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    Azur Lane final combat mission gives incorrect captain

    I'm sorry for the first screenshot, that wasn't relevant, I just wanted to confirm I finished the combat mission, I am sure still chose Hood afterwards ( indicated by one of the later pics) Moreover, there's no Prinz Eugen commander in the German section either.
  2. After finishing the combat mission chain, I am supposed to choose between the Prinz Eugen or Hood commander. As far as I know, this gives the captain with an anime portrait and her voice. However, when I selected Hood, I was given a standard captain instead. I had the Azur Lane commander mod at the time, but the issue did not resolve after uninstalling it Does anyone have an idea why and how to resolve this?
  3. Nick_205_Microsoft

    Movement Keys Do Not Respond

    So, when I hold down D/A key for 'Hard to Starboard/Board', i can't press S key anymore. And when S key is being held down, D/A key wouldn't work. These keys still work separately, Q/E keys and W key doesn't have this problem. I tried switching these WASD for Arrow Keys and things perform normally. Even the combination of Up/Down arrow keys + A/D or Right/Left + W/S still work Therefore i think it's only the problem with the combination of A/S/D. This could relate to the PC itself but i don't know yet. Can anyone help me with this please?
  4. Well, after update 0.9.2, when I click the WoW icon (on the screen), i received a brief window login and then the game crashed, giving me this message. Apparently I'm missing some sort of /profile/python.log but I dont know for sure. It would be nice if someone could help me (I use Window Store download, so things might work different from launcher, plz notice) Ah, and the mod doesn't have anything to do with this because it doesnt fit with Window store download in the first place
  5. Nick_205_Microsoft

    0.9.2 Bug Report Thread

    After the update, i cannot join in game and receive this message instead ( I'm using Windows Store download version, not the launcher) Is there a way to fix this?