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  1. Verytis

    10 Reasons Not To Invite Friends

    Well, you could try a division and just chill.
  2. Verytis

    I know it's an weird thing to ask but. . .

    The only credit related bonus is the extra -10% service cost. If you hover your mouse over the permanent camo you can see the stats it offers.
  3. Verytis

    To Do, Or Not To Do.

    Make sure to account for any credit grinding you might need to do. FXP'ing a high tier ship could save you from having to buy and sell the ship for a loss later too.
  4. WG and playerbase are both part of the problem. WG doesn't care about players improving. The default UI settings are garbage. They offer no resources suitable for newbies, or even misleading resources in some cases. The xp needed to advance tiers is actually quite reasonable for new players. However you really want resources or a veteran to provide some guidance. But bonus XP modifiers throws this in the opposite direction, speeding players up the tiers when they're not ready with premium time, flags etc. Normally, 1 thing you can do is watch other players on the minimap, see their general playstyles and copy them. This is something players naturally do...minus the questionable default minimap. But as the playerbase's average skill plummets, you have fewer veterans who can lead by example, and everyone starts running around randomly or copying bad decisions. This is why I think ranked sprint and ranked seasons are great, because you see structured play. It can even feel fun because teammates have some level of reliability. But it seems the average player has no interest, and its made even worse because of the rant videos on YT over the last season. This game features historical warships, which takes significant resources to research and model faithfully. However its there to appeal to warship fans and being warship fan and a gamer aren't related, so some are probably coming in with no real gaming experience while others just want to drive their favourite ship....to ruin. And to the detriment, some knowledge like "crossing the T" could actually be harmful because the simulation part stops at the ship models. Although this game would be nowhere as successful without them. Mindset is another issue, because you don't reach T10 and completely throw your ship by giving straight broadsides or suicide rushing into a cap. There needs to be a gamer's mindset, where you throw yourself out there, see what happens, examine what went wrong and then try improve upon it. By all means, open your wallet for what you like, but not to speed up progression when you're not ready. Also look at how people still going about CV rework, its fine to be angry about it but its not helping new players. CCs didn't help the situation either. Coincidentally, I think USN lines is bad for new players. The mid tiers look like a camping trip. Slow BBs with underwater cit, so you can't get into the action while not being punished properly. CAs that hug islands. DDs with long smoke to help enable more camping. Oh, and my AA should let me not have to play against CVs. Then there are people that thinks "WR doesn't matter, its all luck". These people are basically dismissing themselves, thinking that they can't influence matches. However, it is also dismissing their teammates, who are actual players, who have the right to expect them to do a basic role.
  5. There is a inherent issue in the T7/8 armour gap. T8 BBs overmatch T7 BBs but not vice-versa. T8 BBs just drool at the sight of T7 BBs. T8 CAs have more armour than T7 BBs, but CL need to be able to pen CA without penning T8 BBs. The new changes means T8 CLs without IFHE will run over T7 BBs. Its an issue with the armour mechanics and the fact T7 and T10s play differently. It would be better if IFHE got pre-built into everything so WG can just save themselves from trying to balance ships between a firestarter and HE pen mode.
  6. I thought the +25% did affect T7s by making CLs unable to reach 32mm pen for T8+? I hope German DDs are actually part of the "German ships" they mentioned. They did include the 113mm and 100mm of the RN and IJN DDs.
  7. Verytis


    The eye candy has me interested. Can you explain the context with the Yamato?
  8. Torpedoes are still the primary weapon so its best to have more torpedo speed. You should already have enough turret transerve to keep up with the ship turning. You'll still need to pre-turn your turrets towards the enemy anyways. I was previously using the turret traverse mod with BFT but no EM. I'm waiting for a reset so I can trade BFT for EM + PM. Other people might not feel the same way, but I think Akatsuki represents what IJN torpedo boat gameplay should be. 3 Launchers with short reload, and good ship speed makes it really flexible. CL at her tier still have thin enough armour that you cn pen them. She can't hold ground. But in a kiting position she can trade with all other DDs in her tier. The thing about T7 DDs is most of them aren't hyper-specialised yet and Akatsuki is the unique ship of the line that teaches you to actually use your guns. The map is not in full lockdown from long duration radar and CV so you can move around much more. In the higher tiers ships tend to drift towards their own respective playstyles and DPM skyrockets. It can feel like a pigeonhole. Kagero felt ok performance-wise but it was diving back into a passive role. Sitting around, spotting, while waiting 2mins to send torpedoes isn't very exciting. Kagero and Yugumo both have lower base torp DPM with massive reload, compared to Akatsuki, presumably because of their TRB. I guess WG's intention is that they're meant to rely on concealment rather than smoke, and just use TRB. But with CVs running around, its still rough trying to get around without smoke even with "just dodge". I want to grind towards Shimakaze but I just don't feel it can offer a similar enjoyment to Akatsuki. Like...trying to go gunboat build feels like it'll be a waste since you'll rarely get to use it? I'd need someone with Shima experience for advice...
  9. If this is a reference to me, I apologise that I foul-mouthed in your thread. I'm just commenting what little I can because I haven't played the ship and you got me genuinely thinking about the ship. I had to go look at the armour scheme myself because I'm aware of ships like Konigsberg with a 20mm citadel deck. The other comments are just my opinions regarding the general state of the game, and sometimes I may be unintentionally snarky. I look forward to your future content.
  10. IFHE change is literally designed to dump on T7s. They're not getting the 1/5 HE pen but their IFHE bonus is nerfed so they can't do crap to T8+.
  11. This. I looked at Isokaze's guns and I was literally dumbstruck, and I expect the Euro DD to completely run it over in every way.
  12. Verytis

    CV Rocket Plane Adjustment Suggestion

    Its so sad that we can't even expect them to change default settings. WG absolutely doesn't care to push the average newbie's skill up. Alternative interface should had be set to "on" by default. I remember having to tell a newbie to go turn it on while I was in T4 a week ago.
  13. Perhaps you could had talked about the armour a bit more? I would probably avoid pushing people to skip a ship, we got too much people going to high tiers not being familiar to play already. Btw your intro and warning takes up 30secs, you could probably cut it down.
  14. Verytis

    CV Rocket Plane Adjustment Suggestion

    Depends if it applies to premiums. I seen a Graf Zeppelin do a 90 degree turn and drop me for 2.5k hp, and it was done within my 2.7km air detection. I was stationary and he just barely slipped into my air detection. So that was kinda impressive.