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  1. Hello guys I wanna know what you guys think the best ship for every tier is. I think it’s. 1. Doesn’t matter, Black Swan. 2. Dresden, Sampson 3.Friant,Nassau,Wickes 4. Kuma,Orion,Isokaze, Hosho 5.Furutaka,Iron Duke,Nicholas 6. Pensacola,Queen Elizabeth,Dont. Know, Ranger 7.Cleveland,Sinop,No clue 8.Mogami, Amagi, No clue,Shokaku 9. Roon, Lion, Kitakaze 10.Henri,Kremlin,Harugumo,Hakuryu
  2. Pubg43

    Conqueror or Hindenburg

    Ok guys, now I have no reason to ask any more because I feel like I wanna get the Conqueror, When I first started the game I just used the Hermelin because I thought it was cool that it had the Nazi flag. After I understood the game I started thinking that the KM cruiser line wasn’t so good and then I tried some BBs. One day I played a Conqueror and It felt op so I started RN bbs and today I just nailed 149k damage with My Iron Duke. I burnt down a Scarnhorst from inside a smoke then I burnt down a Fuso and then I nailed a Bretagne. I’m really enjoying Iron Duke and the Nurnberg kinda feels like a joke
  3. Guys I have grinder both KM cruisers and RN BBs but I wanna get 1 maxed out and do the other next, right now I have Tier V Iron Duke and VI Nurnberg so I want to know, should I grind to Hindenburg or Conqueror first. At the moment I’m really enjoying Iron Duke coz of its insane 40% fire chance and I like Nurnberg a bit less cuz it’s squishy but I do like sniping people over islands. In the Iron Duke I hate getting HE spammed and focusfired by everything but as I said it is fun burning the heck out of EVERYTHING
  4. Guys I finally got enough points on Heimuth Beckhauer to spec IFHE on Nurenberg but I wanna know from everybody if i actually should or not because it decreases my fire chance but increases penetration, I don't really cause many fires though because of my unbelievably bad RNG, I got 142 hits with all HE and I caused 1 fire and I did like 20k damage which is the lowest I have ever had on a Nurenberg so I feel like spec ing IFHE cuz even on a Colorado horrible superstructure armour I do like 760 damage each volley.
  5. Pubg43

    Hindenburg or Zao

    Thx guys I now am trying USN DDs IJN Cas IJN BBs and KM Cas
  6. Thanks guys for the tips I just played 5 matches I got 100k plus on every one and lost 0 health on all but 1
  7. Pubg43

    Hindenburg or Zao

    I have tier V Konigsberg and Tier IV Kuma so I wanna ask everybody should I grind to Hindenburg first or to Zao first so basically I am asking which is better
  8. I have it and I got deleted by a cv EVERY SINGLE TIME
  9. Pubg43

    Will the CV topic ever die? WG says...

    YES YES AND PHEUC YEAH. SCREW CV’s I HATE IT WHEN I GET FOCUSFIRED BY A CV AND THERE IS LEGITIMATELY NOTHING I CAN DO WHEN I GET TARGETED. although carriers will still be a problem for destroyers and carriers because of Plane spotting
  10. Guys I am not trying to imply that I’m a noob I get 1300 xp almost every time that I don’t get blapped by a Sinop or some other Tier 7 Battlleship or getting owned by a carrier. So most of you guys are saying I should continue KM cruisers
  11. oh and what's better Hindenburg or Zao
  12. Guys I am a relatively new player and I sort of started a lot of lines and the furthest i have gotten is with V Konigsberg but I keep getting spotted by carriers and then Blapped across the map by a sinop or something which is why i decided to get a carrier myself so I wanna know from you experienced players what to do , Continue german crusier line, Switch to carriers (If so which line?), or recommend what I should do, I feel like getting a langley but to do that i need to get american destroyers up to clemson and for the Uk ones i hate Uk destroyers and the japanese ones i didnt have the Chikuma so i decided to get American Carriers. Also, Is Conqueror still op because I played it on my friends account and i set everything on fire with High explosive shells.
  13. I would say that if it was real life battles then the Iowa would win because it had much better AA radar and could spot the Yamato before the yamato could spot it. The tirpitz can be discluded i would say because its just not on the same level as the other two but this is my opinion. Also guys which carrier line do you think i should grind, Japan Uk or Us