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  1. TheNPUKy

    Regarding Santa Crates

    I bought hundreds of Santa Containers in the past 3 years but it would not happen if I knew this. Perhaps it will NOT either. Where is your ethics, WG?
  2. Some of my secret test data: Ship acceleration from zero. The two bold lines with blue and brown are the Henri's, BEFORE and AFTER the acceleration nerf. Obviously, Henri was nerfed significantly. It speeds up much much more slowly. Henri's acceleration curve is still better than the normal ships, but not comparable to the UK cruisers nor Des Moines with its special upgrade. I have more data plus deceleration test results with the pre-nerf Henri, but I can't check it now because I am travelling. Enjoy. (Or cry for your sweet Henri!)
  3. Here is a quick translation of what he claimed WG staff told him. It is pretty much in detail. "There is a plan to introduce a premium German BB into T9 (Other comment calls it Super-Scharn) after T7 (Scharnhorst) and T8 (Tirpitz). It was originally planned as such like Missouri (Perhaps meant FreeXP ship?) but the plan has been postponed because it is a fictional ship made by WG. The BB is an enhanced version of Scharnhorst in all aspects and something between Hindenburg and Grosser Kurfurst. It has the main gun of Scharnhorst in the 4x3 layout with an improved dispersion ellipse (Another comment says it is the same as Graf Spee). It aims to be a battlecruiser which is capable to fight like a heavy cruiser." The comments were posted on the page of upcoming German T9 CA Siegfried which has 380 mm guns. (Thus the Super-Scharn is NOT the Siegfried and the plan has to be either postponed again or scrapped.) I hope it feeds some imagination
  4. TheNPUKy

    De Grasse

    It is LaGali without main gun reload booster. If you like post-war De Grasse with enhanced AA, WoWS Blitz has it.
  5. TheNPUKy

    ST, battleship Ohio

    Where are 24 SLBM nukes?
  6. According to the comments in Japanese wiki, WG perhaps had a plan to introduce Super-Scharnhorst BB (283mm 4x3) in Tier 9. The source claimed he heard it from official two years ago. I have no idea he tells truth or not, but not a surprise. It is going to be very interesting to have a ship with such a design.
  7. My first impression is that it is a tank ship. I got ~4 million potential damage in the last Ranked Battle. Kremlin is capable to be much tanky than its German rival, X Grosser Kurfurst. It has more HP, more AA, more torpedo protection, more armour at the front, deck, and even at its broadside. The rudder shift time and acceleration (I recommend acceleration upgrade) is also great, allowing a player to react quickly to an unexpected encounter to enemies or torpedoes.
  8. The top scorer in a losing team does not lose one's rank. I would say that's a good system. But in this season of Ranked Battle, we have CVs. And in most cases, they are the "last one" in the losing team. What does it mean? The time being alive is proportional to the damage you can give to enemies, as you know. And it is much easier for CV to become the top scorer in a team by delaying the end of the battle. I would say it is quite unfair for the rest of the ships and hoping WG to introduce a fix. Note: I am essentially pro-CV / pro-version 0.8.x rework.
  9. TheNPUKy

    Pobeda. why this thing exist?

    Well, to be fair, these DDs are quite strong. The Minsk has been strong enough since 0.7.x but people just prefer to be on Leningrad instead. Ognevoi is the best torpedo DD in T8 right now. It has AA, smoke, and heal. Udaloi is doing fine in T9 as it has AA too. Also, I would say DD penetration nerf on Stalingrad is insignificant because the survival of DD no longer matters in a battle with CV. But anyway, I agree that Russian tech tree line has not had an OP ship ...until now. If my memory is correct, so-called "Russian bias" appeared in a meme after Kronshtadt and Stalingrad.
  10. TheNPUKy

    Pobeda. why this thing exist?

    There is a precedent - Azuma, which has an exceptionally good dispersion formula. The drawback is its ridiculously thin armour thickness and the polygonal citadel super-easy to get a hit. POBEDA might need a similar level of survivability or less if WG still wants to push that concept.
  11. TheNPUKy

    Pobeda. why this thing exist?

    Well, it's still remarkable because it is going to be the first OP ship in the Russian tech tree.
  12. TheNPUKy

    Pobeda. why this thing exist?

    I was astonished when I checked that s**t in wowsft. It has.. 1. Best penetration among all BB shells At 20km, its AP has 560mm penetration. Yamato and Republique: 500mm. Poor Montana: 440mm 2. Fastest flying shells among all ships Its AP hits 20km in less than 10 sec, surpassing Stalingrad and Kronstadt. 3. Lowest flying shells among all BBs At 25km, the impact angle is only 20 degrees = AP effectively hits the broadside of an enemy ship at the great distance 4. Tightest horizontal dispersion among all BBs H.Disp is only 219m at 25km. Standard CA: 206m, Azuma: 253m, Stalingrad: 258m, IJN BB: 264m, US BB: 310m 5. Likely have a very good vertical dispersion too if it is the same as other Soviet BBs. See my previous test. It is probably even easier to hit the broadside of an enemy ship. It's absoluuuuuuutely not OK.
  13. TheNPUKy

    Our collaboration with Azur Lane continues!

    Looking good :)
  14. Probably, Yes. Soviet BBs likely have a tight vertical dispersion which enables a player to hit the broadside of an enemy ship effectively. I have tested in a training mode. Here are the digitized plots of the salvos (100 hits) on the surface at 10 and 15 km of distances. Sinop (Soviet Tier 7 BB) significantly outperforms Ashitaka and Bismarck (=Gneisenau) in vertical dispersion while its horizontal dispersion is the worst. Note that it is an apparent vertical dispersion projected onto the horizontal surface. The true vertical dispersion is the dispersion on a vertical plane which is hard to test. Fig. 1. The results of firing at 10 km with the three ships. The shells were fired from the bottom to top. Sinop outperforms others with the tight concentration of salvos at the centre of the y-axis. Ashitaka performs best in horizontal dispersion thanks to both good sigma and small max dispersion (See the table). However in terms of vertical dispersion, Ashitaka falls to the bottom probably because IJN BBs are supposed to have bad vertical dispersion (source). Bismarck has a long tail of dispersion due to its low-flying shells. Fig. 2. The results of firing at 15 km with the three ships. The Sinop still leads the rivals in vertical dispersion while its horizontal dispersion is exceptionally bad probably due to the combination of broad max dispersion and low sigma. Sigma Max radius in horizontal dispersion (x2.0 when it is not locked) Impact angle (via wowsft.com) Sinop (10km) 1.6 150 m 8.3 degree Ashitaka (10km) 1.8 156 m 7.7 degree Bismarck (10km) 1.8 164 m 6.7 degree Sinop (15km) 1.6 210.5 m 16.0 degree Ashitaka (15km) 1.8 192.0 m 14.9 degree Bismarck (15km) 1.8 213.0 m 12.2 degree Methods Hopping into the training mode Firing onto the cap area cone at the desired distance Screengrabbing the salvo from above with replays Digitizing them in GIS software Some math and coding to normalize them Please never ask me to do 1000 hits :P