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  1. Akyamarukh

    Interesting stuff from the RU forums

    how much for ise?
  2. Akyamarukh

    Prinz Eitel Friedrich Armor Scheme?

    this bastard look like dont inherit german accuracy, i got citadeled from my emil bertin 3 times..... this ship also quite hard to kill..... battlecruiser my ass, its battleship disguised as cruiser.
  3. Akyamarukh

    French BB weakspot?

    the whole ship itself is the weakspot..... just spam HE and laugh that is the characteristic of baguetta BB
  4. Akyamarukh

    Iron Duke OP.....

    well, you guys must be familiar with Iron Duke can citadel with HE..... but this time..... i am already dead for 3 min..... yet.... IT CAN SPOT WHEN SINK!!! just howling SHEEET!
  5. Akyamarukh

    Good News or bad news?

    this is gud news, now we can spam with HE. beside they are too OP already... i hope they dont do this for Moskva and Henry4
  6. Akyamarukh


    kronkstat should be T10, this ship can head to head with henry4..... radar... laser gun..... fast reload sadly its going to be food for Midway...... so nope, staligrad is puerfect sheeps! no weakness! no worry about AA. basically T11 sheeps unless WG went mad and buff Kronk AA..... RIP Alaska -_-
  7. Akyamarukh

    Operation Dynamo Suicide Exploit

    OI OI KEEP IT SECRET ! report it instead, dont spread the plague! how about quick fix : destroyed DD or non contribution wont get reward
  8. Akyamarukh

    starting the new years with a bang

    Drakon wont be detonated again..... he have 10K anti Detonation Flag from achievement + another 20K anti detonation flag buying from the store. the moment he got detonated, he must be forget to mount them. now he also heck the server by paying some Triad forcing some WG staff to make his shell cause higher detonation chance compared to normal. also bet me 10 credit, Drakon is the person to force WG implement those crap CV rework because he want to play CV but too noob for multitasking. it wont be surprise if Drakon start playing CV exclusively after CV rework and become major CV player :V the vague news is, he is trying to rally CV fascism and make CV player above anything else....
  9. Akyamarukh

    Alaska and Azuma, outrageous update

    Alsace say hi :V well, Musashi is more worth collecting because its rarity and HP+firepower. Jean Bart is well balanced ship not as OP as Musashi in T9
  10. Akyamarukh

    Alaska and Azuma, outrageous update

    now spam new flag + 200% XP camo + premium + 200%/100% first win battle = howling sheet free XP ________________________ sadly after removal of Mushashi and Kronstad, Nelson is the only bastard child of free XP ship
  11. Akyamarukh

    How is credit for captures awarded?

    i thought anyone within the cap will get assisted instead :V are you sure its possible to get capture medal when there is 2 or 3 ship in cap?
  12. Akyamarukh

    Graf Zeppelin in WoWS Blitz!

    CV + Controllable Secondary + short range battle in Blitz = SHREED any sheeps WG NEED TO BUFF KAGA and GZ Secondary base secondary into 10km..... with upgrade up to 14.3km also reworked secondary to be controllable
  13. Akyamarukh

    CV rework FAQ

    52 min? SOMEONE PLEASE add summary :V
  14. NO, i am being serious here... what will happen if our CV fight have the same idea like fighting sheeps? - the smallest sheeps deal ton of damage = Torpedo Bomber masive damage, with rear gunner but weak - the medium sheeps deal mediocre damage, but have pressure power = Rocket / AP Dive Bomber, with Mediocre rear gunner, - the heavy biggest sheeps deal no damage, but have strongest pressure = Fighter Plane, shred another plane RULES: A. pseudo infinity plane, plane never run out but need charge time. example : - hosho : 4 max fighter (1 charge every 50 sec), 6 max TB (1 charge every 1 min) - Hakuryu : 10 max fighter (1 charge every 20 sec),12 max TB (1 charge every 20 sec), 12 max DB (1 charge every 20 sec) - Langley : 5 max fighter (1 charge every 1 min), 2 max TB (1 charge every 1 min), 3 max DB (1 charge every 1 min) - Midway : 14 max fighter (1 charge every 20 sec),10 max TB (1 charge every 20 sec), 10 max DB (1 charge every 20 sec) # the idea of infinite plane is gud, but it only pseudo infinite. the total amount of plane you can bring is exist. B. max squadron launched and max plane number in squadron. maximum squadron launched and their plane number may vary (increase in tier) - IJN could bring more squadron but have weaker plane and less number plane >> Hakuryu max squad 8 = max plane number in each squadron 4 - USN could bring less squadron but stronger plane and more plane in each >> Midway max squad 6 = max plane number in each squadron 5 - RN could bring same as USN Squadron plane.... same less plane number like IJN .... but with faster charge >> Hosho max squad 3 = max plane number in each squadron 4 C. you can assign any number of plane in squadron as long as you have charge and not more than max squadron number and plane. example >> "Hosho launch plane in minute 2" Squad 1 : 1 fighter, 1 TB Squad 2 : 2 fighter, 1 TB Squad 3 : 1 fighter, 1 TB >> "Hosho launch plane in minute 5" Squad 1 : 0 fighter, 1 TB Squad 2 : 0 fighter, 1 TB Squad 3 : 4 fighter, 0 TB >> "Hosho launch plane in minute 8" Squad 1 : 0 fighter, 4 TB Squad 2 : 0 fighter, 1 TB Squad 3 : 2 fighter, 1 TB >> "Hosho launch plane in minute 15 for intercepting enemy bomber quickly Squad 1 : 1 fighter, 0 TB Squad 2 : 1 fighter, 0 TB Squad 3 : 2 fighter, 0 TB # YOU CAN CHANGE THIS number DURING BATTLE!!! YOU Decide the composition of the launched squadron! D. launching more plane in squadron will require more time to take off and landing. example >> launching squad 1 with 2 plane will require 10 sec.... when landing take 20 sec >> launching squad 2 with 4 plane will require 20 sec.... when landing take 40 sec # this will make tactical calculation for the quick decision. if you want to smash enemy ship launch full number of plane full of bomber combined with fighter escort. if you want to quickly intercept enemy bomber, just launch few fighter without bomber in it. # if you only have few plane you can also split em in every squad as you need. E. THERE IS NO MANUAL AIM BOMBING or STRAFE! keep the old RTS style but with cordinate command only! >> for example send squad 2 to E8>> send squad 2 to E10 >> if enemy ship spotted in there, you can command it to strike it with auto. F. There is no time penalty if a squadron got completely destroyed, you can launch new squad immediately >> remember there is some amount of plane in hangar >> if there is no plane, you cannt launch new squadron ___________________________________________________ How did the CV fight happen? __________________________________ # scenario 1.1 Udin use Hosho Joko use Hosho Udin Launch : Squad 1 : 1 fighter, 0 TB Squad 2 : 1 fighter, 0 TB Squad 3 : 2 fighter, 0 TB Joko Launch : Squad 1 : 0 fighter, 1 TB Squad 2 : 1 fighter, 1 TB Squad 3 : 1 fighter, 2 TB => Udin Squad 1 intercept Joko Squad 1 >>> Joko squad 1 with all TB is deleted => Udin Squad 2 intercept Joko Squad 2 >>> Udin fighter is stalled by Joko fighter >>> 1 TB from Joko squad proceed to bombing enemy >>> the result of dogfight between them is by RNG :V >>> Joko win the dogfight => Udin Squad 3 intercept Joko Squad 3 >>> 2 Udin fighter is stalled by 1 Joko fighter >>> 2 TB from Joko squad proceed to bombing enemy >>> Joko Fighter is likely to be deleted after 5 sec dogfight >>> 2 Udin Fighter is successfully intercept 2 remaining TB because the stall is too short _________________________________ # scenario 2.2 Udin use Hosho Joko use Hosho Udin Launch : Squad 1 : 4 fighter, 0 TB Squad 2 : 0 fighter, 4 TB Squad 3 : 0 fighter, 2 TB Joko Launch : Squad 1 : 3 fighter, 1 TB Squad 2 : 1 fighter, 0 TB Squad 3 : 0 fighter, 4 TB => Udin Squad 1 intercept Joko Squad 1 >>> heavy Dogfight happen for 20 sec, Joko lose all fighter and Udin lose only 2 >>> 1 TB proceed to bombing successfully because the stall is long enough => Udin Squad 2 intercept Joko Squad 2 >>> 1 Udin fighter is trying to chase all bomber but..... >>> 1 Udin Fighter is getting shotdown againts Joko Rear gunner after deleting 3 TB >>> Udin lose 1 Fighter, Joko Lose 3 TB >>> 1 TB slip and successfully bombing enemy => Udin Squad 3 bombing enemy BB, Joko Squad 3 try to bomb Udin CV sheeps >>> Udin successfully destroy enemy Myogi, Shingo from the night kidz is really mad and rage quit >>> since manual aiming AA have been implemented, Udin with his shooting star skill delete all 4 Joko TB >>> Joko decide to rage quit CV and play USN Cruiser for AA build # and other scenario with different composition.... because too many that can happen :V this will bring CV to more strategic thinking and strategy ! *Udin Facebook Profil Picture, after winning that match * Joko Facebook Profil Picture, after Losing that match ____________________________ Implication of CV battle : - keep the RTS style' - now instead of "action" skill, you need more "guessing, calculate, and instinc" skill instead - guessing and reading the enemy strategy and squad composition will benefit a lot - timing is important here, more calculative and higher the IQ more better CV player - you need to count how many plane to assign because your plane need to recharge or launching time and landing could be longer - you need to calculate the composition of your squad before engange Remember battle of Midway? WHAT IS ISOROKU MISTAKE? What is Halsey doing? - Halsey launch ALL OUT DB and TB SQUADRON WITHOUT FIGHTER ESCORT, this is high risk move! and very uncommon tactic - Isoroku believe USN bomber is still afar because launching fighter escort require time too - Isoroku is too greedy trying to bomb em all USN sheeps..... servicing the bomber instead of servicing the fighter - USN TB spotted near the water-level sea, IJN fighter intercept - too bad the lack of IJN fighter number is making USN DB bomb em all at IJN CV - the casualty of USN TB for baiting IJN Fighter is great, but their Courage wont be forget - and thus, the battle of midway become the name of USN CV memeway :v now, compare to our current CV rework mechanic....... the commander inside CV is actually piloting plane........ with LOOONG LANCE REMOTE CONTROL??? bet me 10 credit, this is going to be Meme thread and WG just read and pass by :V i am fine with this thread become meme thread.... but at least we need to do something with CV gameplay well, WG actually listen to some advice and rant. so i hope there is some change. we can keep the new CV rework as separate mode like well, maybe i need to make an animated video to make this more clear sorry if my Engrishu or Singlish is so bad.