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    Stop trying to make players think they are missing some thing if they do not unlock the Russian cruiser LAZO all those that did it first can report it is a total waist of time it is the worse cruiser at level Vll in game and has no point, unless it is put at level V were cruisers that are this week and pointless should be. It has very very very very very very very very very very very week armor and so on maybe it should be a level four cruiser. It should not be being promoted as a primum cruiser at all most players that already unlocked it will tell you it's a waist of time. Maybe if they put it at level four or maybe five it would be ok but at level Vll seven it should not even be in game..
  2. Cmdr_Orphius


    So has every body seen the launch screen get the LAZO Russian cruiser while you can, I was one of the very stupid players that got it as fast as possible my advice is it is one of the worse cruisers in game ignore it. It has very very very very and so on and so week armor it has a very very and so on """""""""""""" week citadel it has very very poor ballistics compared to every cruiser from tier V and up you will be wasting your time if you are thinking of unlocking it. If they put it at level V then maybe it would be OK but my first few battles I was blown to bits even before I could get in range of any ships to fire at, next battle I was blown to bits by a British level V cruiser in one shot, just before I got in range to be able to shot at it. They need to fix it or put it down two levels so it can be used as intended as a light cruiser.. And don't forget it has no heel at all so normally two hits at most and you are dead with out even firing a shot back..
  3. Cmdr_Orphius

    Now! How many statistics of Santa containers(2018)?

    The Chance of getting a ship is very very very very very LOW, the chance of getting a rare ship is less than nil. The chance of just getting Camos for ships is very very very very very high you may be very lucky and get Doubloons. If you are very very very extremely lucky you may get a destroyer if you buy 50 Sants Mega gifts. But then it will not be worth it so better just to buy the ship you want if its in the store.. And just to prove my point im very very stupid and have more than two accounts so I have tested it the chance if getting a ships is so low you would be better just not bothering and just open the free ones..