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  1. sfcgx3

    NPC in League of Legends

    I totally agree. Many times the mm is very inbalanced for premium. How can Stalingrad be in the same team as enterprise while the other team has no premium at all?
  2. 1. FXPed Yamato and Midway. Really dislike playing CV so the latter is obvious for me with Lexington holding 240k XP already. Izumi is a super good ship IMO so this may not be right thing. 2. Purchased Yamato 3. Reset my US CA line now that I've unlocked RB Target is Siegfried.
  3. I was in Z-23, using stock torp, and hit a low-hp Asashio (with <3k hp), but failed to kill him. My torp did 2,769 damage according to the post-battle repot. How is this possible???
  4. Thought I had a bad round with Akizuki, but actually turned out #1, with a pretty low score. Then the question is what were these other ship?? competing for the lowest score? this kind of game happens more frequently than I would like. Many players seem to obtain Tier 8, 9, 10 too early, before knowing how to play them. (or maybe these are bots)
  5. Killed Shokaku in literally the last minute when we were behind in score.
  6. sfcgx3


    But this will make attacking DDS almost impossible. Half det cation means ~1.5km. not enough time to initiate attack.
  7. This ship is so OP I have never won a game against it and seldom lost with enterprise on the same side. It's the single most OP ship in the game and must be nerfed or deleted!
  8. sfcgx3


    Tbh I would not recommend. Why: - 12 fairly fast reload 203 guns so you should be a good Fire thrower, but IFHE nerfs the fire chance too much. - you already can do well fighting most ships - If the 5 ships in Thyaliad's post bow on you likely hit a lot on the turret which you can't pen even with ifhe - you also should use AP a lot - LWM said no I suggest an immediate reset.
  9. No I don't have it. My therefore uninformed sense is you should get only one of them. I favor Agir as Agir costs less than Sieg. From what I watched on YouTube both are good ships.
  10. Moskva Thunderer Agir Thunderer is slightly less fun than I was expecting, probably due to slow shell velocity. Agir is above expectation. Tanky, good guns, good at close quarters, also capable of liking planes. Look forward to finishing the grinding of Odin, but overall very happy.
  11. No they don't do much damage but they make other players feel quite frustrating.
  12. Look forward to the next T9 or T7 battle. Less fun with CV as you are often spotted and disrupted in angling. In the end probably just favors the Soviet BBs who can tank the most.
  13. sfcgx3

    Does Siegfried makes more credit than Äegir?

    My bad I thought Sig is T10.
  14. Post the IFHE change I feel it's a debatable situation. LWM's article seems to recommend it. What do you think?
  15. sfcgx3

    Very tired of carrying losing games

    I somehow agree. Just when you try hard but lost, it's very frustrating. Here's another example.