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  1. ICC_AF4590

    PQs Anti-CV Vid [Merged Thread]

    As a CV main I found this video conflicting One NA person I know is preparing for a response video, he wants to know about what are SEA people's opinions since SEA is the most CV-heavy Please share your comments/ideas/suggestions with us, thx a lot!
  2. ICC_AF4590

    Ralphs 4th annual Santa crate giveaway.

    thx Ralph
  3. ICC_AF4590

    Ralphs 4th annual Santa crate giveaway.

    I’m something of a warships fan myself
  4. ICC_AF4590


    May the world be gentle with you
  5. 確實,但是我們玩World Of Warships的目的不是為獲取快樂嘛。作為一艘金幣船,只要用戶玩的開心,目的就達到了
  6. 塞班可不是面對新手的,top5%玩家的平均傷害和勝率是所有8級航母中最高的。個人認為一個玩的好的塞班可以極大的提升隊伍勝利的概率
  7. ID: ICC_AF4590 Leaderboard: https://asia.wows-numbers.com/ship/3741300720,Saipan/ Keep producing high-quality wows videos, please press like and subscribe to my channel if you're enjoying my videos link:https://youtu.be/auGA8uWdIC0
  8. ICC_AF4590


    HP nerf won't help if you can't hit it. Slava's gun enables it to engage enemies at a range of over 20km. It's hard to hit a target with "normal" guns at this kind of range
  9. Thanks for you advice, I'll add these in my future videos,
  10. 彈射投彈,CV佔點,彈射脫離,邊線轉向,跨山投彈 這些都是啥? 防空怪物抱團站點怎麼辦? 敵方巡洋馬上騎臉怎麼辦? 新UP,求頂求訂閱,感謝 link:
  11. Slingshot, CV Camping, Ejection Escape, Borderline Bounce, Cross Mountain Shooting? What are these tricks? How to survive from AA monsters && save the team? How to survive from enemy cruisers within 5 km? How to help the team even after you sunk? I brought all these in one replay, plz enjoy. Action Stations! Get like and subscribe if you want to see more interesting videos coming. link:
  12. ICC_AF4590

    Large Crusier République----- wows fun montage

    That's silly Wargaming magic
  13. I'm curious that if an ST can upload videos to Youtube or streaming on Twitch if he doesn't mention any information about test ships at all, just playing normal ships.