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  1. Thanks for you advice, I'll add these in my future videos,
  2. 彈射投彈,CV佔點,彈射脫離,邊線轉向,跨山投彈 這些都是啥? 防空怪物抱團站點怎麼辦? 敵方巡洋馬上騎臉怎麼辦? 新UP,求頂求訂閱,感謝 link:
  3. Slingshot, CV Camping, Ejection Escape, Borderline Bounce, Cross Mountain Shooting? What are these tricks? How to survive from AA monsters && save the team? How to survive from enemy cruisers within 5 km? How to help the team even after you sunk? I brought all these in one replay, plz enjoy. Action Stations! Get like and subscribe if you want to see more interesting videos coming. link:
  4. ICC_AF4590

    Large Crusier République----- wows fun montage

    That's silly Wargaming magic
  5. I'm curious that if an ST can upload videos to Youtube or streaming on Twitch if he doesn't mention any information about test ships at all, just playing normal ships.
  6. 新人UP, 求頂求關注,感謝 link:
  7. New video uploader, top 10 CV player in wows Asia, dreaming of becoming a CC before college, plz subscribe me and point out anything I can improve, thanks. Link:
  8. ICC_AF4590

    That's How Top 10 Hakuryu Plays The Game!

    Yes, do a bomb drop is eazy and a blind monkey can do it, but it do required skills to find the right target to drop on without losing too many planes
  9. ICC_AF4590

    That's How Top 10 Hakuryu Plays The Game!

    Yes, Hakuryu's damege is also much more effective than Midway and Audacious, Repair Patry for most ship only repairs 10% citadel damage, but 50% normal damage and 100%damage caused by fires and floodings. So Hakuryu has the greatest ability to damage on ship's actual HP pool, which is important in Clan Brawl or Ranked battles.
  10. https://youtu.be/m4pCpGTliaQ