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  1. PNS_Shamsheer

    Possible cheating player?

    bruh read your own username, slowly. do you see the irony ?
  2. PNS_Shamsheer

    0. 9. 10 bug report

    also you use the consumables once and then you cant use them again.
  3. PNS_Shamsheer

    0. 9. 10 bug report

    i have repeatedly experienced this issue that i am unable to see enemy ships during battle this update. i would see their names, the ship names and their hp bars, and even the fires burning on their ships, but i am unable to see the ship, also the minimap just stops updating mid match, i am unable to see my shell tracers, and the whole game is just a mess i .have asian client and i use the asian client to play both on SEA and EU , and i experienced this on both servers. the SS is from a game on EU. and the game files are one from each server (yorck on EU and devonshire replay from asian account). 20201029_202518_PGSC107-Yorck_53_Shoreside.wowsreplay 20201029_224247_PBSC206-Devonshire_50_Gold_harbor.wowsreplay
  4. PNS_Shamsheer

    PTS bug

    i am this bug in pts that whenever i use the binocular mode and then get out, my camera dissociates from my ship. the ping etc are normal but have been experiencing this issue in all game modes on in pts.(this is the first time i got this problem in pts). i have attached some images, in which you can compare the position of ships on screen and on the mini map, and you can see that they dont co relate with each other, and in one pic, i cant see the enemy ship, even though its detected.
  5. PNS_Shamsheer

    WG services unavaiable in Pakistan.

    i hope not, they dont have any reason to do that.
  6. so, i got up today and tried to log into the game, excited, cuz i was going to get Azuma today, but instead, i got a surprise: i cant log into wows, so i tried to go to wows asian website, but the website wont open without using VPN,. so asked other people, and was informed that the servers arent down. so i ask other people from pakistan, (most of who play on EU) and they also cant log in to the game or access the websites, also they cant access either world of tanks or world of warplanes. so, in short, as far as i know, each and every WG related service is unavailable in Pakistan right now. i am posting this using VPN, but as VPNs are not legal over here, so i cant use it for long, so it would be nice if someone could look into this. Also, i was supposed to take part in MCWT tournament tonight, so that plan is also in danger. i wont be able to reply over here, cuz as i said web is down, and i will turn off my VPN so, it would be great if someone could solve this.. thanks
  7. PNS_Shamsheer

    Tier V Battleship Challenge!

  8. PNS_Shamsheer

    Rewards for Public Test 0.9.5 Participants

    i did, but there were no containers
  9. PNS_Shamsheer

    Rewards for Public Test 0.9.5 Participants

    i didnt get the premium ship container or the premium account time container, the rest of the rewards were credited.
  10. PNS_Shamsheer

    [PSA]Problems with the opening of the Dockyard

    cant downlaod the zip file
  11. PNS_Shamsheer

    [PSA]Problems with the opening of the Dockyard

    cant download the file.
  12. PNS_Shamsheer

    cant open dockyard

    i cant open dockyard, the rest of game is working fine. when i try to open dockyard, the game screen freezes like this.
  13. PNS_Shamsheer

    Fun and Engaging ranked season.

    What else do you expect from me ? Ranked rewards selfish gameplay.
  14. PNS_Shamsheer

    Fun and Engaging ranked season.

    broken as always. so, here is what is wrong about this ranked season(or with ranked in general) WOWS is portrayed as being a "thinking mans action game" with emphasis on teamplay. Now how the hell can you expect teamplay in a gamemode where you have to compete with other players to save yourself. what has been happning in this ranked season is that one of the teammates yolos in, dies, and all of the team mates (including me ) go; @#!/ it, screw all of my team mates, i am going to save my star only, and what ends up happening is that the team collpses in 5-7 minutes, every one loses a star, all of us have to play 100s of games to get a decent amount of steel, and WG employees see the spread sheet and say " wow, people enjoy playing ranked, why else would anyone play 100s of battles in the same ship in the same mode ?" at this point i ask the question: where is the fun part in all this ? what is fun in starting a day at rank 9 and endind it at rank 11 with no star ? and more importantly : why is there no irrevocible rank after rank 12 ?