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  1. While a lot of ships on the list make sense, a significant portion also seems questionable. We have DDs that cost as much as large cruisers. There seems to be an over emphasis on radars. Disregard for CL's overmatch vulnerabilities, and ships that can exploit them. The disparity in cost is just huge, even if accounting for the opportunity cost of the limited 7 slots. With an Austin valued at 16pts while Nevesky is at 74pts for nearly 5x difference.
  2. Verytis

    Official Forum will be closed permanently

    I use discord for various things like CB but I still wouldn't bother to visit WOWS discord. Not gonna sort out all the misinformation being posted by such a large crowd because I like bait except it'd be an unwinnable and exhuasting battle. I prefer this small corner of the internet that I can actually keep up with. If you'd rather lose player engagement, then go ahead. But f**k you for breaking my routine.
  3. Most T7s don't uptier well due to armour/upgrade slots. If you've been trying to stand ground against T8+ equivalents , this is the real reason for your bad time. T7 BBs cannot be played as actual BB when fighting against T8+. You have to play them as a large CA. Barring few exceptions, they're all vulnerable to the overmatch mechanic. This is a good time to read about it, if you haven't.
  4. Verytis

    ​📰 Closed test 12.7 - Trade-In

    They are just list of options for possible inputs and outputs. At this point it's just finding any half baked excuse to call "WG bad" Another thing to note is that its possible to trade coal ships for doubloon ships, if albeit rather limited selection. This means it's possible to offset doubloon costs with coal. WG is likely being careful about the options they're giving.
  5. Verytis

    What to do with submarines as a BB

    Reminder that most BBs have ASW range is roughly equal to that of subs. A sub cannot ping and fire torpedoes at you without risk of taking ASW hits in return. Its mostly a few premiums that got shafted with shorter ASW because of their strong surface performance. ASW planes are specialised for attacking subs, nothing else. You can use them without sacrificing output against other ships. A decent player can just casually dump them in the sub's general direction on CD. And if you're a good player you can make some educated guesses based on their last ping/spotted torpedoes etc. Sub homing torps are also considerably weaker than regular torps and have low flooding chance. A BB can actually afford to take some hits. Its somewhat similar to how you'd deal with DDs. Back off. Ping the map. Drag the enemy as far as you can towards corner of the map using your gun range until help arrives. Some people need to stop exaggerating or outright spread misinformation.
  6. Verytis

    Halford review in random battles

    But have you considered RPF + plane spotting? Just cv spotting broken hax them back.
  7. Verytis

    AFKs and Pink Players

    Been getting disconnected between almost every match. Sometimes right as the match starts, but before loading into it. Theres something off with the servers.
  8. Verytis

    New EU DD Branch

    Its 2023. Why are you still recommending BFT?
  9. Verytis

    Coal for Unique Commander or Ship?

    Have you spent your ship coupon yet? Will you have enough coal leftover for it? If not, is there a French ship you can see yourself playing enough to put the captain on it?
  10. Verytis

    New container missions in the Armory

    200 containers, aka 360k coal on average for 1 ship. 7.3% chance of getting a ship out of the 15 containers available.
  11. Verytis

    Nottingham Tokens?

    Warning for those buying permanent camos. If you also value the default base camos, you should consider buying them first. Because you lose the discount that comes with your first camo.
  12. download the latest version off their website and reinstall it.
  13. 457mm is only a major deal at T10 because 406s can't overmatch 30mm CA armour. In T8/9 most BBs overmatch CAs by default. Only Musashi's 460mm is crossing common overmatch thresholds.
  14. I had to hover my mouse around to find a mention that post-rewards are "automatically credited". So I believe it depends on whether you were upgraded at the time of the rewards being credited. I ran into that same issue recently, it is either a poor UI design or just WG being scummy with the way details are hidden. I'd lean towards the latter.