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  1. I think it largely works. The game feels similar to before rework, so has been my battle outcome. A number of skills need adjustment to be actually used by anyone because they are too expensive given the benefit. I like the free mounting and resetting skills. The biggest diff is probably Smolensk which I haven't played any game during the patch. The loss of range is big for the ship. I also had substantially less success in Alaska for some reason.
  2. sfcgx3


    T6-7 games these days are filled with 2 CV games. Tough for BBs, and even CA/CLs. DDs with smoke and concealment may fare better.
  3. I really liked the T8 only MM for ranked. For once we don't need to deal with bottom-tiered in a Tier other than T10. It's fair as everyone is the same tier. No reason for good players to bring T8 in the new system. You will always bring T9. then what's the point? Why don't they make Bronze pure T9? it's ok as that's the only CV-free game play.
  4. sfcgx3

    Team Performance.....

    This is exactly my point in the other post about one-sided games. 13 min feels a bit short. Having said that if you were full-dragon flags grinding for fxp then yep win is always a win.
  5. sfcgx3

    Possible cheating player?

    Stat just means they are statistically quite good. Cheating is when something impossible/outside of game mechanism happened. You can check replay file.
  6. What's ELO? I feel one-sided game in WOWs is particularly frustrating because players can't respawn. In a sense the match really relies on team performance.
  7. Re #1, my proposal is not to ban them from higher tier matches, but you just cannot be the top tier. For e.g., if it's a T7-9 match, you cannot be T9. You are allowed to join a T9-10 as a T9 though, or T10 match as a T10.
  8. How many times over the past year have you encountered one-sided victory/defeat? I'd say too many and I'm sure the experience is definitely very frustrating, no matter win or lose. Even if you are winning, the game usually is too short and majority of ppl only score ~1000 bxp. This is how typically it happens: one side would lose 5-6 ships within 5-8 minutes, with the other side suffering only 0-1 loss. The game length is then usually 12-15 min. How do we improve MM so this cannot happen so easily? Here are some suggestions: 1. Low Win rate players (sub-45) cannot join a game as top-tier. They can join as same-tier, or bottom-tier, but never top-tier. Think about a T8-10 game where a couple of T10s on your side died super early without any results 2. Players who die very quickly, within 5 min, should get big penalties on xp and credits. This will make bots (or humans acting like a bot) unviable 3. No. of OP premium ships must be balanced for both teams. So you won't have one team having a Bourgogne, Somers, and Stalin fighting another team consists of only tech tree ships
  9. sfcgx3

    is Agir viable for a Secondary build now

    Agir is less affected. She wasn't a secondaries ship before rework anyway. I think she becomes even stronger with the top grade gunner skill
  10. sfcgx3

    Cant pen ANYTHING

    What are you talking about? Played a couple of games in JB since rework. Both penned the s*** out of the enemy.
  11. sfcgx3

    Journey to the West containers

    No commercial pls!
  12. I found the USN BBs (old line) quite ok throughout. NY to Colorado are slow, but NY+NM have a lot of guns that hit pretty decently. Colorado can overmatch same-tier or lower ships with very accurate guns. Despite the speed, I found them to be pretty agile in turning. You can't run but you can certainly dodge. Also they have good heal and long repair party, whose benefits may not be obvious to new players.