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  1. ArmoredFrost

    Can we get an update on tranfers?

    Mods here most of the time do not give you the courtesy of a simple reply, unlike the ones in the NA server.
  2. ArmoredFrost

    E-Games on SEA Games

    It has given everyone here something new to look forward to. Prizes for teams can reach as high as Php 2,000,000 (approx. USD 40,000) In my opinion, while World of Warships has what it takes to become a solid e-sport, it does not yet have one crucial requirement to become one: a huge fan base like what DoTA has. In a way, that is good because I sometimes dislike it when a game becomes too mainstream. https://businessmirror.com.ph/2019/12/04/esports-makes-its-debut-in-the-30th-southeast-asian-games/
  3. ArmoredFrost

    Removed from queue due to "technical issues" on server

    @MatterCore 13:50 UTC was like 20 minutes ago... Still no game for me...
  4. Hey WG, what is this all about? Random, Co-op, Operations, all inaccessible.
  5. ArmoredFrost

    Alaska B without BLACK CAMO????????

    Are you using any mods?
  6. ArmoredFrost

    Bye for now, Twilight Battle!

    By the time the sun will rise in our part of the world, Twilight Battle would no longer be available. I had so much fun playing and I thoroughly enjoyed it—wins, losses, and all—that I haven't entered a single Random Battle ever since Raid of the Filth started. In the last few days I made it a goal to beat my previous battle performance in terms of damage points. When I started keeping score, I reached 300, then 320, then 400, 500, 600. Just recently, I pulled off 748,592 damage, which is my highest ever yet. I also earned nearly 2,000,000 Elite Commander XP to promote two captains from level 14 to level 16 (with enough to spare for others), and enough Free XP for my Tier IX battleships to unlock two Tier X BBs: Kremlin and Montana. This year's Halloween event has truly been a blast, including 1) those players whom I've had the pleasure of teaming up with for "filth", and 2) those I have had the honor to destroy and send to the depths of Monster Bay! I am one happy World of Warships player. How about you? Were you able get all the rewards?
  7. ArmoredFrost

    We Need More Dark Maps

    You want dark maps? Bright skies hurt your eyes? 😆
  8. What truly burns me out is the way the Premium Time is implemented. I hate that it still runs even if you're not logged in, leaving me little choice in the matter of balancing real life responsibilities as a parent and the demands of the game.
  9. ArmoredFrost

    Cheaters becomming rampant in the game again.

    What if these players are merely trying to melt mountains and hills?
  10. ArmoredFrost

    WoWS down again?

    We experienced it too. I was in the middle of a random when all of a sudden the game got cut off.
  11. ArmoredFrost

    SEA Server Nov 7 Horrible Connection.

    Well and good that the main problem has been resolved. At the height of the issue, I sent Customer Support a screenshot of the PingPlotter report that definitively confirms the problem (very high packet loss, insane latency) belong in their own servers, and fortunately, they responded and resolved it. That said, how will Wargaming compensate the countless players affected? Premium time was definitely lost.
  12. ArmoredFrost

    Devblog- CHINESE IMAGINERY PAPER ship is coming

  13. ArmoredFrost

    Thoughts on player behavior on Twilight Battle

    I agree. I don't like PvP in Raid of the Filth as I want everyone to get the perma camos and coal, but I won't back down if challenged or double crossed. https://twitter.com/armoredfrost/status/1193916290580107265?s=19
  14. ArmoredFrost

    Thoughts on player behavior on Twilight Battle

    Of course PvE in Twilight is optional. What is NOT optional is keeping one's word.