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  1. sfcgx3

    Server lag issue! Asia server

    In australia with vodafone, getting 180ms since this patch. Normally ping is 50ms for me.
  2. Given the upcoming nerf of SCs by about 50%
  3. sfcgx3

    Grygus's Grind: A Reflection

    I found cv and hybrid quite fun to play. Subs are a different story. I found subs boring to play and annoying to deal with.
  4. sfcgx3

    Shimanto review

    Reload is painfully slow. I think zao would be better.
  5. I have it. I think hayate is definitely a unique ship that allows a lot of options for ship and captain build. I spent more time thinking about the best build than I did playing the ship in battle.
  6. It's not just the buff in enemy, which happened a while ago. It's the route they are taking, which I'm very sure only happened in this patch.
  7. I just fought one battle in Aegis so I don't know whether this is one-off or some change in AI behaviour. All AI ships now pivot to more east, instead of south-east, which makes hitting them much much harder in the AI friendly DD's smoke. Same thing happens to the enemy convoy escorts. If this change is permanent, Aegis is now unwinnable. So good luck not getting the ops in randome ops mode.
  8. I just wanted to grind my T9 tech cruisers, but there's Alaska and Agir every where. I have proved it's 95% impossible to win against these TWO premium T9 ships with any tech tree cruisers. and this mode is dominated by these TWO ships exclusively. In any other previous brawl, there has always been some sort of ship diversity, and hence winning could be based on people's skills, not ship difference. This brawl has been the worst experience for me.
  9. From 5 megas: no ship but 180 days of premium
  10. sfcgx3

    New Mission

    True, but more time consuming, probably yields less per minute.
  11. sfcgx3

    New Mission

    Potential damage for BBs - that's the mission.
  12. sfcgx3

    Update 0.11.9 video, No Dasha

    I'm not sure I like the new presenter. Personal preference.
  13. Hermas and Narai. Very low win rate.
  14. sfcgx3

    WG's stance about recent CV only Brawl

    Merely taking advantage of the rules is one thing but forcing everyone else to do the same or get focus fired is another. I think the penalty is 100% justified for players that did the latter.
  15. sfcgx3

    Does anyone remember when they were noobs?

    There was one time I was brawling with my gneisenau with a Lyon, I wanted to torp the Lyon but I thought my torps were damaged so I pressed r to repair. I couldn't get the torps out before the Lyon broadside shot me dead I didn't know torp tubes could be perm destroyed.