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  1. Oh, I was thinking more about how its generally better to turn in towards torps when caught unawares. And yes aerial torps too.
  2. AP only hurts if they can overmatch or you give them sides, same applies to SAP. Thats why RN CL and Italian CA aren't very threatening by themselves.
  3. Same applies to torpedoes tho, but noone complains about that.
  4. More important information: While there is a "dodge" factor to it, by throwing off their aim in the last second, it is also a predictive game. While briefly losing vision of you, a CV essentially has to make a prediction about where you're gonna be. You should look at the planes and watch their flight path. If a CV passes over you and is turning around to attack you from behind. You look at whether they turn left or right to come back. You would expect them to target somewhere in front of your last spotted location. Now draw a line between where they finish turning, and somewhere slightly ahead of your last spotted location. That is their most likely flight path. You should travel perpendicular to their flight path, but be turning into them before they spot you to minmise their adjustment time. Alternatively, a CV may try to make a hard turn as quickly as possible to give you no time to steer too far away. Watch where they start their attack run. In those cases, it can actually be good idea to pull your ship to a stop, so that their rockets overshoot you.
  5. I'm more annoyed of rocket planes as a cruiser than a DD, funnily. At least DD have the option to hide and evade, and smoke if caught out. But a cruiser is visible quite often because they're firing their guns. In cases where you're a -2 tier cruiser, the CV rockets can chunk you for over 20% of your hp with a good drop.
  6. Verytis

    I want some tactics and strategies of IJN DDs

    1. Rocket planes are hard to dodge but once you know how to evade them, they often struggle to land clear hits without a 2nd source of spotting such as fighters or surface ships. Bombs are very unlikely to land any hit you if you were evading. CV spotting problem applies to nearly all DDs. Basically everything applies to most DDs, not just IJN DDs. 2. Learn to angle and dodge. At lower tiers, cruisers can still overmatch you, so they are quite dangerous to approach. However once you reach T6 your armour improves, once at that tier, SAP and AP will do almost very little damage if you angle against it. Once you reach T6, Italian and UK cruisers are largely harmless by themselves, but they will beat the crap out of you if they catch you offguard. 3. Again IJN DDs are best at using their stealth, if your stealth gets blown, you need to have an exit route ready. You shouldn't even engage in close combat unless you got an element of surprise or much higher hp. Your guns have superior velocity but low dpm. This gives you an advantage when kiting at med ranges against anything that you can't comfortably outspot, however you don't won't see the full power of this trait until you reach T7 Akatsuki. Also if you get rushed in your own smoke, its your fault. Know where the enemy is and whether it is actually safe to sit in the smoke for a prolonged time. 4. Your torps are long range, you're meant to drop them from stealth, and only rush if you can show up right next to them from behind cover. The high detection is indeed a problem, but the speed of dreadnoughts at lower tiers also means they're less effective at dodging them. 5. The speed boost is actually less about the increase to maximum speed, unless you're french. A big point of speed boost is that it greatly increases your engine power, which lets you accelerate and deceelerate much faster. You can turn faster and also regain the loss speed faster afterwards. You can quickly slow down or speed up to dodge shells and planes easier. 6. Torpboats are the worst when encountering T4 triple CVs. But in matches without them, you will outspot everything and very hard for the enemy to track down. In this case, its probably more fun to encounter T6 because the maps are much larger and you don't really see triple CV. 7. Don't skip tiers, especially when you've never played at that tier before. Each IJN ship in a line tends to have significant differences that teaches different things.
  7. Pretty sure I've been able to say a lot of things and I'm rarely reported for it, although I only use english. I feel like I'm reported mainly for doing silly risks and dying too early instead.
  8. Verytis

    AIRCRAFT Carriers

    I grinded the RN DDs from the bottom and 3 CVs wasn't really an issue for it because of the short smoke. But even without smoke, the majority of T4 CVs were still learning how to drop and thus were doing mostly chip damage. And you could dodge gunfire at range, and with a bit of island cover. Gunboat DDs are doing okish, even if its only due to average CV's skill. Although torp DDs probably have a harder time. Still, they can offer smoke to the team, although their spotting duties are much more reduced. In open water, a decent CL player should easily dodge most torps and dive bombs, unless the CVs coordinate for cross torping, which I have almost never seen. For them, the main trouble is more about the CV forcing them to show broadside to the enemy surface ships. It forces them to play long range near cover until the enemy thins out. That leaves the BBs suffering. They can shrug off a bunch of hits but they're too slow and dodging things just makes it hard for them to get anywhere, not to mention having a hard time bearing their turrets in the right direction. I do think it is also half a case of players not wanting to learn the game tho.
  9. Verytis

    AIRCRAFT Carriers

    Seriously, I don't understand why people keep trying to crap on DDs for being terrible. Are they not the most influencial surface ship? Are they unimportant, despite DDs being in such small numbers in most matches?
  10. Are you implying that if this was a simulator like you wanted, then it wouldn't be a "beer and pretzel" game for entertainment? A game's primary purpose is about entertainment, although the genre and playstyle probably just isn't your thing.
  11. Verytis

    Devblog- CHINESE IMAGINERY PAPER ship is coming

    If you're calling it fair game, that seems to imply that you think the series of events is ok.
  12. Verytis

    Devblog- CHINESE IMAGINERY PAPER ship is coming

    Its not really an illness if said nation intentionally cultivated such behaviour for their own gains so that they can do whatever they want. Painting others as the barbarians is a good way to rally people under you while dehumanising the target.
  13. You can aim for specific areas on the deck. Its more noticeable with CL and DD since they like to spam HE shells and if you're not hitting the right areas, they can shatter. Eg. Your shell shattering against the thick turret armour of BBs.
  14. Yes there is always an element of RNG invovled. But even if you can't aim at specific very well, you should have noticed others doing it effectively against you at some point. The game's maximum zoom is acceptable, use the scroll wheel to zoom in and out. You also need to know where your cursor is actually pointing at, which is the water level. Then you need to adjust for your shell's arcs accordingly.
  15. Verytis

    Campaigns | should we do something about it?

    It shouldn't be hard to make another new campaign since they can probably just copy-paste a lot of the old missions. They probs just don't see it as profitable.