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  1. WellyCoaster

    When do I start worrying/hassling?

    Did you DM fem your profile? She got mine sorted quite quickly yesterday although she might be neck deep in requests now plus its the weekend.
  2. WellyCoaster

    When do I start worrying/hassling?

    Earlier I was looking at the NA forums and in particular the thread "Your Server- Transfer Invitation....". It's got the NA timeline of issues/transfers and Femennenly answering alot of questions. The players who left NA have only just received their emails in the last couple of days and they're currently sorting out the emails for transfers from EU and SEA to NA.
  3. WellyCoaster

    When do I start worrying/hassling?

    Hi Max, Im in limbo too since last night, about 10pmish NZ time. On the site it says they will send an email when our accounts are ready with login details, Im waiting and havent seen anything yet and am wondering how long others have needed to wait for their email to arrive. So Im not sure whether to keep waiting or try to contact NA support for progress/login details. I'm pateint and would happily wait its just the concern of not knowing what to expect and leaving it too late. For what its worth I can login to my alternate account on NA that I set up recently. Would love to hear from those who have successfully transferred over already.
  4. WellyCoaster

    It seems transfers are under way.

    Any progress for you guys? Well last night about 12 hours ago my login got the same screen, just waiting for an email on what to do next. Not sure how long it takes them to send an email to confirm my account is ready on NA or if I need to send tickets to progress further.
  5. WellyCoaster

    transfering to other server..

    Wait, transfers have finished? I hope I havent missed the last boat
  6. WellyCoaster

    It seems transfers are under way.

    Any update on your progress?
  7. WellyCoaster

    Can we get an update on tranfers?

    Great idea with the email, I'll try changing my alternate tonight as well👍
  8. WellyCoaster

    Thinking of Transfering to NA

    I'll be heading over there. I made an NA account about the same time as Max a month or so back and had enough game time to notice a few things. The game play is alot less campy and passive, players actually want to get in and do things rather than hide waiting for the oppositon. I find that NA play more fun. Theres less CVs, enough said. Im in NZ but my ping on NA is better. The chat is is a mixed bag, lots of cussing and crying but theres some funny & good buggers too. I'm just trying to finish the Halsey campaign first before applying for the transfer. Not sure if I lose and reset that campaign when my account gets transferred.
  9. WellyCoaster

    Do you play on NA?

    Hi Max, thanks for this thread as I've been thinking of giving NA a go for awhile now and it's great feedback. Watching NA streams there doesnt seem to be as many CVs through mid to high tier. My patience for DD play here has nearly gone as tired of playing matches with 4 CVs. I mostly play mid tier. Wondering how to switch servers, is it best to download an NA client or use a mod? Not sure how to do it really Cheers
  10. WellyCoaster

    So 6 CV games are a thing now?

    I went out in my nikoli last week for a laugh and it got annihilated. Its not OP anymore😂
  11. WellyCoaster

    Viribus Unitis released

    On the extended tech tree this ship had an AA rating of about 8 I think when I looked at the ship and its as slow as a USBB. I was excited about this ship but fear its gonna be CV fodder
  12. WellyCoaster

    Big Trouble in Little Baltimore

    I feel like most of my games are like this, I just hope I'm on the pushing team. I'm a BB player and love to get dirty, they're the fun games. I've got the survival builds for it but can't go in alone. Pushing with no one following results in focused on death. I get frustrated when there's a DD hanging around a cap and I can't spot it to shoot, meanwhile the team starts dropping numbers and drifting further back due to CVs. Eventually I'll have to push alone and die. I'm still learning and can't seem to influence these situations.
  13. WellyCoaster

    Low tier AA defence

    Hi everyone, I've been playing for awhile (about september) but mainly in coop where I loved the fast blasting nature of it. I'm now getting into randoms starting at tier 4 and 5 to learn the different play styles. I'm playing with BBs and finding I'm getting eaten by CVs, I know there's a lot of talk about the CVs but mostly in the higher tiers. I've heard CVs are OP at high tier but rubbish at low tier. My games usually pan out with me trying to group up with other players (strength in numbers right?), as the game goes on everyone spreads out but I'll always stick with another BB or a cruiser if I can. This works well but eventually I'll get the attention of a CV or 2. If I get singled out a CV will keep hitting me with torpedos and bombers until I usually die along my support ship too. The torps get dropped so close I find them hard to dodge, or I get cross dropped. Looking at ways to defend myself, at tier 5 BBs seem to have a similar AA rating so I'm trying to figure the best way to spec for them. I use sector control when under attack so am wondering if it's worth using captain skills on BFT or Manual AA, or just focus on survivability skills?? Any advice would be great, thanks!