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    Fun and Engaging ranked season.

    What else do you expect from me ? Ranked rewards selfish gameplay.
  2. PNS_Shamsheer

    Fun and Engaging ranked season.

    broken as always. so, here is what is wrong about this ranked season(or with ranked in general) WOWS is portrayed as being a "thinking mans action game" with emphasis on teamplay. Now how the hell can you expect teamplay in a gamemode where you have to compete with other players to save yourself. what has been happning in this ranked season is that one of the teammates yolos in, dies, and all of the team mates (including me ) go; @#!/ it, screw all of my team mates, i am going to save my star only, and what ends up happening is that the team collpses in 5-7 minutes, every one loses a star, all of us have to play 100s of games to get a decent amount of steel, and WG employees see the spread sheet and say " wow, people enjoy playing ranked, why else would anyone play 100s of battles in the same ship in the same mode ?" at this point i ask the question: where is the fun part in all this ? what is fun in starting a day at rank 9 and endind it at rank 11 with no star ? and more importantly : why is there no irrevocible rank after rank 12 ?
  3. i have been experiencing this issue in the past, but it has started to happen a lot recently. here is what happens: Sometimes after firing an AP salvo from my alaska, the game registers, say 3-4 overpenetrations but i get say 8000-10000 damage or even more damage when i am in a BB. the reverse also happens: the game registers a penetration, but i get 1/10 th of the damage. recently I have also experienced another thing : Citadel hit with no damage: so i am in my bayern , and i fire a salvo at enemy bayern at about 10 km, i get a citadel hit and a couple of pens and overpens, but with only 7k damage. although i forgot to take screen shots, i am pretty sure that's a bug,