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  1. ............Seriously guys, i will get real banned soon™ for doing this....... but i think its worth it :v see yaaa until next month
  2. Post deleted. Heavy insult, user permanently banned ~
  3. Akyamarukh

    Secret revealed - Bastardsheep Lenin

    all demon is being imprisoned for full month of Ramadhan. That is include my usual self Oh come dude, everyone is become holy in this month. There is free class reset, and any holy property skill got massive buff only for this month. Here is my usual class Onmyoji * Sorcerer * necromancer Only for this month Paladin * Inquisitor * Zealot Since Sorcerer only can summon devil type card. I cannt summon any card this reducing my DPS by 35%. Also i am waiting for mogador
  4. Akyamarukh

    Secret revealed - Bastardsheep Lenin

    Neko neko neko poi poi poi...... Damn i remember it.... ....howling Sheeeeeet .,.... Sheeeeeet its Ramadhan. 3 more week left, even this forum is not safe for it. I thought shufty panser thread is nothing compared to this. Matter what the heeeck
  5. Republique secondary is far more usefull than Kurfurst Secondary. Its true that Kurfurst have higher penetration but lesser fire. The secondary alpha damage is less compared to fire damage. So Republique secondary is more favourable because its deal percentage damage. Republique is faster and have better traverse angle, Kurfurst need to show more broadside compared to Republique. In the past i already dueling alot of Kurfurst and Yamato and winning. Republique have the best CQC gun, if i am not mistake the turret armor is thoughest yet only 20K HP compared to 40K Kurfurst gun HP. Bla BLA BLA blaaaaa Sheeeet i want to type more but not have enough time. Well later then
  6. Akyamarukh

    Why is it like this

    LoL even without aim assist hack, most of unicum BB here can hit DD from 15km. The camping is indeed boring but truly effective.... The only drawback is you need very good aiming. The fact that people here used to camping from above 16km is train them to effective long range. Noob will always rage because they cannt hit but veteran could easily land hit. Another crap from Asia meta is invisible concealment tactic. Its super annoying to play againts... Using island to hide firing, Maximimize smoke.... The Asia meta is don't give sheet about fun. What everyone care here IS WINNING and WINNING! As long as it was efficient, boring and repetitive strategy will be always used. Also WoWs in Asia is not team vs team. Its completely Battle Royale, stand to last and deal Maximum damage. Everyone is for themself..... Without bringing the CV Fascism, everyone should admit the Asia Meta is Superior in term of effective and efficient strategy. Just saying you don't need aim assist, even i can sheet another CA from 22km with Republique. I like to keep silent for a while but this thing is really triggering. Asia is SUPERIOR
  7. I am not supertester, when the ship is released with its current stat i am definitely getting it. Unless they nerfed it, its definitely muss have. Grinding to T9 is not hard, the problem is credit for buying T10 required. Mogador confirmed 4x3 tube 60 sec base reload torpedo ( can reach 30 sec with special commander adrenalin rush ) 75 Knot speed But only 8km -_- The stat is wip and subject to change Its basically torpedo spammer sheep __________________-------- Also i wont visit forum for a while because some business. You wont get a reply from me for a while.
  8. Well, the French DD is the fastest DD in the game. They can reach 55 Knot speed! The weird part is, they don't have smoke -_- Curious how The French DD is so fast? Here is some logical explanation : 1. WG is removing citadel from DD. on early day, i heard DD actually have Citadel. But most people rage quit DD and shout DD is badly need buff. WG listen to this and remove Citadel from DD. The problem arise, Citadel is basically the engine of the ship and thus moving it. If ship don't have Citadel or engine..... How did it can move? 2. The German science talk Well, some of German enginer find the solution of this problem. Its so simple and very geniuses. DD is very small and lightly armored. It doesnt need heavy engine. Citadel engine propulsion is very heavy. Its basically half the weight of Battleship but for DD that is 95% of its weight. So some German enginer propose some geniuses IDEA..... Pict : The Human Bycicle Propulsion generator People doubt it at first, but later they found it very efficient and effective on DD. Engineering start to add this mechanism to every DD. But the speed can be very depend on the crew..... The good things is, DD Citadel is removed and its still moving!!! 3. And then why French DD is so fast? Its simple, just quit smoking!!! French DD don't have smoke, so the crew is very healthy. The lung based on the research is more bigger 5%. The crew also eat healthy food compared to other nation line. If you look carefully IJN DD is somewhat fast because their smoke is less than other nation. Except for Harugumo because the residue of the shell explosion is harmfull for lung. The British DD is slowest, too much smoking and the main gun residue is simply too much. health Insurance company usually refuse the British DD crew because of this reason. 4. The Russian DD anomaly They have smoke and yet very fast? How? The answer is very simple yet stupid...... BRING THE VODKA!!!! The Vodka increase crew stamina and their moral. Also Russian DD smoke is very different.... It was not normal smoke, ITS basically the crew cigarette.... The crew smoke so much that its become DD smoke consummable. When you remove smoke from the Russian DD gunboat line crew, they can magically heal the ship..... Because their health is increased. 5. Conclusion Stop smoking and you will be as healthy as French DD crew Note : this thread is not sponsored by anti smoking community
  9. Akyamarukh


    I try to sell Hakuryu from Arsenal. Thinking about the XP still remain..... and bought Midway......But HELL only getting credit back and the entire IJN CV line IS RESETTED. There is no Free XP and the XP of the Research IS GONE TOO! Damn it i don't want to re-farm from Hosho to get Hakuryu..... Grinding XP is fine, but the credits price is really high for CV. Now if i want to grind something, it Must be Mogador. T8 is even more Hell, T10 will rekt you! Better to keep at T7.... Priority target is must, when you see 2 or more 3 aim at you.... Its time to hide. Incoming fire alert usually cannt save your from being hit from multiple angle.... Trust me because i already do it.
  10. Akyamarukh


    WG take away my Hakuryu after 3 battles..... And its still gone from my port. Isnt you read my thread about "give me back my Hakuryu" Unless WG give me back my Hakuryu, i cannt play CV. Its not like i don't play CV, MY CV gone and bugged. So now i am just waiting for Mogador Arrive at the port. Also playing CV is truly easy, but mastering it is another matter. Basically, you are Untouchable when playing CV.
  11. Every other sheep is basically CV food. We are talking about the most powerfull sheep in WoWs.... That is CV But againts any surface pheasant, Kleber would Smack em. Just give repair party.
  12. Akyamarukh

    report this STplayer.he makes me sick.

    You can do multi quote instead, like what i did. Press quote and the choose another post to quote. Its better than doing multi post for one quote.
  13. Akyamarukh


    Try CV, easy just hide your ship and attacking people everywhere. When you try CV, you will learn the movement of everyone since you are above the sky. Trust me, i am used to be noob German CA player. Almost rage quit but try CV for the last ditch. After playing CV my map awareness is increase, i also able to tell the island height. Also learn how to avoid CV attack when i am on surface sheep. Its funny how playing CV increase your tactic and strategy sense when playing other Class especially DD.
  14. I think you misunderstood, it wasnt thread of complain but thread of HYPE. If WG going to nerf it i am going to be disappointed because this ship already have major drawback. Kleber have 4x3 tube with very thight spread. Also its reload is same or less than Z-52. I never say Kleber Torpedo OP, it was good. The OP Torpedo is from Mogador that can get 30 sec reload.... Kleber can reach 16.4km range, she have 4x2 138mm gun with fast velocity. The Shell is so fast that its only need 11 sec to reach 15km if you watch notser video. The gun itself is almost like CL or Russian DD. The Z52 have only 3x2 128mm gun that have slower velocity than Kleber. it cannt be used for long range 15km spam efficiently. Its obvious Z52 speed is slower than 51++ Knot from Kleber. People can shit Z52 easier than Kleber. Kleber have faster Torpedo that reach 71knot, except its only 8km. Also its have more torpedo damage. Last but not least, Z52 before Worchester and Harugumo arrival is the most high win rate DD. Its OP Hydro Smack any smoke DD on the cap. And some people did complain. And yess its OP before..... But not now Note : the perfect weapon exist in WoWs, its called CV. Its too stronk that its require the entire team to stop it from Rampaging Did you already watch the Kleber video? Look at its torpedo reload and long spam gunning :v
  15. Akyamarukh

    4000 Games (and Fusō)

    Its so funny that Fuso in the game is one of the best Battleship..... In historical context, they called it sickly sister because its usually go to port for maintenance instead of going war like Kongo. Too bad Normandie can head to head againts Fuso.... Or its smell better for some aspect.