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  1. Unfortunately I don't think we can make them all exactly the same due to a few reasons. T10 can't fight a higher tier, but they can face T8. T9 faces a similar problem. Higher tiers often have more consumables. The increased credit gain allows for the use of more premium consumable, since its price does not change. Lower tiers will always have less skilled players on average, due to newbies grinding up the lines. A veteran would get good results more easily as a result. For premium consumables, we could adjust the price. This is not too much of an issue. Although it feels a bit weird since higher tier is usually associated with higher costs. Currently, T8+ tends to cost credits for an average free player. Sustainable high tier play requires premium of some form, to keep everyone from sitting on T10. Personally I think T8 should be profitable to play because they still have to put up with ships 2 tiers above them. But T10 and T9 could probably maintain the unsustainable credit costs. Lower tiers are where new players start, meaning veterans can easily seal-club for good scores. Credit gain would need to be balanced in a way that prevents a low tier from becoming the best credit gain. Perhaps higher tiers should have greater reward for good performance? Lower tiers could perhaps be a more stable form of credit gain, while higher tiers are more dependent on their performance. In the end, we could close the gap, but I don't think we should make it exactly the same. Unless you got some ideas.
  2. Verytis

    Rank 1

    Finished rank sprint in 30 matches, in Akatsuki.
  3. I did read Max_Battle's thread. Anyways my proposal is meant to rescale credit, XP, FXP gains of lower tiers to similarly match higher tiers. This is to remove "economics" as a reason to play high tiers. Economic related missions will also be do-able at most tiers too, as a result. I just thought that making a new thread might give my suggestion more focus. @Paladinum You mentioned yourself once in the other thread, about playing high tiers for credits as a reason.
  4. I've been thinking about the NTC grinding, and economic rewards was a notable topic. So I thought about the basic credit and exp incomes, and the design and implications behind the current economics between tiers in the game. Higher tiers earn more credits and EXP. A ship's service cost, research cost, etc is presumably adjusted based on income expected from its tier. The reason behind this is to push players towards playing higher tiers. You can't unlock the next ship except by playing the ship preceding it. The credit income is also better at higher tiers. Although it should be noted that T7 is a sweetspot, partially due to higher tiers becoming a credit sink unless you have premium time, ships and/or camo. Also no T10 matchup. Side-effect is that the fresh T5s coming out of T4 are having !!fun!! because they've been protected. Further more, this also means that: Missions and directives involving credits, exp are faster to complete at higher tiers. This is an addition to those already involving "damage, plane kills, etc" A counterexample would be "kills" and "winning a match" because lower tiers are often less skilled. Missions of this type are easier to complete at lower tiers, aka "seal-clubbing". The "Victory" competition, which is an enhanced version of "directives", lasted for 2 months, before the current 8.5.0 rogue wave. It involved gathering points for wins and kills, with more granted for the use of higher tier ships. Nitpick regarding the event: When I sank a T8 with my T6, why did I get less points than vice versa? Even the rewards were less, despite in a disadvantaged match. It just felt bad. How might we change this? 1. We can't lower credits and exp income of higher tiers because lots of players will have stockpiled credits, FXP, etc. However, we can increase credit and exp income of lower tiers, and increase it accordingly for the ships to compensate. This will allow to all tiers except T10, with lower tiers seeing the biggest impact. This will help with the inflation problem due to credits, exp being easier to gain access to. It will deflate the credits, FXP for old players. At the same time, it should have minimal impact on new player. If really needed, you can give current players some credits and exp to help deal with the transition. It will also help level out the differences in credit gain between tiers. Meaning you can earn credits in lower tiers and still fund towards a high tier ship. 2. Allow lower tiers to contribute exp (Not FXP) towards ships beyond the next tier, but at a severely reduced rate. If your ship can fight +2 tiers, your ship should contribute research towards a ship +2 tiers as well. It'll also let you deal with some problematic upgrade paths that makes a ship terrible to play...which shouldn't even exist (6km Fubuki Torps...). Example: I can play Fubuki, and it will contribute towards researching Akatsuki as normal. Once Fubuki has reached elite status, a small amount of exp will automatically be funneled into Akatsuki, allowing Fubuki to contribute towards researching Kagero. Although it'll stop there since T8 is the highest tier a Fubuki will see. 3. Any further new events that are similar to the "Victory" Competition, or "directives", should be adjusted to not heavily favour high tier ships. You should still have slightly more reward for higher tiers, because lower tiers tend to be less skilled. However don't force us into it, because your events are getting TOO GRINDY. Anyways, these changes should make credit and FXP grinding at lower tiers more viable. Grinding events will also be more friendly towards people playing lower tiers. This may not be enough but it might help along with other changes and/or rewards. Oh and you'll be indirectly nerfing income benefits of premium ships, which should help deal with some "credit-maker ship" problems. Some people might dislike this part... Thoughts?
  5. Stats help to paint part of the picture, and a combination of them works best. I'd probably look at all the stats although you could probs care less about capture and defense stat. If I was to guess based on only the posted dmg and win rate. I'd guess perhaps you're shooting other battleships too much, when you could had focused on a cruiser instead?
  6. MM is completely random, unless anyone can prove otherwise. Some matches are simply auto-win for a certain side. Your win rate is a reflection of your ability to affect outcome of matches as 1 of 12 ships on your team. Aka sh*t happens and its not always in your control because there is a significant dependency on your team. With that said, I have certainly noticed some hours where games tend to be better and worse. Eg. The lowest off-peak hours consist of "many who I believe are bots or farmers". As for self-improvement, you should look at all the other stats for your ship as well, beyond just damage and win-rate. This combined with your general playstyle might help point towards your problems.
  7. Absolutely no to NTC in its current format. 1. Buffs are so broken it can push ships up 1-2 tiers in efficiency. You say that a "T11 is a nightmare" but you are effectively creating a "Tier 11" that requires a grind 7 times as hard, via buffing T10 ships. 2. The amount of re-grind is very unrealistic unless you expect people to pay2win their way out. Thats probs what you're expecting internally. We already got things like flags, premium consumables, premium camo that gives such advantages. Pushing it further is gonna alienate significant portions of players who can't pay up or burn their life on this game. 3. You're forcing us to replay ships in sequential order. Sometimes I might feel like a few games of T7, T9. "Forgetting" a line can lock players out of their favorite ships until they bother to re-grind. 4. Limiting it to T6+ ships will create a massive gap between T5 and T6. 5. Some ships have terrible upgrade paths which make them barely playable until you unlock certain upgrades. 6. Some of us don't touch lower tiers because it is often a seal-clubbing session. 7. Combine future newbies with buffed veterans and matches will get even more 1 sided. A newbie won't even get an even chance.
  8. I looked at it, saw the 6/10, followed by the 12 spotting ribbons. That alone was clear to me that something wasn't adding up. This was perfectly clear to me and thanks. The ship in the screenshot used was Kaga, a CV. The post mentioned that "12 spots and I needed 4 to complete the mission. Yet, the server completely ignored it." So I assume none of those spotting ribbons were counted. Any CV that knows their role would be getting the 1st spotting for at least a few ships in a match. So at least some should have counted. As for my own wild guess... The fact that it showed up in the results screen, means at least part of it was working correctly. Maybe getting over 10 spotting ribbons in a match somehow breaks it.
  9. Verytis

    Savage battle - This is skillz

    Congratz, this makes me feel tempted to be more aggressive too. Not for the sake of credits, but for the sake of action, and to train my torpboat skills harder. I really like this mode too.
  10. Verytis

    Collaboration? You want collaboration?

    I think a little bit of detraction from everything being historical theme keeps it more lighthearted. I came for warships, and stayed because the gameplay seemed fun. Gameplay is considered priority to me, so I personally enjoy things like the torpbeat modes. But I do enjoy watching other people discuss history, although I rarely bother looking it up myself. It adds more flavour and sometimes I just feel like learning random irrelevant stuff, while putting off actual relevant stuff.
  11. Ok corrected the items too...
  12. @Destroyers_16 Corrected. Thanks for pointing out the typo.
  13. I've been playing the new Savage Mode and I've noticed a few things, thought I'd just share. Ships in Savage mode comes in 3 tiers. You can tell by the tier by the ship icon, it has a number of stars on it. Credits earned in Savage mode are affected by your ship's tier. Below are roughly the credits you'll earn per battle (based on roughly 800 score per battle, with NO premium), and the base service costs. Tier 1 Earnings: 55k Service Cost: 10k Tier 2 Earnings: 105k Service Cost: 80k Tier 3 Earnings: 140k Service Cost 190k Note the massive service costs. Combined with the ammunition costs, it can cost credits to play higher tier ships unless you have premium. And I think most people would agree those higher tier ships are also stronger. Here is a comparison of the "Squid" Class ships, aka the Torpboats (Because I haven't got the other higher tiers yet): Tier 1 Messer (Z-52) vs Tier 2 Sea Devil (Shimakaze) vs Tier 3 Stealthedo (Daring) 15k base hp vs 20k hp vs 25k base hp. 2x4 torps at 25sec reload vs 3x5 torps at 40sec reload vs 2x5 torps at 20sec reload + RN's single launch option. 50kts vs 60kts vs 70kts Torpedo Tubes Turn Time: 4.5s vs 7.5s vs 7.2s Hydro: Messer 5km ship detection, 6.25km torp detection vs Sea Devil 5km vs Stealthedo 7km. Hydro Reload: 60sec reload but 30sec Stealthedo. Smoke: Bigger and shorter reload on tier 2+ I don't think the latter 2 benefits outweigh the gains of using higher tiers. The service costs also suggest the lower tiers are meant to be weaker, to give higher tiers an advantage. There are 300 fuel tokens from the battle missions, which can only be done in Savage Mode. To get all of them you need to earn 16.8M Credits via Savage Mode. You can choose to, based on tier: Do about 300 matches, earning a minor amount of credits per match. Do about 160 matches, your credits should roughly break even, without premium. Its still a lot of matches with no credit gain tho. Do about 100 matches, but it will drain your credits. Expect 30k to 40k loss per match, unless you get premium. My guess is that this event was made to promote premium purchase. If you enjoy this mode, you're probably fine with the tier 2 ships, although I can see how it could suck for those who might want to get this event over with. Also I'm just pointing out the "pay 4 advantages (or just pay in credits)" of this mode.
  14. Verytis


    Thank you but there's certainly far better players around these forums, I'm still new. Yes, I'm Aussie. And I guess we should probably take our chat elsewhere.
  15. Verytis


    Yes I play on Asia, and sure I don't mind playing together.