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  1. ArmoredFrost

    WoWS down again?

    We experienced it too. I was in the middle of a random when all of a sudden the game got cut off.
  2. ArmoredFrost

    SEA Server Nov 7 Horrible Connection.

    Well and good that the main problem has been resolved. At the height of the issue, I sent Customer Support a screenshot of the PingPlotter report that definitively confirms the problem (very high packet loss, insane latency) belong in their own servers, and fortunately, they responded and resolved it. That said, how will Wargaming compensate the countless players affected? Premium time was definitely lost.
  3. ArmoredFrost

    Devblog- CHINESE IMAGINERY PAPER ship is coming

  4. ArmoredFrost

    Thoughts on player behavior on Twilight Battle

    I agree. I don't like PvP in Raid of the Filth as I want everyone to get the perma camos and coal, but I won't back down if challenged or double crossed. https://twitter.com/armoredfrost/status/1193916290580107265?s=19
  5. ArmoredFrost

    Thoughts on player behavior on Twilight Battle

    Of course PvE in Twilight is optional. What is NOT optional is keeping one's word.
  6. I've been playing Raid of the Filth for more than a week now to get that one last Tier X permanent camo. I haven't been blessed by RNGesus yet unlike the others who got their perma camos on the first roll of the dice. Congratulations to them. On another note, there are players who cannot resist to hit their fellow players. While I understand the PvP nature of the Twilight Battle if players desire it—and I've sunk many who wished for death—I cannot stomach players who agree to PvE only to go rogue later on. Some would even hit you first then offer apologies, as if their main guns have a mind of its own. Such cowards. Another thing, most of players who go rogue or those who betray agreements are those belonging to Chinese / Mandarin clans, who, unprovoked, really try to sink my Maverick/Rust/Lancet. On the flip side, there are also players who would call out their fellow teammates who do something stupid. Yet on another note, so many players have chat messages that appear as ■ ■ ■. I pray WG would make a built-in translator in the game.
  7. ArmoredFrost

    SEA Server Nov 7 Horrible Connection.

    I say proper customer service is beyond their competence.
  8. ArmoredFrost

    SEA Server Nov 7 Horrible Connection.

    Speed is just one factor. Packet loss is more important.
  9. ArmoredFrost

    SEA Server Nov 7 Horrible Connection.

    Already did. What's interesting (to put it mildly) is that I can play my other account on the NA server with no problems at all. That means the problem is isolated on Wargaming's Asia server, and not on my ISP or whatever it is.
  10. ArmoredFrost

    SEA Server Nov 7 Horrible Connection.

    I am in the "50-30 minutes of normalcy" right now, as I am writing this. But still, there is really something very, very wrong with the Asia server. I can play on the NA server using my other account, but I cannot play on the Asia server using my main account. I did the usual ipconfig/flushdns routine, I turned my PC and router off-on, still it is either I get to launch a battle only to have -35ms to 5200ms ping, or I don't get to login at all. Packet loss is ridiculously high. And it happens on the side of Wargaming's servers. Is this how Wargaming treats active, paying players? I can't even file a support ticket earlier.
  11. ArmoredFrost

    SEA Server Nov 7 Horrible Connection.

    What the hell is wrong with you Wargaming? I played Twilight just now and my full cargo went to waste because enemies rammed me and I cannot control my ship due to ping spikes! Putangina!
  12. ArmoredFrost

    SEA Server Nov 7 Horrible Connection.

    Wargaming needs to fix this problem. Seriously. Last night, playing on the Asia server was atrocious. Ping spikes. Lag. Armory can't be accessed. Even this forum can't be accessed. My premium time which I purchased with real money was utterly wasted. BUT, and this is very revealing: I went to my NA account, and played a random game there. Everything worked on the NA server. To say that this Asia server problem continues to affect numerous active players on a weekend makes it even more frustrating.
  13. ArmoredFrost

    SEA Server Nov 7 Horrible Connection.

    What on Earth is happening, WG?
  14. ArmoredFrost

    Error Connecting to Server

    Hello and good day. What the hell is happening to your World of Warships Asia server, Wargaming? Why is it that players from a couple of Asian countries have been experiencing consistent difficulties in trying to login to the game, and or actually playing the game? This can no longer be just ascribed to as a mere local ISP problem, given the number of players from multiple locations in the same region are experiencing the same problems all at the same time.
  15. ArmoredFrost

    SEA Server Nov 7 Horrible Connection.

    My premium account time is utterly wasted by this. F@*!+&#!!!