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  1. Verytis

    Deadeye is dead?

    Hmm its an interesting idea but... If a BB is being perma-spotted but can't see who is spotting them, they're probs already in a spotting disadvantage. And we know how games can roll when 1 side has gone blind while the other has full vision. This might actually make it worse, since BBs are now running from a hypothetical DD and planes. Well, worse, but not much worse. Because poor players are already further away than necessary. Poor players will still play poorly regardless, and I still hate the excessive RNG nature of BB guns. I don't hate deadeye enough to want it gone. I rather just remove the "be outside concealment range" conditional, with perhaps a mild nerf. I'd also enjoy seeing small mobility buffs to cruisers to slightly compensate. Straight-liners sinking is fine by me, although it probably isn't for WG.
  2. I could inspect the page and see the youtube embed link is there, but I see no traffic to youtube in the page itself. So all I see is an empty space where the video should had been because the contents seem to be ignored. I'm only getting this problem on these forums atm.
  3. I've watched Flamu's vid and the entire basis seems to be that WG has a need to maintain population, and assumes WG can never balance CVs properly with that goal in mind. I gotta admit it swayed me for a moment, while I was wondering how much the old graphs reflect the current reality. And this is coming from someone who gets a kick from watching CVs wasting time on my DDs and then give up. So if someone was looking for a reason to hate CVs, and believed Flamu to be a trustworthy source. I can see how one might go down the rabbit hole. The WG staff's patchy response didn't help WG much either. This feels like misinformation. Also I have no idea why, but embedded YT vids in the forums fail to load for me. I think everyone else can still see it tho?
  4. Obligatory small brag: So, at this point, I can roll over bronze league quite easily. I've thought about going for silver league, but then I quickly realised that there is an incentive problem. I can't realistically see myself replicating this kind of performance in Silver. Which means that Silver actually requires more effort to earn the SAME amount of rewards as bronze. And if I don't rank out of Silver league, I don't actually get any additional rewards either. This just makes me wonder..."do I actually want to be in silver?" New System: The new system can be viewed as effectively 3 separate ranked modes, otherwise known as "leagues". Participation in the next league requires qualification, which is ok. HOWEVER it also forbids you from participating in the previous league. This creates some problems: You risk being stuck in a certain league where you don't want to be. And the current season lasts 12 weeks. You forfeit the rewards from the previous league, in the hope of better rewards from the higher league. A matter of efficency: I get rewards for winning, not losing. And every lost match where I fail to save a star, it means I have to play 2 matches to catch up. In terms of rewards, the current star system is also geared towards sitting on a league where you're comfortable. Not where you're uncomfortable. If you can consistently win or save star in your current league, but cannot replicate it in the next league. You will require a disproportional amount of effort to get anything, including getting the same amount of rewards as the previous league. This disincentives a player from pushing themselves to improve. How to make Silver more attractive than Bronze: It should be easier to get bronze league's equivalent in rewards, when in silver league. Bronze league gives you all the rewards for 12 victories, and reaching rank 1. Silver gives the equivalent amount for 18 victories, which actually requires more effort than playing bronze. This should be compressed to just 10 victories. This can then be followed by adding additional rewards for victories beyond this number in Silver. Have a larger reward for Silver rank 1. Bronze and Silver leagues both give the same amount of doubloons and steel for ranking. The same logic can be applied to make gold more attractive than silver.
  5. Some classes are simply worse at teamplay than others. And some ships are just able to operate independently, better than others. CVs cannot try to cap, but it can provide big spotting advantages, compared to one that is in tunnel vision mode. A BB can rarely do an early push, but it can still try to set up a crossfire position, instead of hugging the rest of the team. And a radar cruiser next to the cap could be argued to actually be attempting teamplay, especially if there is a CV which would drool at the sight of a lone stationary ship. Radar can also be baited out to a certain degree, depending on circumstances. And if none of his teammates are doing teamplay, they're probably not shooting the DD either. A DD that refuses to teamplay and ignores caps, could well be handing it to an opposing DD. Make use of what you have, and that includes knowing what kind of "teamplay" people will volunteer to do if you just feed them the information.
  6. Hmm, thats interesting... If we go by your assumption that everyone is not engaged in teamplay...doesn't this mean that if a single person decided to do teamplay, that person's team instantly gains a huge advantage? While everyone is competing in strength warfare, 1 person would be allowing his team to completely dominate in information warfare. You know...like how 1 side with all their DDs lost or in hiding, while the other side has all their DDs fully operational on the field.
  7. Verytis

    Roast me!!!

    Almost perfectly balanced.
  8. Tbh I'd be slightly interested in seeing Flamu now that he has gone from a loose cannon to being largely unchained. Hes not always right and has some heavy bias like being anti-CV. But seeing him not with-holding his opinions also makes him more interesting to watch. If anything, his toxicity is amusing for occasional laughs. Just as there are unicums, there are unicums in the opposite direction. Its just that saying it out loud is a taboo, usually for good reason. That said, he does go overboard considering audience size, and WG doesn't need to give his voice more authority. --------------------------------------------- Flamu aside, we'll also want too see how WG behaves from now on. Are they really cracking down on toxicity, or "wrong-thinking"? I'm far more interested in WG's reasoning than Flamu himself.
  9. Verytis

    The Zoupening

    Why write such a long response then Isn't Zoup meant to be a casual dealing with family, so has even less time to keep up with the game...than most of us? And whoever reads that post, would probs be someone who also reads devblogs and patch notes too. So, who is Zoup referring to? Himself? I wouldn't mind being corrected. 🤣
  10. Except I'd argue skill and organisation are the most effective ways to negate Torpboats. AP and torps are situational dependent weapons. This makes them most effective against casuals, while unicums will know how to minimise their exposure. As long as we balanced based on the average player, those weapons will likely keep underperforming. In randoms, I like torps are for picking on straight-line BBs, especially when opposing DDs don't zone you effectively. In ranked, I'd happily trade some torps away because my goal is about making the opposing DD suffer instead. And there is gonna be RPF tracking you and CVs coming to make you burn smoke.
  11. Verytis

    The Sad Truth

    All my other stats tend to lag behind my WR, unless its a BB (which I suck at). So I just never rate PR and dmg too highly. If you stay back and keep farming in a lost match, that has a tendency to raise your avg dmg too. A won match would usually involve your team rolling over the other team.
  12. I'm not unicum but I think I can speak about DDs at least. For most DDs, 40% gun accuracy is pretty normal. This is because DDs often want to use their stealth and wait for a clear window to fire, rather than non-stop spam. Combined with their shorter range and low dispersion, DDs have highest accuracy. As for DD torps, most of my DDs have a torp accuracy of around 6% in randoms. It could probably be a bit better tho.
  13. Verytis

    📰 ST, Axis vs Allies

    Cossack is the best anti-DD DD. Lightning only afraid of Cossack and Kidd, while outspotting Akizuki by wide margin. Both RN DDs are gonna render IJN torps meaningless. Chapayev and Edinburgh can stealth-radar. Kutuzov is a smoke HE spammer. Loyang is a better German DD. Massa is overall better than Bismarck. Enterprise is Enterprise. Meanwhile Axis has...Atago. Yeah no, this literally fails on paper. The only case where I think this might be ok, is if you exclusively used only use the Ocean map, since all Axis have good shell velocity and thus generally prefer open water fighting.