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  1. Loliboat

    [ALL] Azur Lane Voiceover Collections

    May I ask, are you using dialogue lines from both AL and AL Crosswave? There's a number of characters which are bound to have many extra dialogue options from Crosswave which would expand the depth of the mod.
  2. Loliboat

    [ALL] Azur Lane Voiceover Collections

    Awesome, sounds good to me~ it makes sense to prioritising in that way. It's pretty tough with having to work with preset lines, but this is the next best thing we can get to an official voiced commander. Really glad you started this project. I'll check it out now~ thanks for your hard work :3
  3. Loliboat

    [ALL] Azur Lane Voiceover Collections

    Makes sense, with the Azur Lane collab now on it's third season and with quite a lot of crossover between communities. I found this mod while hoping something like this exists, as there were characters not covered by the existing collabs, or that they were simply too expensive to get. The one I'm currently using is your Nagato one, I'm looking forward to when you can rework her voice lines :3
  4. Loliboat

    [ALL] Azur Lane Voiceover Collections

    Hey, just want to say I really appreciate the work you've done here. Keep it up!