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  1. 1. what will happen with XP on premium ship? 2. what will happen with +200K ship XP at Shokaku + other tech tree CV, where it will be moved? become free XP? or T1 IJN Hashidate? 3. i did research on my T9 CV, but sell it right away because no player and service cost is insane..... is that ship also convert to free XP? 4. is Alaska OP? or Kronkstat better? :V
  2. Seriously, why no one complain about this 2 sheeps? Atago have Repair party, +40K HP, 4x4 10km torpedo, insane concealment and every weaboo like this ship Prinz Eugene have Repair party, +40K HP, insane AA and every weaboo+NASI wannabe like this ship if you compare to the most dreadfull sheeps in the game Mikhail Kutuzov, standart 40K HP, 152mm gun, 8km torpedo and standart concealment.... WHY EVERYONE HATE THIS SHIP? SEE the difference? Atago and Priz Eugene is stronger is defensive aspect, and no one complain about a ship that can survive longer Mikhail Kutuzov can wreck anything from 19km and untouchable when doing it...... people complain about HOW THEY GOT WRECK SO FAST "I HATE Yamato, T8 cruiser is just Pinata from +20km" "I HATE GroBer purrmeowfurst, WE KEEP SPAMMING SHELL and the sheep is keep floating!" see? obviously people complain more about yamato than kurfurst....... __________________________________________ ____________________________________ sadly, you waste 3 min for reading useless intro that have nothing to do with actual thread....... "KRI IRIAN IS BADLY NEED BUFF" CLICK FOR ENLARGEMENT, OBVIOUSLY PEOPLE IS MOCKING THIS SHIP FOR BEING "BADLY NEED BUFF" everyone keep mocking the balanced but a bit weak KRI IRIAN, its nice to know WG is care about balance of premium ship. but its actualy fine to print some extra cash. KRI Irian dont need OP OP feature.... just a slight of style that make it look awesome yet balanced dont you think KRI Irian need "Repair Party" + 18.5km gun? JUST 1 CHARGE OF CONSUMABLE and 0.5 sec additional reload time. MK and Chapayev hav smoke and radar.... we cannt just let KRI Irian have some pesky "unhistorical" Torpedo Reload Boost........ just IMAGINE THIS : "WG RELEASED KRI IRIAN WITH TRB+REPAIR PARTY" A comment : oh look awesome! now we can play it like battlecruiser B comment : definitely must BUY C comment : OP ? well Prinz and LOLtago have it too..... "KRI Irian have Different playstyle than Chapayev and Kutuzuv with 18.5km gun and 13.5km LELwater torpedo" A comment : hmm chapayev is more like DD hunter with shorter 17.3km gun range and radar, MK have 19.1km range to do BBQ with smoke..... and KRI Irian is versatile between this two! a well jack of all trade B comment : hoey, i can do BBQ from 18.5km or Launch surprise LELwater Torpedo from 11km like Shimakaze @_@ C comment : aaahh my DD is safe from Deepwater and its dont have radar D comment : KRI IRIAN??? MERDEKA!!!! MUST BUY!!!!! what KRI Irian NEED IS 2 SIMPLE BUFF "1 CHARGE of CRUISER REPAIR PARTY" "18.5 km gun range" "able to mount AADF by replacing Hydro"
  3. Akyamarukh

    It's official!

    its nothing compared to this guy....... what is his nationality?
  4. Le Terible is OP in the right hand THIS JUST Recently happen, 1. there is 4 DD vs 4 DD and i am in Kiev 2. i am basically doing nothing, if you can call it i am just sail for nothing based on this picture we can conclude Le Terible is singlehandedly carry the team FRICKEN BBQ ship ____________________ this ship feels like Russian DD, gud at BBQ
  5. Akyamarukh

    Svyatozar camouflage

    look at camouflage tab, svatozar :V and equip also CHECK inventory, if the camo is mission the.n..... its gone :v
  6. no, its 99% clickbait...... there is no way i share something like that.... but if you really want to avoid T10 MM, here is the simple trick " any T8 sheeps doing division with T7 CV " saipan CV is recommended for this one LOL if you like this idea PLEASE JOIN US on petition to give KRI Irian "Repair Party+18.1km main gun" instead of pesky reload Boosta
  7. Akyamarukh

    Interesting stuff from the RU forums

    oi oi oi KRI IRIAN ?? only 17.5km??? NO RADAR? NO SMOKE? everything is fine until they reduce its range...... just make it 19km and it would be fine :V
  8. Akyamarukh

    [POLL] what T8 MM Real Problem??

    someone just pick the option, how did you end up 370million credit? did you already all T10 sheeps? even i need credit to unlock more lol
  9. Akyamarukh

    [POLL] what T8 MM Real Problem??

    Baltimore is BETTER than old T8 New Orlean before split. also hipper before buff feels crap too. now the last crap remaining is only Mogami, its just simply buff range 203mm with 17.5km range. the old New Orlean just make me give up to get des meme any biscuit product contain alergen warning at the back of their package, i am just do based on it.
  10. Akyamarukh


    some clarification here : it was 4 trolling clone like i stated not 6, the other 2 is purely from other member. if i really hate you i can use all 10+other friend account.....not only at dis post, but also all of your 50 post :v the reason i am not dong it because, you will leave and it wont be much fun. opinion, debate, conflict, or even DRAMA is always exist. but without them we are just silly "YES SIR", and the monotonic idea will be boring. also i am just did what you did, instead giving proper argument.... we can also give reaction... its privilege for everyone and if you dont like getting downvoted, simply just dont do it to other ..... just because you feel so veteran 4K battle and i am just look noob 100battle :V everyday i got downvote too, well i dont give sheet..... but i am curious, what will happen if someone else got so much. consider you are lucky, this is the first time I intend to give someone downvoted. judging by your reaction, the impact is so much that i am starting to think those people that randomly get downvoted by random guy that never talk. and its funny to think that, why we get "downvote" feature for creating dis.
  11. well, a lot of people complain about T8 MM..... so since WG wont bother to change it, i will ive my opinion 1. MOST OF T10 player is also need to play T8 sheep if you think those T10 player is fatty greedy capitalist you are somewhat wrong. even those borjuis greedy capitalist is working hard before earn their monies..... T10 player is also CROSS the T8 HELL and instead of complaining... they just keep playing and improving....... its true you can pay to use free XP and premium time and premium flag, BUT REMEMBER, those flag and camo is also OBTAINABLE FOR FREE!! STACK EM all and T9 is only 1 week :v 2. dont grind credit at T8 here is some problem, after you got enough XP to T9... dont have enough credit.... GO BACK to lower tier if you not skilled enough in T8. minus credit is for real! instead of complaining, JUST BE ADAPTIVE (the one who survived the worst environment is not the strongest.... but the adaptive) play T6 or T7 wont harmfull so much 3. most of T10 player is 3x more experienced than fresh T8 player it wasnt the T10 ship that ultrapowered...... ITS THEPLAYER who helm the smelly T10 ship! most of player that have multiple T10 sheeps have 4K++ battle, and compared to T8 fresh player that only do 1000x battle? someone random : bro, i am just did 5K and still struggle in T8 despite using best sheep someone random2 : oi, just admit you are noooob.... i also play T8 and doing fine! 4. Ignore stat if you are newbie stat can INCREASE SLIGHT BY SLIGHT, its experience and losing that teach us more! those unicum is also crap player before 5K battle. its true some people are simply prodigy or just playing CV for shortcut EZ high stat. but all the time everyone is start as average, noob, missed shot, broadside and lol moment. LOSE TEACH YOU MORE THAN LOSING..... 5. DONT HURT YOURSELF :v you dont need to play T8, you can keep stay in T7. if you really want T10 sheep...... BE ADAPTIVE AND PROVE YOU ARE WORTH IT TO GET T10 sheep! warning : this thread contain bullshit, bias opinion and Eye-hurt content. the creator of this thread wont responsible for any minor/major mental damage caused by this thread. read it with pre-caution.
  12. Akyamarukh

    How do you judge the worth of Secondaries?

    1. RANGE 2. RANGE 3. RANGE 4. number of secondary 5. type of shell (yamato did have long range secondary but ITS AP) Bayern got secondary BB down line.....the skill perk can be usefull later... Murica dont have unless you are buying masasuseh
  13. Akyamarukh


    dat vigilante maybe usefull on German DD or CA.... but since the Ass shio and Pan Cake DD strike with lel and lol water torpedo..... better pick SI for EXTRA HYDRO also BB main threat is FIRE, not water.... spend the skill somewhere else
  14. Akyamarukh

    How to Republique?

    LOL MONTANA STROOOONK, compared to Republique just getting wrecked from Des Meme and Hiddenburger HE. those above 3 million damage is really luxury for french BB..... FRENCH FRIES well, i am not always right thought.... lately i play Kiev (freee razorworm camo) and getting focused fire, the silly thing is... i take 1.5million damage but my HP only reduced by 5K. howling sheeet LUCCCKKYYYY also long long ago my GK got barraged by SATURATED/Shattered/Missed MEMETAUR AP its hillarious that my remaining 10% not decreasing. got 2 million damage after the match tabs (that time the Potential damage counter in battle didnt exist) there is a moment i yolo too much and get killed early with only 500K potential damage. so my conclusion is potential damage is not significantly affect damage taken. it wasnt proven scientifically, so it could be personal bias