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    Sunlit Fair

    So taking a look at the current promo for sunlit fair, it seems the tokens are not available for anything other than doubloons. There is no mission to earn them. So u have to but the tokens through buying doubloons and then take the dice roll on getting a reward from spending the tokens in the armory. Seems to be another version of "Rukus in the armory" and looking at its current format and would advise to stay well away from buying these tokens and gambling on getting a reward. Very ppor choice there WG, seems to be a cash grab....again.
  2. NevaEvaTopTier


    Also there is an issue with the crosshair moving. If you from macro back to zoom out then macro again the crosshair moves without any adjust on the mouse. Its making it harder to aim....should have been tested before patch.
  3. You forgot to mention its a paid subcription to get any perks.
  4. NevaEvaTopTier

    Update of the Ruckus in the Depot Event

    Yep the random token amount for then random prizes is a double random gamble, very disappointing to see pop up cash grabs churning out on a weekly basis. Was the office move that expensive??
  5. NevaEvaTopTier

    Update 0.11.5 Bug Report Thread

    I find that doing a target switch when u have 2 enemy ships very close to each other in your crosshair the first salvo you fire always falls short....all shells miss. this has been happening since 11.3 but still appears to be there. In very tight situations like ranked battles its a handicap. Others thoughts on this?
  6. NevaEvaTopTier

    Update 0.11.3 Bug Report Thread

    All in game voice chat does not come through...see text but dont get any audio at all for any standard B comments. Armory goes to black screen need to go in twice to load. Player profiles go to lalaland and dont load details. My own in game comments do not come through in audio at all. Most shells drop short from salvo's, escepially at distance of ^10km...short range not to bad.
  7. NevaEvaTopTier

    Brawls in Update 0.11.3: Round 2

    Matchmake seems a little broken. I have played on a team with 0 DDs and enemy had 4 x DDs.....wheres the balance there??
  8. Am I mean if i report peps for playing poorly? I do if they hide and dont contribute to the team effort, like scoring under 200xp for random battles. But I always compliment good play on both teams. Cant help but report total throws....should I check their profile to see they are not just total noobs......but its very fruitless when u take 3 kills, get 90k damage and still lose because of poor players suiciding.