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  1. WellyCoaster

    Thunderer everywhere....

    Oh please nooo
  2. Is that to NA? Weirdly I found my SEA ping inconsistant from 100 to 150. But NA ping is 105 to 110. Im in Wellington
  3. WellyCoaster

    DD happiness

    Dropping torps at 6 to 8km at broadside targets is the best range for dev striking and crippling pushes, its the range I try to drop my torps unless dropping on bow on targets which will give your torps an extra 2km range as they push in. I like Yukikaze but it requires extra patience and waiting for opportunities, not forcing them. I spec mine for guns EM and BFT and not RPF to stay stealthier. You dont need to cap straight away, players wait to see if the enemy is capping then ambush so in my IJN torp boats I patrol around the cap spotting and finding out whats there first. Reverse into the edge of caps to bait radar and bolt behind near sheltering Islands to avoid incoming fire. Learn the radar ranges and look where Islands are to estimate where they are waiting, its fun sitting about 11km from the corner of an Island and seeing radar try to light you as you zoom back out beyond 12km wasting their radar.
  4. WellyCoaster

    Ohio Get...!!!

    This is my dilemma when I get there! I think I'll get Ohio as I struggle a bit in randoms with the supercruisers. But I love my German ships...
  5. WellyCoaster


    How is AL Yukikaze doing in ranked? I imagine there would be a few being used.
  6. WellyCoaster


    6km torps for this thing, I'll pass.
  7. WellyCoaster

    Advice to new DD players

    Great advice thank you Rina Pon. While I dont do suicide runs like some do I think sometimes I forget some of the survival tips if I get on a bad run of games. Ive taken a break and gone back to BBs for awhile as I found my DD games getting frustrating. Also some advice is to use islands as cover when lit up by radar. Even if in rather vulnerable positions just getting behind that small nearby island can be enough to help waste the clock for the enemy radar. Then after the radar finishes scoot off back to your safe waters under concealment.
  8. WellyCoaster

    What am i doing wrong with Sov. Soyuz IX tier

    Im finding this ship a beast. Park up next to an Island to hide your side and blast the broadsides of anything trying to flank.
  9. WellyCoaster

    DD Hill-V Ordanance Magnet

    I like Hill, its a strong little ship but the concealment is awful. I play it a bit further back burning things and only torp ships with smoke/island ambushes. If you have Ovechkin I recommend him for the enhanced SE. Hills hit points go to 14100 so gives you extra life for those closer brawls.
  10. WellyCoaster

    Looking to start afresh on NA server

    I'm enjoying it there as I find the gameplay more open and less cvs, also communication is better, I have no regrets. I do find that there can be complete one sided stomps, a bit more common than SEA. People complain of toxic chat, I havent had any targeted at me on NA but had it when here on SEA. Im in New Zealand and my ping is 105 to 110
  11. WellyCoaster


    Thank you !
  12. WellyCoaster

    Server Transfer disappointment

    I crossed over after a day in limbo, what you need to do is go on the NA forum and contact Femennenly, she will give you your new login details which changed during the transfer process. DM her your SEA profile. I think others have reset their password on NA to get access. This thread has the advice you need to cross over. Good luck, I can imagine how you'd be feeling.
  13. WellyCoaster

    When do I start worrying/hassling?

    Did you DM fem your profile? She got mine sorted quite quickly yesterday although she might be neck deep in requests now plus its the weekend.
  14. WellyCoaster

    When do I start worrying/hassling?

    Earlier I was looking at the NA forums and in particular the thread "Your Server- Transfer Invitation....". It's got the NA timeline of issues/transfers and Femennenly answering alot of questions. The players who left NA have only just received their emails in the last couple of days and they're currently sorting out the emails for transfers from EU and SEA to NA.
  15. WellyCoaster

    When do I start worrying/hassling?

    Hi Max, Im in limbo too since last night, about 10pmish NZ time. On the site it says they will send an email when our accounts are ready with login details, Im waiting and havent seen anything yet and am wondering how long others have needed to wait for their email to arrive. So Im not sure whether to keep waiting or try to contact NA support for progress/login details. I'm pateint and would happily wait its just the concern of not knowing what to expect and leaving it too late. For what its worth I can login to my alternate account on NA that I set up recently. Would love to hear from those who have successfully transferred over already.