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  1. emmmmmm...... It seems that I made a stupid mistake. I have a voucher for Coal or Steel Ships here. But I didn't click on this choice when I‘m buying the ship. (To be exact, I was clicked, but the system didn't use Voucher for me). I spent 5000 extra steel...… I've contacted support. But can it be returned?
  2. ForsakenPandaQ

    Talk about Convoy

    Conoy a very interesting new battle. but I think it still has some problems. The purpose of attacker is simple, just destroying enemy transport ships. However, destruction is always easier than protection. I played at least 50 games. Half games as a protector. I find that it is hard to win if the enemy just want to rush our transport ships. This situation is even worse when there have Aircraft Carriers in this game. The HP of transporter ship is too low that makes enemy easily kill it. Even under the protection from the smoke. Perhaps we can promote the HP of transport ships. Then, I think the route of transport ships in some maps are not appropriate. It may be a little close to the enemy, making the above problems more serious. I will show them next. Maybe there still are some maps I haven't played yet. I will just show the map that I played. I'll circle the places that I think is not good with red pen.
  3. The Airstrike armament of De 7 Provinciёn is better than other Dutch cruisers'. But its Armor structure, Artillery capability and Motility are not pretty good between the same level. I even saw some anchors play it as an Aircraft Carrier. Hiding behind the mountain. Waiting for loading of Airstrike. Making damage by firing other ships. Because its stay behind the mountain, most all ships can't deal with it. It's AA defense is very good. So many times, aircraft carriers also have no way to deal with it. HAHA, Interesting play!
  4. ForsakenPandaQ

    Some suggestions on submarines

    Probably, It's really a way to improve the submarines. But it is not certain that the submarines situation can be changed by this way.
  5. ForsakenPandaQ

    Recommend me a high-tier coal ship

    Napoli might be a good choice. Not because how strong or fierce it is. It just can say it have some unique features. But if you want to tap it potential. You still need some great skills to play this ships. If you sure about your skills. Napoli must be a good choice! Or you can just keep the coal until the new ships Incomparable come to this game. Watching how is this ship. Then, deciding how to use your coal.
  6. As the tittle. Which ships are still good choice for this time lv.6 Clan War? Leave your thoughts. Thanks!
  7. ForsakenPandaQ

    Some suggestions on submarines

    This time I want to talk systematically about submarines. And following is personal opinions. Submarines open up new possibilities for this game. I also look forward to the coming of the submarines. But I think there is still some problems with the submarines. The first problem is about sonar pings. Enemy ships will be warned and told the exactly place of sonar ping when they is locked by sonar. I think a little change can be made in this aspect. I will give the following suggestions: Enemy ships won’t be warned when they is pinged by sonar first time. But will be warned when the same place is pinged by sonar for twice or all place is pinged by sonar more than three times totally. When you pinged by sonar twice at the same place, damage control party can’t remove that. Why I suggest that? Because, when It's easy for the enemy ships to know where the ping is. It means enemies is easy to know the general direction of submarines. Next, it's easy for the enemy to avoid damage from the submarines by changing their orientation. And the submarines are poor on mobility, which means they may can’t take action on movement in this map and make high damage to enemy ships in this game. You'll find that more players get familiar with submarines, more easier for players aim at submarines. Second is about the guidance system of torpedo. I think we can make this system more smarter. Then, I'm going to point out where it need more smarter: Every time, torpedo will be guided to the ping-place. If the ping-place is changed, torpedo will be guided to the new ping-place. Sometimes it will disrupt the attacks of the torpedos. Actually, we can just divide the ships into two to four parts. DD for two parts. Cruiser for three parts. BB & CV for four parts. Which part you pinged, torpedos will be guided to the middle point of this part. But if you want to make more damage. You still need to ping same place for twice. 2. Torpedoes need to plan its route more rational. For example, There is a mountain on the left, and no mountain on the right. But sometimes the torpedos will choose the route which will be hit on the mountain. Interesting! Finally, talk about German submarine. I don't think they're strong enough now. Short trop range. Don’t have torpedo at the stern. These two key factors determine that it is not strong. The main functions is not as good as other countries, no matter how special features it have.
  8. ForsakenPandaQ

    ​🚢 Return of Missouri (Developer's Bulletin 0.10.7)

    It's good to see this ship back. But the high yield feature is gone. 😞 little sad.
  9. ForsakenPandaQ

    Talk about Submariner

    The following content is my personal opinion. I recently tested the submarine, which gave me a strange feeling. specifically, I feel that Submarine doesn't have a very clear position. It’s in an awkward position now. Somebody say that Submarine is more like an assassin. But I don’t think so. Because no which assassin would reveal his intentions and location before assassinate? Submarine ridiculously reveal that. Enemies know they are marked when Submarine mark them. They even know exactly where the mark is, which allow them to avoid torpedoes very early. It just like an assassin telling his enemy that “I'm going to assassinate you. Run!” when he was preparing to assassinate. Don't you think it's weird? Besides, can’t the torpedo track be a little smarter? Torpedoes always crash themselves into mountains. Can't it just plan the route properly? I think WG don’t want to affect balance of the game when they add Submarine in. Indeed, we can clearly see that Submarine really not destroy this kind of “balance” in this time test. But as a result, the existence of Submarine become unnecessary. It can’t change the war situation at all in most games. It's the same for the game with or without it. What the hell is Submarine here for? I will write a separate proposal later that will give some specifics about my views on submarines. Now I more want to know how do you think about it. Thanks!
  10. A lot of mixed type ships have come out recently. That seems to be the way of the future about this game in WG‘s thoughts. I don't know if it's good for the player's experience or the balance of the game. How’s your thinking?
  11. ForsakenPandaQ

    S O S ! ! !

    Are such super testers not officially regulated? I think Its not a pretty good thing to exercise super test privilege such like this.
  12. ForsakenPandaQ

    One suggestion on Ranked Battles

    The following is my personal opinions. Ranked Battles is totally different from Random Battles, which need more tactical cooperation. So, I think Ranked Battles should add a team up function which can let players play together with their friends and let them play the best cooperation effect in the Rank Battle. At the same time, more entertainment is added too. And I know it may not fair to some individual players. So, I also think we should limit this kind of team up behavior to make matchmaking more balance. How to achieve this kind of balance? I'll give some personal solutions here. 1. A maximum of two players are allowed to form a squad. 2. The level in the Rank Battle of players from the same squad should be close. 3. The players can't choose the same type of ship in the same squad. 4. At most one squad is allowed on each side in a game. 5. In a game, if one side have a squad, that other side must have a squad too. And the type of ship between two squad should be same. Of course, my suggestion must be incomplete. And these are just my thoughts on Ranked Battle.
  13. The following contents are personal opinions only. After 0.10.4 update, the mechanics of “Economic XP and Credits” is more Reasonable and equitable which make players can get more benefits from their decisions in the game. That’s great. But I think this mechanics still lack some flexibility. What “flexibility” means. I will explain that. It is obvious that the things a destroyer can do under the different circumstances is totally different. For example, the destroyer will cap more easier if the game don’t have aircraft carrier or radar ships this time. It’s also means that aircraft carrier and radar ships can restrict destroyer’s movement on many occasions. It will greatly affect the rewards of destroyer players. For another example, destroyer may could have a great chance to torpedo at this place, making a good damage and getting big reward on Economic XP and Credits. But now aircraft carrier limit this place, which destroyer can’t move to this place and torpedo. As thus, many rewards of destroyer is lost. In the worst situation, the destroyer players just can spot all the game even they don’t want the things be like that. But we know player just can get not much rewards from spotting. Finally, Even players win this one, their game experience won't be great actually. So, destroyer should get more rewards than usual from spotting if the game have aircraft carrier this time. The same problem also occur on battleships. The battleship player who take more damage from enemy will have less chances to make damage to enemy. The rewards from sustain is less than making damage. we need brave battleships to hold up front sometime. But some players will just stay behind in order to get more rewards. It is unfair to those battleship players who holding up front. That's what I think of as flexibility. Of course, the examples that I gave just a little of many situations. That's all I have to say. Thank for every patient readers.
  14. ForsakenPandaQ

    Some Suggestions on Hayate

    Hayate need 2 million overall experience to exchange. But most of players don't think she is worth to exchange. It's not because her expensive cost. What people say Hayate the most is she don't have unique feature to become a special ship comparing with other ships. That is the main reason! In previous versions, why players like to exchange Smaland rather than Hayate when they need same cost? I think because Smaland have more unique feature. Even at last we know Smaland off the shelf finally because she is to strong than other ships. And now, we can clear see that Hayate is weak than other ships. Why I say that? First. Hayate don't have unique consumables. Whether Smoke, Engine Boost or Torpedo Reload. And she can't use Torpedo Reload with Smoke at the same time. The most important thing is she have a bad Tropedo Reload which need 240s to repear. In nowadays game environment, it become harder and harder to let players using it. So, she can't be a first-class Tropedo Ship. Second. Hayate doesn't have a strong artillery capability to against with other DD ships. Even she have a higher HE damage. But Hayate need 4s to reload, which just can let Hayate make no more than 200 thousand HE damage per minute. Meanwhile, Hayate have a iffy Concealment ---- 6.1KM. These make Hayate vulnerable to other DD ships. Also, she can't be a first-class Artillery Ship. The last obvious problem is AA Defense. But she is a Japanese ship, I will not mention that. In conclusion, Hayate now in a very awkward situation. We can't say Hayate good or bad Both in Tropedos, Concealment, Artillery...... And I think a Special Ships shouldn't be like this. It must have unique feature to make her worth to exchanged by using 2 million overall experience. And the word "unique" also not mean Hayate must be very strong to others ships. Players like to see some Special Features on Hayate. Just like Smaland, Paul, vampire II......