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    Camouflage Modding: Camouflage textures and XML Editing

    Could this be expanded in to an all out camp editing program? Like a small exe that presents a dropdown allowing you to choose a color group, or select all, then import a color picker script like this: https://forum.reallusion.com/402184/Python-Module-Color-Picker-Dialog Then adjust the result (/255 then /5)
  2. Ruddy88

    Camouflage Modding: Camouflage textures and XML Editing

    I worked out a RegEx that can be used in Notepad++ to allow global changes to each color group. Find: <color0>.*([^x]{5})</color0> Replace: <color0>R.RRR G.GGG B.BBB \1</color0> This will find all instances of <color0> and replace the RGB values to whatever you type in (R.RRR, G.GGG, B.BBB). It also captures the exsting alpha value and puts it back in so that you dont mess with the transparency in the camos. Make sure you are using notepad++, find and replace, and be sure to select Regular Expression and leave the checkbox unticked for ". matches newline" To change other color groups obviously change <color0> and </color0> to either 0, 1, 2, 3 or UI (on both the find and replace fields).