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  1. SgtSullyNZ

    WoWS Update 0.8.2

    Torp Beats is such an insane Melee!!!
  2. SgtSullyNZ

    WoWS Update 0.8.2

    Keep Space battles, but just a week or 2 surrounding May 4th. Looking forward to the next event and challenge, maybe I am too much of a Noob to know any better.
  3. SgtSullyNZ

    WoWS Update 0.8.2

    Enjoying the event and the opportunities for variety. Well back to the challenges ahead
  4. SgtSullyNZ

    Performance issues since 0.8.0

    Still get the occasional freeze frame, but still playable. Now back to the Mission
  5. SgtSullyNZ

    Premium Time

    Maybe if there is sufficient interest/ support for this WG may make it happen?
  6. SgtSullyNZ

    Premium Time

    Would the Prizes from events be better awarded in a Prize Container? That way you see what you got, and can open when suits to best utilise any Premium Time etc
  7. SgtSullyNZ

    Premium Time

    Agreed, do not think it will happen, but that is the reason for discussion
  8. SgtSullyNZ

    Premium Time

    Well here in New Zealand it is between 10am and 1pm (so Lunch-Time) regardless of when it happens it is time we are prohibited from using our account. And that time should be compensated in my opinion
  9. SgtSullyNZ

    Premium Time

    As I recently discovered, I was awarded Premium Time as a result of successfully get in the Top 10% of the weekly Fly! Strike! Win! event, what I see as an inherent flaw as it awarded at the end of the patch, we get a new patch and the server is down from between 2 to 3 hours, 4 hours if you count the hour before the patch ends. This is a scheduled activity, so why are we being disadvantaged by this? The Server will be down for 1.30 mins tomorrow with the new patch, all time we cannot access the server and any Premium time cannot be utilised then? I would appreciate hearing if others would like to see the clock stopped on Premium Time or rolled back on Server Down activities?
  10. SgtSullyNZ

    Performance issues since 0.8.0

    "Hello, Commander. Thank you for contacting us. As a solution to this issue, you can try the following steps: Download the following archive: http://dl-support.wargaming.net/wows/ru/diag/WorldOfWarships.zip Unpack it in any empty folder Replace the file worldofwarships.exe in the game folder with the unpacked file Launch the game and check for the issue Please inform us of a result." Maybe that will help?