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  1. This. I'm more afraid of CV in a cruiser, than in a DD. A CV can force a cruiser to choose between exposing his citadel to enemies, or take the main force of a CV strike. At the same time, I find radar to restrict DDs more so than CVs, especially T10 Russians and their so called "short-duration" 12km radar.
  2. Edit: I was in a Lightining. HE bombers coming. I'm hiding right next to an island Oh he actually managed to spot me. I'm running away, thats not good, lets pop smoke. Smoke right behind me as I slow down, wait why m I still spotted from air. There is smoke between me and those bombers. Panic accelerate. Take 2 bomb hits. Fighters fly over the island. Wait, I never saw those fighters until now. Wth was that?
  3. I see more UI downgrades than actual upgrades from games these days, I literally wish they stop happening. Stop rearranging things and trying to make it all pretty. Usability comes first.
  4. Verytis

    when you get TKed...

    I will risk friendly fire if it will improve the chances of victory.
  5. Verytis

    Legacy Launcher does not work anymore

    A completely pointless change atm, I had to login on both the WGC and then do it again in-game. I was able to close the WGC after I've logged in. But they might integrate it further with their games at a later point, which I'd rather not happen.
  6. Verytis

    Why Coal is the best mechanic?

    I have Stalingrad and wouldn't mind a nerf.
  7. Verytis

    Advise for X tier Cruiser

    Minotaur is very different from other cruisers. She has: only 16mm armour, except for citadel Repair party that heal 40% but is limited by repairable damage from pens. No HE, only AP but with special pen angles and short fuse. Super acceleration You need to know how to use AP, and understand overmatch and angling,. You also need good aiming.
  8. Verytis


    Hmm, Yudachi torpedoes? Still, a volley of 20 at a time should count for something.
  9. Verytis


    You probably know what you're doing, but I see DDs that leave their AA on and get themselves killed every now and then. Sorry, no offense intended. I just don't feel most DDs provide enough AA. As someone who learned IJN torpboats, I feel that its better to remain hidden and fire torpedoes if you have good ones. The longer you're unseen, the most distance you could have potentially moved and your enemy has a far weaker idea of where you are.
  10. Verytis


    just keep AA off then, if anything this is an overall improvement on most DDs, unless you're Halland. Also stops bad people from trying to "provide AA support"
  11. Verytis

    Replay lack of voice effects...

    It just uses whatever is selected in voiceover settings, which doesn't include limited VOs from special captains.
  12. Verytis


    Also I really enjoyed this sentence. It speaks volumes, especially the optimist part.
  13. Verytis


    So the real advice is that its still good to have?
  14. Verytis

    New Players, what new players

    I had once also got 1 person to play the game with me and I decided it was a perfect opportunity to also grind a line from scratch. What I did instead was, give them general instructions and a basic sub-objective, while I mostly carried as a RN DD. My RN DD random stats from T4 to T7 was me almost exclusively playing while in a division with only said person. Yes it certainly is a little rough, although doable with someone coaching. (No coaching would be a different story) But I don't think it felt too bad, the low tier grind is short and its a good time to explain things in further detail if they sink. Although tbh I would be concerned with you being the coach due to your past history of saying how your teams don't deserve to win.
  15. Verytis

    Naval Legend: Bismarck

    And the video still received 3.4k likes and only about 126 dislikes. Considering that a large number of people watching this should be WOWS players, these are dark times indeed.