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  1. Verytis

    Official Discord Dev QnA #2 (Not Readers Digest)

    Then just nerf Mino and worcester's long range AA into the ground and and drop their air detection to where it should be. Right now these long range AA literally compromise their concealment.
  2. Verytis

    Team Damage/Penalty needs a rework

    Whats reckless about it if you can't have accidents? You complained about Yoshino torps being dangerous to you. Yet removing TK dmg would allow said Yoshino, and other torpboats, to torp freely without worry. I see this as a total win for anyone who worries about torps and friendly fire. Isn't this perfect for you? Concealment, smoke/mobility, small profile and terrain are your tactical covers. Those tools are there to let you detach from your team. Your team is the failsafe plan, not the goto plan. If you're sitting next to your team most of the time, then you're just a lesser CL, not a DD. And your spotting damage counter is perhaps the best at gauging which you are.
  3. Verytis

    Captain downgrade skills.

    I agree, being all % based is a problem. It tends to make things further specialised and lock them into specific playstyles. This means ships with hybrid playstyles can get left behind if they want...say both gun and torp buffs. So hybrids would need stronger base stats to compensate. Speaking of which...we could use more dual-stat skills and less single stat skills. We have some like "gun + AA", and "better guns at cost of concealment" but those are further specialisations, not really supportive of hybrids.
  4. Verytis

    Team Damage/Penalty needs a rework

    This. This specific problem on our hands wouldn't even exist if TK wasn't possible. Like...what purpose does it even serve? Besides realism. Not to mention that WG staff has to waste time going through this kind of stuff...assuming they don't just leave it to their automated system, which wouldn't be surprising? Don't need to fix if no money involved. If you take your ship to the back and do nothing the entire game, it has the same effect of a TK. In both cases, your team is down 1 ship. Except in this case, you can penalise the perpetrator however you like.
  5. Its not limited to German. I think even the Haku has a small stealth spotting gap. And putting fighters at the edge of Mino's AA, will mean you keep getting spotted every few seconds, for like 20 to 30secs. Meanwhile I had another case of eating multiple citadels because fighters spotting me through islands, where I couldn't spot them back. Mino's long range AA is literally a POS and I'd prefer the 6KM Russian AA of Smolensk anyday. Typical WG's Biased balancing.
  6. Had some ranked matches in my Mino as usual. A KM CV passed near me on its way to strike 1 of my teammates. I knew he dropped fighters in front of my heading, cause I stayed spotted, just can't see them. So I went closer, since I wanted to go there anyways. And...I waited and watched as I approached...until the fighters finally showed up 4.9KM away. I knew they were super stealthy but that thing can go 2KM into my 6.9KM long range AA before it starts getting shot down. The long range AA was already questionable, but now it is a straight up weakness because its too big. This is because WG used a backwards balancing that nerfed the air detection of many CL after they realised those CLs had AA range that surpassed their air detection. At this concealment, these planes literally stealth-spot every cruiser in the game. Despite supposed to be an AA ship, CV forces me to play extremely cautious. Not because I get bombed, but because shells just really like to travel in my direction. So yh...do you think CV Fighters be able to stealth spot ships from inside their AA range?
  7. Verytis

    ST 0.9.10, Key Battle (Halloween Event ST)

    Oh nice, some change of pace and fresh features. I always look forward to these kind of events with different gameplay, more than the core game.
  8. Are you asking your teammates to become spotted before you become spotted, so that they have no buffer zone to turn around?
  9. Verytis

    Rank Update

    Well, people have always liked to complain about average player skill in the game. WG would never force players to learn because WG wants to sell high tier premium ships to get newbies hooked. Perhaps this is WG's way of taking people's call for a "skill-based MM". At the end of the day, the current ranked system still does a half-assed, limited job of separating players into skill groups. Meanwhile randoms just fits you anywhere randomly. Yes, I'm aware of the star-saving, and selfish play, etc. Still, randoms is better if you need to grind certain missions, and campaigns and ships. Credit and exp income could go either way. Also good for occasional casual play. I see your point, its not fun having stuff taken away. Although I'm quite ok with it considering we don't need to pay for consumables anymore. Also having flags that gives bonuses makes people feel pressured to use the specific flag, rather than according their aesthetic choices. Still, I do like the flag for bragging tho.
  10. Verytis

    Rank Update

    Ok but where does it describe the details of this "qualification"?
  11. Verytis

    finally after 5 years...

    any regrets?
  12. You can always try again after each match. Utilise that fact to your advantage. The fastest way to learn is to fail. So try out dumb stuff and learn where you can, and where you can't.
  13. Verytis

    ST guys, really?

    Is it that bad when torps can't go over islands? They would have very little to no gun power. And most cruisers have hydro, to lead a push.
  14. Verytis


    Came because of title, was not disappointed. But whoever edited the image, could probably have done better. The misalignment between the eyes is throwing me off really hard. Made worse by the questionable decision of including hair.
  15. Verytis

    oh come on! CVs vs DD in ranked

    I do. Nothng better to play. My only 19pt captain. But its just really sad when your team don't help you lock down the enemy team's positions. Also fighters being able to stealth spot you is pure BS. Stalingrad is BS. Your 6.9km AA is a bad thing, not a good thing The rest I can live with.