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  1. AF_is_short_on_water

    PQs Anti-CV Vid [Merged Thread]

    As a CV main I found this video conflicting One NA person I know is preparing for a response video, he wants to know about what are SEA people's opinions since SEA is the most CV-heavy Please share your comments/ideas/suggestions with us, thx a lot!
  2. AF_is_short_on_water

    Ralphs 4th annual Santa crate giveaway.

    thx Ralph
  3. AF_is_short_on_water

    Ralphs 4th annual Santa crate giveaway.

    I’m something of a warships fan myself
  4. AF_is_short_on_water


    May the world be gentle with you
  5. Link: "Yone Rush B!" "Yes"
  6. AF_is_short_on_water


    確實,但是我們玩World Of Warships的目的不是為獲取快樂嘛。作為一艘金幣船,只要用戶玩的開心,目的就達到了
  7. AF_is_short_on_water


  8. ID: ICC_AF4590 Leaderboard: https://asia.wows-numbers.com/ship/3741300720,Saipan/ Keep producing high-quality wows videos, please press like and subscribe to my channel if you're enjoying my videos link:https://youtu.be/auGA8uWdIC0
  9. AF_is_short_on_water


    HP nerf won't help if you can't hit it. Slava's gun enables it to engage enemies at a range of over 20km. It's hard to hit a target with "normal" guns at this kind of range
  10. Thanks for you advice, I'll add these in my future videos,
  11. 彈射投彈,CV佔點,彈射脫離,邊線轉向,跨山投彈 這些都是啥? 防空怪物抱團站點怎麼辦? 敵方巡洋馬上騎臉怎麼辦? 新UP,求頂求訂閱,感謝 link:
  12. Slingshot, CV Camping, Ejection Escape, Borderline Bounce, Cross Mountain Shooting? What are these tricks? How to survive from AA monsters && save the team? How to survive from enemy cruisers within 5 km? How to help the team even after you sunk? I brought all these in one replay, plz enjoy. Action Stations! Get like and subscribe if you want to see more interesting videos coming. link: