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  1. _S_H_I_N_I_G_A_M_I_

    A Historical Marathon With Gifts!

    Yay I love co-op. Oh wait. Random and ranked battle only. It's the season to be excluded!
  2. _S_H_I_N_I_G_A_M_I_

    Washington Navy Yard-- USN BBs are Almost Here!

    Life is hard when you load so slow and most ships are dead on co-op.
  3. _S_H_I_N_I_G_A_M_I_

    Operation Source

    Yay co-op guys aren't excluded.
  4. _S_H_I_N_I_G_A_M_I_

    Five Epochs of the Navy: DESTROY THEM!

    Glad coop is allowed
  5. _S_H_I_N_I_G_A_M_I_

    Winners — Victory at Sea Essay Contest

    Always redirects to eu. Feelsbadman
  6. _S_H_I_N_I_G_A_M_I_

    Spot The Difference

  7. _S_H_I_N_I_G_A_M_I_

    Return of the Fleet of Fog: Last Chance!

    Always wanted to get my hands on ARP Kongou. Just sad that the missions have 12 chains and lasts for ~13 days and you can't do multiple missions like directives. But hey, at least it's free if we can do it. Then again, it's just a Premium Kongou, except the last which gives a Myoukou
  8. _S_H_I_N_I_G_A_M_I_

    Update 0.8.11: New Year

    And here I thought WG is subliminally telling me to do a server transfer.
  9. _S_H_I_N_I_G_A_M_I_

    Collections: Completion and Rewards

    I wish Isoroku collection is available just like the American Cruisers. It's quite an effort to do Isoroku campaign just to mount 2 flags and worse, have no high-tier ships. Meanwhile, you can opt not to do Halsey mission as you can get it on Arsenal.
  10. _S_H_I_N_I_G_A_M_I_

    Some Ways To Improve The Gameplay Now

    I wanted to write something after hearing two of my clanmates say that they've had enough of the CVs. I wrote before how I dislike T4 CVs and I still do, and gave up on it after literally a few games. So these solutions may not be the best due to not having first hand experience with higher tiers. Still, I hope somehow even as wishful thinking, that WG sees this and gives it a thought. Re-enable some of the old controls Although I think just reverting to pre-rework is better imo, I doubt it will ever be done. The next best thing is being able to waypoint both planes and ships and be able to switch controls using Z as before. That way, it's easier to control CVs during times like evading torps and fire. It doesn't happen always, but it is useful when it happens. Plus, it doesn't really make anything overpowered. And to maintain the current "attack" of the planes, make it same to waypoints of ships which are only for movement. And those planes will fly straight and not dodge AA. Improve AA/Dmg Scaling I've seen my posts regarding AA. Some complain it's too hard to dodge and melts planes too fast without even making people reach targets. Some complain how AA is useless and they still get swarmed and it discourages solo ships doing stealth flanking. So here's my take on it, scale it better (damage? Plane HP? I don't know). I noticed being uptiered by a CV made my AA useless. Meanwhile, being uptiered when I'm using a CV made my planes useless. So why not find a middle ground of damage? That's what PTS is for. For another, I'm quoting someone else's idea in here which is enabling captains to pick AA patterns, because the AI for AA is quite predictable according to some people (not me, I don't even see patterns lol). Yes, that adds more work to the captain, but it is completely optional and at least removes people blaming its predictability. Fighter Squadrons This imo, solves a lot of problems with the CV gameplay and might pacify the angry mob. What if instead of the deployable squadron around the other planes' flight path, a separate squadron is added? (Because spawning planes in the middle of the map is weird) How will it work? It basically is a RTS fighter that you can click to "escort" friendly ships but you can't manually shoot with it (like before rework). They remain automatic just like the other fighters. The difference is that, now, CV captains can actively defend their teams' capping DD. And the Fighters are allowed to deployed while other attack planes are being used (TB/DB/RP). Would it break anything? I don't think so aside from floodgating the CV spam. Only the fighters are allowed to be sent while you're using the other 3 squadrons, so no cross-drop and stuff and no complains from other ships. But doesn't that just make it more of a CV vs CV game? Well, let me ask you, do you prefer no one being able to defend you from the other team's CVs, or have your CV be able to do it? I prefer the latter. Another factor which I think would be great is Fighter squadrons reduce Air Detection of enemy planes they are actively engaging. Take note active, so it will be balanced, as all things should. Imagine a CV captain escorting a DD that's about to cap. It's a no brainer to enemy team that some ship/s is capping. So they send some planes to that point. But OH SNAP! The capping ship is escorted. Would the pilots have time to spot while being busy dodging bullets? I don't think so. Would that make the DD happy? Yes. Would that make the DD feel that CV is a good teammate? Yes, probably. Would that make the enemy CV happy? No. Would that make the enemy team happy? I doubt it. Would it promote more cooperation with teammates? Yes, considering they know the CV got their back. Would it reveal info on where the escorted ship is? Doesn't capping already do it? The only con is if a CV is escorting a non-capping ship that is trying to stealth flank. Considering planes are spotted easier than the ships. How will it be better than the current deployable fighters? Look at what happens now, usually it's a damage race between CVs. The others are sheeps ships waiting to be slaughtered. And with how some captains prefer to rack up damage instead of helping the team, that would make it worse. Given how long the 3 plane squads have to travel from A to B + occassional AA fire, some would prefer to not bother at all as it hampers their DPS. But if fighters can be controlled separately, it gives no reason to not help out the teammate in need. Bonus! They can even make national flavors on them like let's say Japanese have numerous planes but lesser HP because kamikaze. And USN have lesser but tougher. Non-instant repair for planes This is more of a random idea. What if planes repair over time? It would lessen plane spam, wouldn't it? The repair time would be based on HP lost and would be lesser than the time to recover planes. But it has flaws, considering you are stuck to sending unrepaired planes if you are spammy, instead of freshly spawned planes from the auto recovery. The game will pick the highest HPs to fill the active squadron ofc and let the lowest HP ones repair at the hangar. I have no idea how this goes, but it seems nice. Realism isn't this game's forte after all.
  11. _S_H_I_N_I_G_A_M_I_

    T4 Carriers

    I hope you brought a mosquito repellant and a swatter.
  12. _S_H_I_N_I_G_A_M_I_

    T4 Carriers

    Bogue still exists? And AS only quickens restoration time. I was talking of post rework. Seal-clubbing is a diff can of worms altogether. Heck I'd rather play a DD or pretty much any ship with torps if I want to seal-club. So I don't really see how it relates to CV being bad at T4 as other options are clearly viable pre/post-rework. It's quite weird you compare sluggish planes to sluggish boats, if that's what you're trying to do. Boats can sit on their place after arriving. Planes don't. And they can only hit a few times per run. I agree with you on the AA, they suck when you're downtiered. ← This is the opposite of how I feel when I play a non-CV ship. Hope you can say that to low tier DDs. Because from my experience, it's not that uncommon for me to kill 3-4. And I'm confident to say that I'm not even good at playing DDs.
  13. _S_H_I_N_I_G_A_M_I_

    T4 Carriers

    Is it just me, or T4 CVs are kind of bad? Here's why I think they're bad. Take note however, I only played Co-op on a T4 Hōshō and Hermes after the rework. I gave the T6 Furious a few tries on random tho (which I didn't enjoy). First as a CV player: Before I can sit on somewhere behind, and do fine, now ofc I have to get closer to the fight to lessen flight time. I'm cool with that. The problem is, even with those, I find that it takes a lot of work just moving my planes from point A to B. Furious can do that without boring me to death. Now let's move on to the AA. Being uptiered sucks (noticed the same on T6 vs T8). T4 ships can do fine against T5, but in terms of plane vs AA, they just melt. Yes, I know we should weave through AA fire, but sometimes, even the continuous one melts the paper planes. Lastly, the rewards for the efforts are meh. If I managed to live through the AA, I do mediocre damage, and that is IF I don't miss lol. I found rocket planes hard to use against DD as even bots dodge easily. Then the issue of 3 runs for 3 torps which barely flood anything in my experience. All in all, I dislike them. Note that this isn't an issue of "If I don't like it, why not FXP it?" As a non-CV player (On Randoms): First I hate how I have to deal with CVs on T3 where my AA is next to firing imaginary guns. I hardly shot down even a single plane with sector reinforcement. And I even went with my team to increase AA bubble, yet the planes remind me of pterodactyls that just swoop down on helpless prey. Can't really do anything aside from trying to turn. But often, I emerged undamaged. (Idk if I'm just good at dodging or they just suck at using CVs.) It's funny to watch it from this side when they dive only to miss completely. And to me the planes are more of an annoyance, rather than real threats. Though, if the CV player is good (or a seal clubber), what good will our AA do? Nothing much really. And the game ends up being a damage race/contest of which team has the better CV player just like before the rework. Oh don't get me started on the 2 CV per team thing, because that's just bad. Makes me imagine being plagued by mosquitoes. What do you guys think of the T4 CVs?
  14. I took Last Gasp, AR, Armor. (My cap'n is just 7 due to how low exp I get after rework) I'll prolly get CE next, not for the Hosho's benefits, but for the paper planes.
  15. _S_H_I_N_I_G_A_M_I_

    Developer Diaries: Update 0.8.4

    USSR Unique Commander which abilities are easier to activate than the other 2. The Russian bias is strong in this one.