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  1. Nikita_Krushchev

    Ranked Sprint shipposting

    For me, The ranked Sprint is pretty fun.... The Thrill sensations when enemy CV tries to hunt me....
  2. Nikita_Krushchev

    Somehow...i survived

    Fail Division...
  3. Zara, either as a DD Hunter or Flanker
  4. Nikita_Krushchev

    WG now

    Krasny? total SH*T
  5. Nikita_Krushchev

    Roon is weak and boring to play

    idk why, but i think Roon is better Than Hinden due to MM (Tons of JBs and Georgias), roon is a joy to play tho
  6. Nikita_Krushchev

    Odin HP Debuffed (Bullcrap Alert)

    They made Odin crap.....
  7. Nikita_Krushchev

    Soo who is still staying in the SEA server?

    Skillwise ASIA > Others Found too many broadsiding scrubs and camper in NA, even worse than Asia I'm Staying