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  1. After the attack interval was changed, the bombing opportunities were lost, resulting in the inability to launch attacks in the later stages. The European destroyer ’s excessive air defense capabilities and air concealment made the aircraft carrier unable to fight back. Even if the destroyer proactively approached the aircraft carrier, the aircraft carrier could not fight back. I request a refund for all value added aircraft carriers! !! !! !! !! !! !! !! !! !! !!
  2. For_Credits

    0.8.10 版更新:「決心與速度」

    This is an unreasonable update. The income of the aircraft carrier has been reduced. And the water player did not have to compensate, only got the first or second name in the name. I can accept the reduction of the aircraft carrier experience in the RANK competition, but in a random battle, this is meaningless.
  3. For_Credits

    0.8.7版更新:法國驅逐艦 – 第2部分

  4. For_Credits

    CV Update Plans - up to 0.8.4

    Stupid update, I am sure that the mother of the game designer was killed by the aircraft of the aircraft carrier.
  5. For_Credits

    这是我玩过最垃圾的版本 没有之一

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  7. 可能你不喜欢就是凉了吧,你说什么就是什么吧
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