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  1. Verytis

    Kills, who should get the kill?

    OUR kills, kromade
  2. Verytis

    Is the Server down?

    Initially couldn't connect, but then the cilent restarted itself and it then got into the game.
  3. Verytis

    Serious Thought

    I'd argue that isn't the primary case. BBs and supercruisers usually pay a fair price for their overmatch and ability to citadel ships from long range. They have worse dpm, concealment, maneuverability and burn harder. The bigger threat is the 234/240mm guns, etc found on CAs because high tier CLs have this arbitrarily 16mm plating. Worcester line being the only exception. These ships suffer negligible penalties while gaining the same advantage of larger ships when encountering CLs. While a Yoshino will usually stay away at long range, a Napoli or Goliath have the potential to get much closer, setting up crossfires in otherwise impractical areas. The big exception I'd give would be Stalingrad because the magic soviet shells makes it the worst ship you could possibly encounter. I've a post in suggestions before. I have doubts the devs will read it seriously, but at least I can say I tried.
  4. Verytis

    Radar Minotaur and my first 300k game.

    Very exceptional output for a match dominated by overmatching ships.
  5. Verytis

    always the way

    I probably deserve at least 1/3 of the reports I receive.
  6. Verytis

    General Questions Thread

    A big thing about T5 DDs is that they have like 13mm plating, which means they get overmatched CA guns. Its particularly brutal when that CA is shooting Italian SAP. No amount of angling will save you, and no prop mod to help you outside of engine boost.
  7. We need 20km homing Shima torps as an April fools.
  8. Verytis

    So I was modding and I found this

    Tell us about that torpedobeat file.
  9. Verytis

    Des Moines DON'T work for me anymore

    Playing Mino definitely requires a high alertness, and even I get caught doing dumb stuff, especially during long game sessions. 1. You should recognise that Mino is flawed as a "DD hunter". Any decent DD player will know to angle against your AP. This means that your effective output is usually limited to the first 2 or 3 salvos, and further dmg depends upon teammates shooting at it. Charging towards the enemy team to keep a DD within radar is an exception, not the norm. A "DD spotter", or "DD Ambusher" would be a more correct term, unless you're on another server perhaps. 2. Full reverse and rudder shift is not always the best option, because that kind of maneuvering just resembles typical cruisers behavior. Minotaur is unique in that it can drift at high speed, giving you control over the size of your turning circle. You can go 3/4 for a tight turn, 4/4 for a wide turn, or somewhere in between. If you're turning bow-in to dodge, you should actually speed up by default. The nature of shell trajectory means that it increases the chance it'll glide over you rather than enter the citadel via the front. Knowing which ships are most dangerous also expands your risk-taking options. Eg. Russians having frictionless shells, French with fast reloads. If you're still using concealment mod, I highly recommend trying rudder. You'll reduce the rudder to 5secs which will rival some DDs. Pair that with good shell reading and you're not gonna be easy to shoot at. Doesn't mean you can go full guns blazing, but you can do open water gunnery in moderation. Still best to use islands where you can.
  10. Verytis

    Des Moines DON'T work for me anymore

    Point taken. I get away with way more than I should. However, most people also take the "Just dodge" meme too lightly. It is can be quite effective for light ships, including some CAs if they pack rudder instead of concealment. Granted they won't do it as effectively as a Mino.
  11. Verytis

    Des Moines DON'T work for me anymore

    Besides for Gouden Leeuw, all your ships are mid to long range dmg-farming focused. That kind of playstyle is not suited for a ship like DM. Another thing I noticed is your survival rate being really low. But your dmg seems to be normal, although that could be from you excessively farming BBs. Its hard to tell what or if you're doing anything wrong. Maybe start by posting the captain and build. Replays would be good, but WG hasn't fixed the exploit yet.
  12. Verytis

    Des Moines DON'T work for me anymore

    A slightly better smoke at the cost of a little concealment. The concealment loss doesn't do much against surface ships but makes the plane spotting worse. In exchange you can make huge smoke walls for your team, or crawl slowly for like 40secs... Useful for teamplay if you can secure a spotter. Otherwise its just a pesudo crawling smoke. Faster consumables is a bonus but hardly matters. A funny upgrade, but difficult to justify the price for it. Also useless if you play radar instead.
  13. Verytis

    Des Moines DON'T work for me anymore

    *Laughs in double rudder radar minotaur* Legendary DM is one of the few who can similarly match that level of maneuverability, minus the turret traverse, and I look forward to grinding up the line eventually. Been grinding towards Worcester but I don't feel satisfied by it. EDIT: On a side note, don't try to force it if the ship is not working out atm. I swear the MM just hates certain ships at specific times and will try to make you suffer as much as possible. Take a different ship and try it again later. EDIT2: Just dodge