great ship and I would get that first unless you have too many BBs already.
  3. For my next coal ship I'm now more leaning towards Marceau. Initially I was considering Georgia. Can anyone who already has it provide some feedback on the ship?
  4. sfcgx3

    kansas rant

    This ship may work, but fades in comparison as there are so many good T8 BBs that are simply more fun to play. Facing the choises I just don't see the reason why bother with Kansas.
  5. Hi guys, I think there is something hidden in the match making system that WG never spoke about, which is premium OP ships tend to concentrate on one team. See screenshot, we have FDR, Massa, Siegfried and Stalingrad on one team and what kind of game would you expect? There have been multiple times similar things happened (Enterprise+Massa, e.g.,), or even 4 premium on one team, but none on the other, and I never won in such games, never. The benefit of this system is obvious. If you have premium, you get favoured MM, you enjoy premium more, and you buy more. Yes I'm just speculating, but can someone prove this?
  6. Have been on a Moskva losing stream, and this match being the latest. Could I have done something differently? Maybe at the end of the match I should have charged the NC? Good job on the Bismarck, who survived in a T10 battle and did well. The blind shot at the Halland was also quite funny. Replay file: https://replayswows.com/replay/111657#stats
  7. sfcgx3

    Please buff Moskva

    I agree with your view. It doesn't qualify for the Special status. I think a buff to its surface concealment on par with Alaska is fair, especially given many of you think it's not a cb, rather a ca. Then 14km consealment absolutely makes no sense
  8. Way worse than NC or any other T8 BB. - slow in speed and reload. Feels like I'm wasting my time - terrible AP pen; feels like mutsu's AP and slow shells - quite ugly imo Will definitely not grind the line.
  9. sfcgx3

    Please buff Moskva

    Haven't got much success in Moskva which feels not as comfortable as the other CBs I have, Alaska, Agir, Yoshino. Comparing to these ships, here are my thoughts on Moskva: - Very very bad surface detection at 14+km vs ~12km for the others. Air detection is somewhat better which is very strange - only CB with CA guns - no improved AP angle - bad HE damage - No Torps Remember she is Tier X so should be better than Alaska or Agir but I certainly don't feel that way. Don't say it's not a CB. It's 65k HP, its a special ship and it's large. Moskva needs a buff and shall not be forgotten.
  10. sfcgx3

    wait... ARP Yamma also has its own Unique Upgrade?

    I recall in the annoucement there was something like the new ship is subject to further adjustment for balance. That implies it's different from the tech tree Yamato. It must be that.
  11. sfcgx3

    Who reported me?

    Here is the replay file: https://replayswows.com/replay/download/111130
  12. sfcgx3

    Who reported me?

    Out of interest how do you view your karma balance?
  13. sfcgx3

    Who reported me?

    I was very frontline as evidenced by 57k secondaries DMG and 2 CQC achievements. 2 m potential damage. Did everything a German BB should.
  14. sfcgx3

    Who reported me?

    2 ppl reported me (karma - 2) at the end of this match. If any of you are here, can you explain why? I didn't chat anything in-battle, so definitely not language. When you lose a match, don't report the hard-carrying top-3!!! May as well be one of those I sank from the enemy team- then shame on you! Here's the replay file for what it's worth: https://replayswows.com/replay/download/111130
  15. sfcgx3

    Georgia or Thunderer?

    Ihave Thunder. Good buy. Strong against all kinds of ships. Only downside is slow shell speed - between NC and Iowa Georgia is the one I plan to get next.