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  1. Oriental_Empress

    HSF Stuff Back in Premium Shop

    Still waiting for more AL, but not going to say no for this! Thank you WG!
  2. Oriental_Empress

    Italian Token

    Also going to be 21/22 at best, but I'm willing to bet it's the last one. Then again, doesn't really matter as I would've gone for all of them anyways, the rest of the rewards are worth it. The containers I've gotten have been absolutely useless, no ships from them.
  3. Oriental_Empress

    Twilight Battle " PVE "

    Some people will open fire on you even if they said they wouldn't, so always be ready for a battle anyways. Luckily it actually seems to work out pretty well overall, with the usual "P!" in the chat.
  4. Oriental_Empress

    Infernal Camouflage

    How can I select the ship for the camo?
  5. Oriental_Empress

    A note: Part 2

    That's what I thought as well, but did other regions get the first part at all? Also can't see any updates on them regarding this one.
  6. Oriental_Empress

    A note: Part 2

    Doesn't work. Also it's Z in the post, not 2.
  7. Oriental_Empress

    A note

    Probably some guesswork which is based on nothing. The Oct>Hex>ASCII to "not a clue lmaonot a clue lmaonot a clue lmaonot a clue lmao" listed above checks out better.
  8. Oriental_Empress

    Getting Genova in random bundle

    No such requirement. Either finish up all four directives and dailies, or finish up directives and drop few bucks to premium containers to get your missing tokens if you've spend them on something else along the way.
  9. Oriental_Empress

    Getting Genova in random bundle

    There's RNG in which one of the 22 bundles it will be, but if you grind the tokens for all 22 bundles you're guaranteed to get it. That's all the four directives done AFAIK to get enough tokens as long as you don't use them for anything else. I'm now at 5 or 6 bundles and no Genova, expecting it to be the last one.
  10. Oriental_Empress

    Playing world of warships in OSX

    Doesn't really have anything to do with playing on a Mac, more about playing with a rather low-end equipment from 6 years ago.
  11. Oriental_Empress

    Share your screenshot of Final Directives Tier VI Botes Box.

    Dunkerque. Don't really care either way, thanks for the free ship anyways WG!
  12. Oriental_Empress

    Enterprise coming back?

    Because the BUY NOW link has been deleted from the news post. Somewhat expected though.
  13. Oriental_Empress

    Enterprise coming back?

    My point is that all the other purchase links work, and since Enterprise was removed from game and people have been wondering when it's coming back, could this be it.
  14. Oriental_Empress

    Enterprise coming back?

    The launch day calendar (https://worldofwarships.asia/en/news/community/launch_day_october_2019/) lists Enterprise as BUY NOW but the link is a dead end. Subtle messaging or just lack of coffee?
  15. Now you take that back!