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  1. Buford_T_Justice

    Abandon Ship!

    LOL you have Ninjas as crew
  2. Buford_T_Justice

    For those that are interested, Ise is here.

    Both of these are spot on Getting the balance is going to be key as in the right hands with no CV it will be very handy ship But the no Auto heal is a biggie
  3. Buford_T_Justice

    For those that are interested, Ise is here.

    Yeah i noticed that as well not very Japan like dispersion
  4. Buford_T_Justice

    For those that are interested, Ise is here.

    i just got her and she is quite fun to play Her guns are defiantly her main asset but the planes are good to get a ship to dodge the torps and turn broadside to you and smash them with your guns But if there is like 3 on a team its going to be bad Yep just played with 3 and a cv on otherside pretty bad torp city
  5. Buford_T_Justice

    Battle of Jutland

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MffyRgq23ps Very Interesting
  6. Buford_T_Justice

    A super container

    i got a 1000 dubs
  7. Buford_T_Justice


    all im getting is DD trying to go around the back of everyone leaving everyone else open for a smart DD player to get inside and nuke everyone
  8. Buford_T_Justice

    PC pays for premium time by itself

    If it was for crypto miners graphics cards would actually be a decent price and widely available
  9. Yeah i have a gig connection and seen it go from 35 to 1000 over the last few days
  10. Buford_T_Justice

    Makra is Gud but...

    I just hit 3 for the first time ever Time to quit lol
  11. Buford_T_Justice

    ASIA Server problematic NOW

    Go to game folder then bin folder the 3747819 folder open res folder then open engine config and change hardware acceleration from auto to false
  12. Buford_T_Justice

    NA servers be like:

    Yep research another word for going to work and looking at porn and Youtube videos
  13. Buford_T_Justice


    Yeah it has not loading at all even after a couple of restarts
  14. Buford_T_Justice


    Is it just me or is the Armory being buggy as crap?
  15. Buford_T_Justice

    Thoughts on Caracciolo

    As per the title I find the 17.5 km range a bit weird and with no spotter plane to extend range But when it hits it hits hard Thoughts?